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A presentation on a new Vendor Management System for Credit Unions

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  1. 1. Introducing CreditUnionVMS
  2. 2. Our Credentials Over 25 years experience in providing systems and technology tools to financial industry. Expertise in Internet development, search engines and Internet marketing. Extensive background with core processing, internet banking, ATM systems, check imaging and your back room. Thorough understanding of security, compliance and interfacing needs.
  3. 3. Managing Vendors What are you currently doing? Common answers “Doing what we’ve always done.” “Not exactly sure how we handle this.” Times have changed SOX, FFIEC, GLBA and OCC Historic financial industry challenges… must take managing vendors and expenses to new levels.
  4. 4. Contract Organization CreditUnionVMS is a central repository of all vendor contracts. Easy access to electronic contract copies. Vendor contract terms and conditions are shown in a easy to view format. E-mail alerts are provided prior to contract renewal date…no more “auto renew” disasters. The system will take the data located in your contract terms and easily display and alert your management team. You can have upward of “300 Contracts” Manage your Vendor; Don’t let them manage you!
  5. 5. Common Vendor Contracts Armored Services Facilities Services ATM Equipment Purchases IT Hardware ATM Equipment Maintenance Office Supplies ATM / EFT / Debit Card Processing Office Checks Cash Management, Online Banking Delivery & Replenishment Postage and Mail–Presort Commercial Printing Rewards Checking Consumer Checks Security Equipment Copier Services and Maintenance Courier Services–Local Telecommunications Credit Card / Debit Utilities Card Processing Renewal Agreements Core Processing Lease Agreements Disaster Recovery Services Landscaping Equipment Maintenance Cleaning Services
  6. 6. Risk Assessment Meet the compliance requirements of new and evolving regulations. Vendors’ risks are identified and calculated for key categories. Vendors with risk issues will be flagged in order to address them. Save changes each time you risk vendors. Be prepared everyday for audits!
  7. 7. Risk Questionnaire Section
  8. 8. Vendor Risk Detail Report
  9. 9. Risk Assessment The Categories defined in the system are as follows: Strategic Reputation Operational Transaction Credit Compliance Proactive system will gather and monitor vendor documents. System will alert for any missing vendor documents required by regulators. System will give you “pop up” questions in order to determine the risk. System will give you the ability to add “notes” to your stored contracts. Rating System 1-5, 5 being worst.
  10. 10. Reporting Report Types: Vendor Overview Vendor Detail Report Risk Report Contracts Report Cost Analysis Report Report Formats: HTML PDF XLS RTF CSV
  11. 11. Sample Report
  12. 12. Board Information Provides board members with up to date information for decision making purposes. Gives board members peace of mind for their personal liability for Credit Union non-compliance.
  13. 13. Expense Management Monthly Expense   $1,100    $1,200    $490    $1,900   Branch Dataline   $4,700   ATM  Maintenance  Marke<ng Services  EFT   $9,700   Payroll Processing  Correspondent  Core Processing   $16,800   Check Imaging   $3,800    $290   Telephone Banking  Reports are generated quickly and easily.
  14. 14. Dashboard Takes complex data and organizes it in an up to date, easy to use manner. Customize your personal dashboard. Key information is presented in graphic format. Monitors vendors and costs with a prompt for corrective action as needed.
  15. 15. Enhanced Tools and Features Disaster Recovery Tool Compliance Tool Standardized Risk Rating System for all vendors Peer Group Cost Comparison for all vendors Without this, how do you know you are getting a good deal? Organizational Tool for all vendor contracts
  16. 16. Contact TriNovus office 205-991-5636 fax 205-991-5633 email address 850 Corporate Parkway, Suite 118 Birmingham, Alabama 35242