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  • Trinity Church Chorister Program

    1. 1. Trinity Choristers An after-school outreach program of Trinity Church
    2. 2. Wonderful things are happening in Asbury Park! It is coming back from past economic decline into present and future recovery.
    3. 3. But many Choristers live in yet- to-be-developed areas.
    4. 4. The Chorister Program has an important mission to unite the many and diverse areas of Asbury Park
    5. 5. Children in Asbury Park face significant challenges:
    6. 6. Some Asbury Park statistics (source: 30.1% of Asbury Park families lived below the poverty rate in 2007 39.6% of children in Asbury Park live 82.5 % of poor families below the were female-led with no poverty rate husband present
    7. 7. Asbury Park School statistics Source: NJ Department of Education NJASK (New Jersey Assessment for Skills and Knowledge) tests for 2007-2008 showed that: In 6th Grade, 14.2 % of Asbury In 8th grade, 29.4 % of Asbury Park students achieved full or Park students achieved full or advanced proficiency in advanced proficiency in Language Arts compared to Language Arts compared to 57.3 % for the state of NJ 81.4 % for the state of NJ overall. Math scores for full or overall. Math scores for full or advanced proficiency were advanced proficiency were 29.5 % of AP students 14.9% for AP students compared to 72.2% for the compared to 67.7% for the state of NJ overall. state of NJ overall.
    8. 8. The differences are pretty striking when you see it on a graph.
    9. 9. Asbury Park Schools HSPA (High School Proficiency Assessment) Test Results 2008 Things do not seem to improve by 11th grade. AP High School: 25.9 % LA, 14.8 % Math / NJ Overall: 83.4 % LA, 75.4 % Math - For full or advanced proficiency
    10. 10. Trinity Chorister Program: Working for Change
    11. 11. Working for change: by shaping the lives of the young people (and future leaders) of Asbury Park Benefits of Trinity Choristers: • Build self esteem • Teach self discipline • Self respect grows with accomplishment • Develop respect for their community • Encourage positive involvement in the community • Practice working together for the common good • Trains focus and attention, leading to better performance in school How?
    12. 12. Working for Change: Exploring Music Summer Camp A camp for neighborhood children to discover possibilities, where local musicians volunteer their time – Cost to the Program: $1500 Cost to campers: Free
    13. 13. Working for Change: Free Piano Lessons for Choristers Free piano lessons are offered to all Choristers – About half of the Choristers take advantage. They are offered on- campus, which offers another connection to the Trinity community Individual donations from members of the community are the main source of funding, which takes constant work to keep up enough to go on.
    14. 14. How Piano Lessons are done at Trinity 40 lessons per year at $20 per lesson are available to each Chorister Lessons take place at Trinity Trinity buys the lesson books The cost comes to roughly $850 per year per student – but with no charge to the student. If the student has no piano or keyboard, we loan one, or help find a donated piano. Supporters are encouraged to sponsor one student for the whole year
    15. 15. Currently, 13 students are taking lessons But there are another 11 on the waiting list
    16. 16. Working for Change: Homework Help and Mentoring Trinity Choristers have three dedicated volunteers, who come every Thursday afternoon beginning at 2:30 PM. They are present when Choristers arrive after school is out.
    17. 17. They help with homework, as well as supervise those with homework, but don’t need assistance. They also will work with Choristers on certain musical concepts, enriching and enhancing what they learn in rehearsal.
    18. 18. After homework is finished, they enjoy getting to know our Choristers through supervising them in games and other activities until it is time for rehearsal to begin.
    19. 19. They also stay through the rehearsal that follows, making sure all Choristers have the music they need, and monitoring the rehearsal behind the scenes by answering non-rehearsal related questions, supervising bathroom breaks and other needs. Because so many Chorister families do not own cars, our volunteers also help with transportation when the Choristers travel. Trinity does not own a bus or van, so logistics are important!
    20. 20. Working for Change: RSCM Camps – a huge boost Sending kids to RSCM camps for a week each summer helps them both musically and Raleigh Girls’ Course 2008 socially. The whole choir benefits from kids returning with elevated standards, positive culture, friendships with others outside their community, and the great repertoire that they have shared. Kings’ Course, Wilkes-Barre, PA 2008
    21. 21. By interacting positively with girls and boys from all over the country, our Choristers’ world begins to look bigger, and they learn they have value in that bigger world.
    22. 22. The cost of camp for each Chorister is $550, but the benefit is incalculable. Two Trinity Choristers at Duke University Chapel, RSCM Course 2006
    23. 23. Working for Change: Annual Chorister Retreat in Port Murray, NJ Over 3 intense days in the mountains, Choristers on retreat work at: • Building teamwork skills • Developing music reading skills • Learning new music • Relaxation and Recreation in a safe environment
    24. 24. Working for Change: Building community within our community
    25. 25. Ice Skating and Pizza
    26. 26. A Visit from England with Ms. Katherine Dienes of Guildford Cathedral
    27. 27. Christmas Caroling at the Arcade
    28. 28. Asbury Park Kwanzaa Celebration
    29. 29. Working for Change: Travel – to broaden horizons, and connect to the larger world
    30. 30. St. John’s Cathedral, Wilmington, DE
    31. 31. With the Maryland State Boychoir
    32. 32. Baltimore, MD – Maryland State Boychoir Festival and Aquarium trip, 2006
    33. 33. With the American Boychoir, Princeton, NJ
    34. 34. At Trinity, Wall Street
    35. 35. With St. Bartholomew’s, New York
    36. 36. Trinity Choristers rehearse together once a week, on Thursday afternoons. Piano lessons are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the family and the teacher, usually on Mondays and Thursdays. They sing about two times per month, and sometimes more often, particularly at Christmas time. They are also occasionally an intergenerational choir, often singing with adults who serve as positive role models.