Ultimate Geeky Stocking Stuffers


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Gift guide featuring 15 products for a very tech-conscientious person. Some are truly useful and helpful to a modern day routine, some are just different, creative and fun.

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Ultimate Geeky Stocking Stuffers

  1. 1. Ultimate Geeky Stocking Stuffers fitcom.co /2013/12/23/ultimate-geeky-stocking-stuf f ers/ If you don’t have “Jingle Bells” and “Let It Snow” stuck in your head by now, you most certainly haven’t started your holiday shopping. While carols are played on an endless loop and display windows become sparklier and brighter, the air fills with aromas of mulled wine, roasted almonds and the desperation to get all your presents in time. And then there is the fact that you’ve just chosen Mark from IT as your secret santa . Before resorting to re- wrapping last year’s discarded gifts, take a look at some of these giz mos and gadgets (let’s be honest, we all love them). Be warned: you might end up keeping it for yourself and buy that reindeer print tie for Mark after all. energi+ backpack by TYLT If you are out of office or travelling a lot, you will never face the dilemma of running out of battery again. This sleek looking backpack has 1450 cubic inches of internal space and a removable Lithium Ion power unit that charges up to 3 devices simultaneously. Through a 2 Amp USB charger, the battery fills up again in around 8 hours. With a total of 12 pockets, you’ll surely have enough compartments to store away everything you need on the go. Made of brushed metal z ippers and poly material. EVAP Wet Elect ronics Rescue Pouch™ by Kensingt on® We’ve all heard of numerous tricks people swear by that will safe your beloved phone after you dropped it in water. With heart broken phone users around the world in mind, Kensington® developed an easy to use Rescue Pouch with specially formulated molecules that attract and capture moisture. To be sure you haven’t taken the device out too soon, they have placed an indicator on top. MorningHead
  2. 2. Yes, you heard me. Ladies, before you leave this guide for my cheekyness, this is actually a quiet clever device for men’s grooming purposes. It is an altered showering cap that wets men’s hair, in order to give them the “just showered” look, instead of “bed, helmet or hat hair”. It is reusable, washable and if you don’t like it, a full refund is promised. In the interest of more fresh looking fellas, every man should get MorningHead…. (ok, I just heard it – I apologiz e!) HackShield™ Messenger Bag by Das Keyboard This bag is not like any other bags. Equipped with Fidlock(R), an anti- theft snapping system and Radio Frequency (RF) blocking material, you can safely store your laptop, smartphone and wallet away and be protected from both physical and digital theft. Did I mention it is also waterproof? Everpurse This is absolutely brilliant: fashionably designed clutches, that not only look amaz ing, but also charge your phone on the go! And it is absolutely cord- less. A patent- pending guiding system smoothly connects your phone onto the docking on the bottom and to re- charge the clutch, simply place it on top of the wireless charging mat. The days of fishing for your charger in your purse are over! LEGO® Plat es Cuf f linksby Bit s and Badges Pick your favorite colour and put together your very own LEGO® cufflinks. Fun and original, these sleek looking accessories are a creative way to personaliz e your business outfit. Each are handmade and shipped worldwide The Freedom 2000 by myCharge Another gadget to save you from having your phone run out of juice midday. Available in 7 different colors, this case both protects and charges your phone at the same time. Extending your battery life to twice as much as normal, it reaches up to 9 talk hours. Compatible with iPhone 5. 214 NAS RAID by ioSaf e A Fire and Waterproof NAS/RAID Storage Solution, the ioSafe 214 is the first disaster- proof private cloud device. Mimicking an aircraft black box this device is designed to protect and secure terabytes of your most precious data, offering speed, flexibility and lower costs. Vino Vault A wine cryptex that turns giving a bottle of wine into a “Da Vinci Code” treasure hunt. Customiz e your own 5 letter code, along with clues and hints and taunt your friends for as long as you want. This vault fits most standard 750ml bottles and can be re- set after cracking the code. Brolly Ever tried texting, cup of coffee one hand, umbrella in the other? I have. It involves resting the umbrella on your shoulder, pinning it down with your chin and hoping there is no sudden wind stroke. Not anymore, not with Brolly. This umbrella handle features an ergonomic handle and 4 finger holes, giving you firm grip even while holding your phone in the same hand. Office Wishlist Skillf eed by Shut t erst ock Looking to broaden your horiz ons and learn a new skill? From Design, 3D Motion Graphics to office software training Skillfeed offers a variety of 1700 online courses, with tutorials directly from experts around the world. Sign up for a trial and get the first 7 days of unlimited access for free. Dealspace T M by Int ralinks A virtual data room that supports deals at every stage of the M&A lifecycle. Share confidential information, collaborate
  3. 3. on tasks and keep an overview of the progress. Secure access for mobiles, you’ll always stay in touch and ensures rapid deals. Sign up for test drive and only pay when you get to the due diligence phase. FiTCoM