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Mens hoodies - hoodies for mens


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For mens hoodies look no further than our website at Triple S Clothing.

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Mens hoodies - hoodies for mens

  1. 1. Why Hoodies Gained a Bad Name March 18, 2013Summary: The hoodie fashion is as old as the hills. You only have tolook at images of medieval men to realise this. After receiving a badpress in the 1990s, this garment is now to be seen in most wardrobes.Hoodies are essentially sweatshirts with a hood attached to them.Although they are very popular today, they have been around sincemedieval times often seen in images of priests who had a cowl sewnonto their capes. Labourers of the time also seem to have wornsimilar garments when working outdoors in the cold.It was not until the 1990s that the term hoodie was coined. Initiallythey were worn by shady characters who sought to obscure theirfaces for extra anonymity when they were up to no good. Nowonder that Mens Hoodies were regarded with concern, especiallyin England.
  2. 2. When some shopping centres decided to ban the public fromwearing the hoodies and baseball caps there was uproar. They wereonly trying to reduce crime in these centres.However, despite all these controversies, hoodies are now part ofour wardrobe for the majority of us. They are comfortable to wearand it is a bonus that you can keep your head warm in freezingconditions. They can look very stylish as long as you know how to.To wear these garments successfully there are a few tips to makethem less menacing. For a more up market appearance you canmake your hoodie more stylish if you go for the layered look. Athinner material will suit this style better as they will make you lookless bulky.Be creative and find a nice scarf. You could play around with coloursuntil you get the right result.For men all the above will look great when teamed with casualtrousers such as jeans and a pair of deck shoes or trainers.Perhaps
  3. 3. you could wear a casual jacket over your hoodie.This look will makeyou look years younger and it will also show that you mean fashionbusiness.Even the greatest names in the fashion world are adding hoodies totheir repertoire as many A-list individuals are not shying away frombeing seen wearing these in public places.Apart from dressing this garment up to look fashionable, it is still auseful item for athletes to wear for the purpose for which it wasinitially intended. For instance if you go out surfing you will want toput something on when you are wet to shield you from a stiff breeze.If you are cooling down after a marathon run you will need to wear ahoodie too to protect your muscles from going stiff as they cooldown.Because these mens hoodies can be obtained universally on theinternet or in the high street, these items can be picked up in anyprice range. Generally popular branded items are around the fifty
  4. 4. pound mark, but if you are not fussed about names then there aremuch cheaper hoodies available.In our on-line catalogue you will find garments that are priced downfor clearance. Even though we are nudging towards summeralthough it does not even look like spring at the moment, you couldbuy these up now for your 2013 winter wardrobe.For mens hoodies look no further than our website at Triple SClothing.Contact us -Triple S Returns LimitedUnit 3 (next to bebe house)DukeswayTeam ValleyGatesheadTyne & WearNE11 0PZPhone: 01914826177Email ID: