Alignment by Robert Kaplan


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Alignment by Robert Kaplan

  1. 1. Yis - 040409
  2. 2. Contents 1 Alignment : A Source of Economic value Corporate Strategy & Structure : 2 Historical Perspective 6 Cascading : The Process 3 Aligning Financial & Customer Strategies 7 Aligning Boards and Investors Aligning internal process & Learning 4 & Growth Strategies 8 Aligning External partners 5 Aligning Support Functions 9 Managing the Alignment Process Total Strategic Alignment 10
  3. 3. ALIGNMENT MATTERS STRATEGY ORGANIZATION EMPLOYEE MOBILIZATION GOVERNANCE TRANSLATION ALIGNMENT MOTIVATION Orchestrating Defining: Aligning all Providing: Integrating change through parties with the strategy into: •Strategy Maps •Education executive strategy •Balance •Communication •Planning leadership Scorecards •Goal setting •Budgeting •Corporate •Targets •Incentive •Reporting •Business units •Initiatives compensation •Management •Support units •Training of staff Reviews •External partners •Boards 5 KEY MANAGEMENT PROCESS
  4. 4. Relationship between Managerial Excellence & Level of Benefits 1 = “We are awful at this” 4 = “We are good at this” 2 = “We are not good at this” 5 = “ We are best practice at this” 3 = “We are okay at this”
  5. 5. ENTERPRISE DERIVED VALUE Enterprise Customer Value Derived Derived Creation Value Value Value Customer Enterprise Creation Value Value Proposition Proposition Strategy
  6. 6. Customer Value Proposition CUSTOMER SYSTEM BEST PRODUCT SOLUTIONS PLATFORM TOTAL COST LEADER Provide a Offer Offer Provide a customized products & Products & platform that mix of services services that becomes the products and that are expand industry services, consistent, existing standard for combined timely, and performance offering with know low cost boundaries products and how, to solve services customers’ problem
  7. 7. Enterprise Value Proposition INTERNAL LEARNING FINANCIAL CUSTOMER PROCESS & GROWTH What How do we What are To reach our processes align our shareholder financial must we intangible expectations objectives, assets – excel at to for financial how do we satisfy our people, performance create value customers system, and ? for our culture – to and customer ? shareholders improve the ? critical processes?
  8. 8. Building the Enterprise Scorecard
  9. 9. Source of Enterprise Synergy
  10. 10. MANAGING ALIGNMENT AS A PROCESS •The corporate office defines strategic guidelines to shape strategies at lower levels 1. Enterprise Value Proposition of the organization •The corporation’s board of director reviews, approves, and monitor corporate 2. Board & Shareholder Alignment strategy 3. Corporate office to corporate •The corporate strategy is translated into those corporate policies that will be support unit administered by corporate support units 4. Corporate office to business units •The corporate priorities are cascaded into business unit strategies •The strategic priorities of the business units are incorporated in the strategies of 5. Business units to support units the functional support units •The priorities of the customer value proposition are communicated to targeted Business units to customers customers and reflected in specific customer feedback and measures 7. Business support unite to suppliers •The shared priorities for suppliers, outsourcers and alliance partners are reflected in and other external partners business unit strategies •The strategies of the local business support units reflect the priorities of the 8. Corporate support corporate support unit
  11. 11. Building Alignment into the Planning Process
  12. 12. CASE STUDY : SPORT-MAN INC. Sport-Man Inc. Enterprise Scorecard
  13. 13. CASE STUDY : SPORT-MAN INC. Corporate & SBU Alignment at Sport-Man Inc.
  14. 14. CASE STUDY : SPORT-MAN INC. Support Unit Alignment at Sport-Man Inc.
  15. 15. CASE STUDY : SPORT-MAN INC. The Alignment & Governance Process at Sport-Man Inc.
  16. 16. CASE STUDY : SPORT-MAN INC. Organization Alignment Map at Sport-Man Inc.