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Mesa newproducts2009

  2. 2. I N T R O D U C I N G T H E His Lifetime Achievement Can Be Your Lifetime of Discovery..... IT TOOK 40 YEARS of Randall Smith’s experience designing high- performance tube amps to get this much TONE under one roof and keep it easy to dial. More than a collection of amplifiers, the MARK 5™ is a living history of MESA’s® contributions and a tribute to the evolution of electric guitar tone. THEY’RE ALL HERE: the MARK I™, the MARK IIC+™, the MARK IV™… all these are faithful recreations that benefit from our decades of refine- ment and leave many saying they’re better than the original! More than our Greatest Hits, you’ll also find some new Brit-inspired circuits here that rival these classic Boogie sounds and are destined to become iconic on their own merit. No less than 9 patents stand guard over your Tone… ensuring your investment will be protected and your amp will hold its value. (MARK II C’s and MARK IV’s still sell for more than their original purchase price). Beware of Imitators! RANDALL SMITH: Chief Designer & President
  3. 3. Finding Your Voice is Easy 3 CHANNELS ... 3 MODES PER CHANNEL ALL THREE CHANNEL 3 CHANNEL 2 CHANNEL 1 is the highest gain is a whole amp in it- is the lowest gain with CHANNELS self, with the tight and the tight, bright CLEAN are identical in layout and pays tribute to and offer 3 Voicing the fabled MARK II urgent, medium gain and the warm air of MODES (complete C+, the MARK IV and of EDGE and thicker FAT for pristine chord- circuits) from which you the MARK IV’s super CRUNCH Mode that ing and the mid-punch build the foundation popular EXTREME segues into the huge, drive of TWEED for of your Footswitchable setting. liquid higher gain of clipped rhythm. Choices. the MARK I. T H E C H A N N E L L AYO U T ASSIGN YOUR EQ After you’ve dialed up your sound with the rotary controls, choose how you CHANNEL VOICING want to apply the EQ. You can bypass it, Each CHANNEL features a VOICING switch auto-trigger it in any channel, or control that determines it’s personality. CHANNEL 1 it with the Footswitch. offers NORMAL/BOLD (global), CHANNEL 2 includes MARK I NORMAL/THICK (mode spe- cific) and CHANNEL 3 gives you NORMAL/ CHOOSE YOUR POWER BRIGHT (global). All CHANNELS offer the choice of 90 watts of Simul-Class™, 45 watts of Class AB Pentode or 10 watts of Class A Single-Ended power to match any preamp sound and playing venue ...from arena to club to studio to bedroom. THE EQ SECTION CHOOSE EQ TYPE PRESET DEPTH You can auto-assign the EQ type for this handy EQ shortcut enables you to dial each CHANNEL. SLIDERS give you up the power of the Graphic EQ without infinite control over the sound, PRE- having to tweak the 5 individual Bands. SET allows you to simply dial-in the Dial in subtle sweetening or go for a perfect amount of a preset EQ curve. radical DEPTH setting for the huge classic “V” curve. POWER VOICINGS REVERB THE FOOTSWITCH CHANNELS 1 & 2 feature Patented Switchable Rectifiers and offer the choice of TUBE or SILICON DIODE when running the 45 watt setting. CHANNEL 3 allows you to choose Each CHANNEL offers individual REVERB control so TRIODE (like the original II-C+) for The eight-button MARK FIVE FOOTSWITCH you can blend in just the right amount of the lush enhanced liquid harmonics or switch provides instant access to the CHANNELS, all-tube REVERB for all 3 (footswitchable) sounds. to PENTODE for greater punch and SOLO, REVERB, FX LOOP EQ and TUNER MUTE. , headroom, like the Mark IV. Shown at left: Mark Five Medium Head. Also available as 1x12 Combo
  4. 4. Six Knobs, Three Classics, The Best of Rock n’ Roll in One Package. Shown above: Electra Dyne Head. Also available as Rackmount Head, 1x12 and 2x12 Combos.
  5. 5. Keep it Simple ...without Imposing Limitations! Introducing the Electra Dyne™. An easy-to-look-at, Add to this stealthy versatility our patented Simul-Class™ simple-to-use new amplifier that has way more TONE Power that blends the efficiency and headroom of CLASS than you might expect hidden artfully behind these six AB PENTODE with the sweeter clip and enhanced har- knobs and a switch. monics of CLASS A style wiring. Choose between the Deeply rooted in the Best of the Brit lineage, the Elec- Simul-Class quartet of 6L6 for 90 watts of authority or, tra Dyne takes modified English gain sounds and sorts switch down to the Class AB pair for a bouncy, easy to clip them into LO and HIGH regions. These two choices 45 watts. You can also load the Electra Dyne with EL34 are combined with a retro-minded, type tubes for a brighter Brit style clip American-voiced clean “channel” and thanks to the switchable Bias Select. linked to one mini-toggle that gives Lush, deep, all-tube Reverb adds a whole you three of the most classic sounds new dimension to the Brit-inspired scheme in Rock and Roll on one switch! And and raises the bar to a new height. The Re- unlike other amps of this style, foot- verb circuit can be switched-in to be Active swtchable Modes and the finely tuned in all Modes, defeated in either LO or HIGH control interface allow many play- gain Modes (CLEAN remains active), or ers to stomp back and forth across Hard Bypassed, which removes the entire the pond without touching a single circuit – including the Reverb tube – from control. Electra Dyne Combo the signal path for the purist. MODE SELECT REVERB BIAS SELECT FOOTSWITCH Three Modes offer gain regions ranging Deep all-tube Reverb beautifies CLEAN and Swap the stock gang of 6L6’s for a quartet Electra Dyne versatility and switching scheme from CLEAN to VINTAGE LO and VINTAGE breathes new life into the classic array of of EL34’s to further authenticate the VIN- offers single channel simplicity while allowing HI that cover the entire spectrum between British sounds, can be auto-defeated for TAGE LO and HI Modes and increase upper many players to footswitch across the Modes sparkling rhythm and saturated lead. VINTAGE LO or HI or hard-bypassed. harmonic haze. (Switch must match tubes!) without touching controls. FEATURES Simul-Class™ Power Amp (Patents 4,532,476 & 4,593,251) featuring a Channel amp through 3 Footswitchable Modes (Classic Boogie Clean, Vintage Low 45/90 Watt Power Switch that incorporates concept elements from our Gain, Vintage Hi Gain) • Channel Control Features: Volume (Gain), Treble, Mid, Bass, Patent Pending Multi-Watt™ and Patented Duo-Class™ technologies Presence & Master Volume • All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Auto Reverb Defeat providing two power and two operating class options: Choose 2 power Switch for Vintage Hi and Lo Modes (Defeat Mode removes Reverb from Vintage Hi tubes operating in time-honored Class A/B producing 45 Watts or 4 tubes or Low Modes but retains Reverb on Clean Mode – Normal Mode applies Reverb to running in Mesa’s legendary, Patented Simul-Class Power that blends all Modes) • Reverb Hard-Bypass Switch removes entire Reverb Circuit from amp • the best of Class A and Class A/B simultaneously to produce 90 Watts FX Loop w/Automatic Hard-Bypass to completely remove when not in use • Slave of pure tonal magic / 4x6L6 (or 4xEL-34), 7x12AX7 • Bias Select Switch Out w/Level Control • External Switching Jacks for Vintage Low/Hi (Clean is default) (6L6 / EL34) • Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance & Reverb • 17” Aluminum Chassis (rack-mountable option available) • 2 Button • Single Channel simplicity with the performance versatility of a Multi- Footswitch (Classic Clean, Vintage Low/Hi) • Slip Cover ®
  6. 6. “Introducing the new M9 Carbine™. Absolute Power Delivered Instantly.”
  7. 7. Power Monger?When it comes to Bass, we are too. So we took the recent success of the M6 Carbine™ as our souls with ample headroom in reserve. compass point and set out to create a full featured, high The Carbine preamp also gets super-charged in the power version of this simple, intuitive platform. M9™ with the addition of a 9 Band Graphic EQ featur- Introducing the new M9 Carbine™. ing long-throw faders that can be put in-line all the time Bassists the world over responded overnight to the new or triggered via the included footswitch. The EQ also clarity, on-demand attack and crystal-clear definition incorporates a VOICE DEFEAT feature that can turn off of the M6’s Trans-Class™all-tube preamp and MOSFET a selected VOICE Mode when the 9 Band EQ is triggered power. They love that it’s easy to dial and yet offers by the Footswitch. This gives you instant access to an ad- all the versatility they need via the power of the rotary ditional sound during performance. VOICE feature. Dynamics can be manipulated on the new M9 with the The next step in the evolution of this dynamo was ob- addition of the on-board Compressor that features both vious. Add substantially more power and endow the THRESHOLD and RATIO controls for studio-quality pro- preamp with a full set of studio-quality EQ and dynamic cessing. Fine-tune both the attack characteristics and the features. amount of gain reduction with these powerful controls that interface seamlessly to the Carbine’s toneful preamp. Now the M9 Carbine escalates the race with a mighty 900 watts (into 4 ohms) of Trans-Class™ power and yet If absolute power corrupts… we’re guilty. And you will still harnesses all that energy within 2 rack spaces. The be too when you feel the authority of your instrument Carbine™ speed, punch and detail can now be delivered through the new M9 Carbine. Go ahead, wield the power. at big-venue volume levels and leave all but the bravest Command the band to a new level of groove. COMPRESSOR 9 BAND EQ Full-featured compressor gives you complete control of Studio-quality Graphic EQ dynamics and includes THRESHOLD control for sensitivity spreads the shaping power adjustment and RATIO for gain reduction. across 9 Bands ranging from 33Hz to 8Khz for ultimate fine- tuning and can be triggered on FOOTSWITCH all the time or footswitched. Live performance is enhanced with the ability to add the 9 Band Graphic on the fly giving you a second sound on command and Tuner MUTE allows silent tuning. FEATURES 900 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms (450 @ 8), Trans-Class™ Power with 8/4 or 2 Ohm “Flat” when 9-Band Graphic EQ is selected, allowing you to footswitch Impedance Switch for optimum Power to Load Performance / 10 Power MOSFET’s, between your favorite Active Mid-Voice setting and 9-Band EQ Curve independently 1x12AX7 • Active/Passive Input Switch • Vacuum Tube Preamplifier featuring: Gain, of one another • Assignable or Bypassable Compressor with Independent Threshold Active Bass w/Pull Deep, Passive Mids, 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch, Active and Ratio Controls • Tuner Output w/Footswitchable Amplifier Mute • FX Loop w/ Treble and Master Volume w/Pull Mute • Footswitchable, Assignable or Bypass- Automatic Hard-Bypass to completely remove when not in use • Balanced XLR Line able 9-Band Graphic EQ with Mid-Voice Active/Defeat Switch (Voice Active Mode Out with Pre/Post Switch & Ground Lift • 2 – Combination Speakon -1/4” Speaker combines 9-Band Graphic EQ with Selected 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch EQ, Output Jacks • Fan Cooled • 2 Button Footswitch (EQ & Mute) Voice Defeat Mode defeats the Selected 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch EQ to ®
  8. 8. Inspired by Tone Driven by Innovation Guided by Integrity™ Mesa/Boogie, Ltd., 1317 Ross Street, Petaluma CA 94954 Phone: 707-778-6565 Fax: 707-765-1503