Glamorous evening dresses


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We hope that you have found this article informative, if you would like to browse a collection of glamorous evening dresses, and then please visit Triple S Clothing -

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Glamorous evening dresses

  1. 1. How to Select a Flattering Evening Dress 2013When choosing a dress for a formal occasion you need to choose an eveningdress. Evening dresses are intended to be worn for special occasions, such aswedding receptions, work events and evening parties. When it comes todressing up for such an even—given that they are so rare—it is important thatyou dress your best. This means choosing eye-catching Glamorous EveningDresses.You have a number of different choices when it come choosing a nice eveningdress. Here, we will cover all the bases for you in the hope of providing youwith a useful guide for selecting a beautiful and flattering evening dress. 1. The first thing that you need to do is think about the type of event that you are attending. Evening dresses are intended for wear in formal occasions, however, different formal occasions require slightly different styles a. If attending a wedding reception, you will want to choose a brighter style of evening dress - this is a happy occasion and your dress should reflect this. You are allowed to choose an evening dress with a pattern, such as flowers or polka dots, try to avoid dresses in a single block colour as it will add too much of an air of formality.
  2. 2. b. If attending a work function you will need to buy something that is a little more conservative, such as a black dress. In this instance, it should not be too revealing. c. If attending a ball you need to purchase a special ball gown. These fall somewhat in between those dresses that are suitable for a and b. You can wear a variety of colours and you are allowed to choose a dress with some type of embellishment, such as a sash, but you should not be too garish or bright. Avoid any dresses that sport a pattern, you need a block colour.2. You need to match the dress to your body type. There are four general body types so we will look at each in turn. a. The apple – this has a rounded tummy, bottom, hips and bust. You need to wear a dress that makes the tummy appear slimmer, so that you create a curvy appearance. To do this, choose a dress that pulls in at the waist, and perhaps a dress that sports a waistband sash. b. The rectangle – this body shape is also known as ‘the boy’. You have little definition at the hips, waist and bust. Again, you need to create the curvy look. You need a
  3. 3. dress that tucks in at the tummy, but also that floats out at the hips and that draws attention to the bust. This will provide the illusion of an hourglass figure. c. You are the lucky ones; you curve in all the right places. You need a dress that emphasises your natural womanliness, without turning you into a Jessica Rabbit caricature. For you, a tight fitting dress is ideal, you need to avoid anything that shows off the busts or the hips, but instead stick to a style that treats all areas equal. Avoid over embellishment in any area.We hope that you have found this article informative, if you would liketo browse a collection of glamorous evening dresses, and then pleasevisit Triple S Clothing - us at –Email: Phone: 0191 482 6177