Original mens levis jeans


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The Original Mens Levis Jeans were made for individuals who needed work clothing and they were originally called waist overalls.

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Original mens levis jeans

  1. 1. Why They Are Hard WearingSummary: This casual wear was first produced as long as a hundredand fifty years ago and still going strong today. These jeans are veryhard wearing and have studs at stress points.This brand of jeans has been around for a long time. The originalmanufacturer was a Jew who moved from Germany to the UnitedStates at the beginning of the 19th century.The Original Mens Levis Jeans were made for individuals whoneeded work clothing and they were originally called waist overalls.The stress points such as pockets were reinforced with copper studsto stop them from tearing.This company did not only make jeans, but they manufactured shirtsand jackets too, which was borne out with a discovery of clothingfrom this company from the 1880s in a desert hide-out. They wereperfectly preserved due to the desert’s dry air.
  2. 2. For about fifty years this work clothing went out of fashion; theywere not exactly the items you would wear for a night out.However, in the 1950s famous singers and actors began to wearthese trousers and jackets. Initially many of these stars were deniedaccess to hotel rooms and restaurants because of the casual style inwhich they were dressed.It seems inconceivable nowadays that a person would be thrown outof a public place just because they are wearing jeans. This leisurewear has become a staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes.Nowadays mens Levis jeans have come a long way from thehardwearing and functional original designs and they have becomestylish accessories in many different fabrics. Baggy jeans are noteveryone’s taste and there are now varieties available that are calledshrink to fit.Before you wear them there is an art to make them hug the contoursof your body. It is recommended to put them in a bath of very hot
  3. 3. water and not in a washing machine. The bath allows the jeans to lieflat and not all bunched up.After you have left them there for a while, take them out of the bathand put them on whilst they are still damp. This allows your body toshape the garment just as you want it. If you do not want to bebothered to go through this process there are skinny jeans availableif you so wish.We sell a variety of clothing manufactured by this brand. As well ashaving an online retail facility we also have shops in which you cantry on and feel the quality of the clothing we sell.Although our shops are situated in the north east of the country, ouron line retail outlets will allow you to buy from us wherever you arein the United Kingdom. Of course apart from this particular brand wesell clothes from other famous brands as well.For security reasons you will have to register with us first before youwill be able to buy from our on-line catalogue. When you have given
  4. 4. your details you will receive an email from us verifying yourparticulars.After this has been done you are free to shop for items on your wishlist. Deliver is free for items over the value of £25.Please visit our website to have a look at our selection of mens Levisjeans and other products by this company onhttp://www.triplesclothing.co.uk/.Contact us -Triple S Returns LimitedUnit 3 (next to bebe house)DukeswayTeam ValleyGatesheadTyne & WearNE11 0PZPhone: 01914826177Email ID: info@triplesclothing.co.uk