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Penguin clothing and t shirts


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If you need more information about penguin clothing and t-shirts, you should visit our site at Triple S Clothing.

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Penguin clothing and t shirts

  1. 1. March 18, 2013 What Has a Penguin to Do With Clothing?Summary: You could be forgiven if you think that the penguin brandwas designed for arctic conditions. However, it is a name that wasgiven by its owner when he saw a shop window full of stuffedpenguins.Penguins can be found anywhere where it is cold and they are themost fascinating creatures. Some of them mate for life and it is verydistressing when one year their mate fails to turn up. They go toextraordinary lengths to get to their overcrowded breeding grounds;many paying the price for getting there.They do this as they huddle together to keep them and theireventual chicks warm when blizzards are swirling around them.When the chick has been hatched the father normally takes over asthe mother needs to feed after a long incubation period. The egg ishidden in a pouch much like kangaroos do to keep the egg warm inthese inhospitable climes.
  2. 2. It has been shown that in any mammal or bird environment thatthere are some of them that are not interested in females. This wasobserved in a New York zoo where two males struck up arelationship. The keepers decided to give them an egg and to theirastonishment the two birds cared for it and brought up a chicksuccessfully.However, we are not talking about penguins here, but PenguinClothing and Tshirts which are an American firm. The name wasconceived by a drunken salesman with some time to kill when hestumbled upon a shop with a window full of stuffed penguins.So you see that this clothing, despite its name, has no connectionwith arctic wear. Instead they produce apparel for the leisuremarket such as shorts, t-shirts and golf shirts. The company was aninstant success with buyers.Although the manufacturer originally designed leisure clothing withmen in mind, they have recently branched out providing garments
  3. 3. for women and children and now sell accessories such as watchesand belts. To recognise the clothing from this company you onlyhave to search for the penguin on every item sold.The clothes are equally appropriate on the 19th hole as on the beach.This brand is very exclusive and we as an internet shop are proud tobe selling garments made by this manufacturer. If you look at ourmen’s section you will see that we have a good selection of theirwares on show and for sale.Although some of the examples are not the cheapest in the marketplace, you will be wearing something that is exclusive and not boughtin every shop of the high street.If you should buy over the internet then you need to know that wedespatch orders over £25 free of charge wherever you live in theUnited Kingdom. We have done everything in our power to makebuying as safe as possible. You will not be able to start shoppingwith us until you have registered with us.
  4. 4. You will receive a confirmatory email from us which will ask you toverify the details you have given us. Our processing software alsomakes it impossible for on-line fraud to be committed by a thirdperson.If you need more information about penguin clothing and t-shirts,you should visit our site at Triple S Clothing.Contact us -Triple S Returns LimitedUnit 3 (next to bebe house)DukeswayTeam ValleyGatesheadTyne & WearNE11 0PZPhone: 01914826177Email ID: