How To Install Samsung’s Milk Music App On Any Android Device Anywhere


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A short guide on how to install samsung's milk music app on any android device

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How To Install Samsung’s Milk Music App On Any Android Device Anywhere

  1. 1. How To Install Samsung’s Milk Music App On Any Android Device Anywhere /2014/04/29/how-to-install-samsungs-milk-music-app-on-any-android/ So the big OEM Samsung has a pretty cool service call ‘milk music’ out f or some time now. Yes its a weird name f or a music service but regardless, a lot of people are talking about it. But there is two little problems though: the service is only available f or it’s galaxy line of devices and it’s only available on the US. Boomer right? Well this article will address this. Prerequisites: Android device, Root access, VPN and Xposed f ramework app So the f irst part of this tutorial will help with the Samsung Galaxy only part and the next will deal with the US only part. Xposed Framework App: This app along with root access will allow you to go deep into android without changing or modif ying the devices f ramework yourself . And is just what we need to do this. Download it here: sz4imy3xavn2b/ This is how the app should look when you install it. Select Framework.
  2. 2. Exposed Framework App
  3. 3. Select Install/Update but WAIT!! DON’T PRESS OK YET!! Just go back to the apps main window (it would reboot f ine but af ter installing the module you would have to reboot again and that would be a waste)
  4. 4. So in the download section type in the search bar Chocolate milk and you would see the desired module and select it.
  5. 5. Select download
  6. 6. Install it.
  7. 7. Then go back to the main window of the app, then select modules and tick the check box next to chocolate milk and then you could restart your device. And you’re done. If you live in the US download the Milk music app below and enjoy because this is all you need to do. But if you do not live in the US you must continue with the VPN creation. Get Milk Radio App Here: VPN(virtual private network)
  8. 8. Go to: http://f and you would see this table. I f irst tried the Chicago but it did not work so I went with US-Miami and it did. So try this one f irst. So write down the inf ormation or copy and paste using your android device’s browser.
  9. 9. OK some devices vary but basically to Settings>WiFi and networks, or in my case there is the more option. And there you would f ind VPN. Then select the + icon to create a new VPN
  10. 10. The rest is more or less screenshots to help you.
  11. 11. Keep the PPP option just type in inf ormation not changing anything
  12. 12. So af ter you save it, select it and enter the username and password, also tick save account inf ormation. Then select it and then select connect and your done. Also using a VPN also requires you to set a code or patten lock on your lock screen. So if that’s not your thing; boomer. Samsung Milk Working on an Android device f rom Trinidad and Tobago(so it’ll pretty much work anywhere)
  13. 13. So your done! Download and install the Milk App below and your good. Get Samsung Milk Music App Here: So this was a tutorial on how to install Samsung’s Milk Music on any Android device anywhere in the world. A word of caution; this app has some weird album artwork and covers that can of ten lean the immoral and or may not be suitable f or children and those whose conscious don’t allow. So if this has helped you why not share the love? You could to so on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and more.