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  1. 1. THE NFL
  2. 2. The National Football League, better known by NFL, is the largest professionalAmerican football league in the United States. The NFL takes the legal form of SportAssociation, controlled by its own members.
  3. 3. It was created by eleven teams in 1920 as the American Professional FootballAssociation, the league changed its name to American Professional Football Leaguein1921 to change it again for the name now in force in 1922. Currently comprises32NFL franchises established in various U.S. cities and regions. It is divided into twoconferences: the National (NFC) and American (AFC). In turn, each conference iscomprised of four divisions (North, South, East and West) and each of them, forfourdifferent teams.
  4. 4. The regular season consists of a calendar of seventeen weeks during which each team has a break (called bye week), consisting of six games against teams from the same Division as well as several cross- divisional matchups and interconferenciales.The season begins Thursday night, the first full week of September (the Thursday after the Labor Day) and continues in early January.At the end of the regular season, six teams from each conference compete for theplayoffs, a direct elimination match between the twelve teams that culminates in thefinal match for the championship, known as the Super Bowl. This event is played onadefault city, usually with some team in the NFL. The following week the Pro Bowl isplayed in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they face both conferences composed of the bestplayers of the year.
  5. 5. The American football is the most popular sport in that country.
  6. 6. TEAMS.
  7. 7. This map shows the physical location of the computers of the NationalFootballLeague today.There are 32 teams in the NFL. A maximum of 53 players on their roster exemption,but only usually use 45 for every game during the regular season. Unlike MajorLeague Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National BasketballAssociation (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL), the NFL does not have ateam based in Canada.
  8. 8. There are de teams in 2002 in American Football Conference :
  9. 9. There are the teams national footbal conference in 2002:
  10. 10. AFLThe growth of the NFL in early 1958, was so rapid and forceful that overcamebaseball as the fans favorite sport of the United States of America. It also arousedthe interest of entrepreneurs and their appetite for buying a franchise or create anew one. Such was the case with Texas entrepreneur Lamar Hunt, who submitteda bid, which ultimately was rejected. This led to Hunt and some other businessmendecided to form ten teams with a new association which they called the AmericanFootball League (AFL), which became a serious rival to the NFL.
  11. 11. The AFL introduced innovative changes to the sport, further contributing toacompetent rivalry with the NFL. This was the official installation of a clock visible tofansduring the game, the player names on the jerseys and a moreaggressiveoffensive air provided by the new rule of free substitutions during the match,whicheventually led to specialization of positions. Another circumstance that differedfrom the NFL was his attitude toward the group of black: the AFL included blackplayersand actively recruited players in universities historically dismissed andmarginalizedby the NFL.
  12. 12. Subsequently, the NFL teams included black players inpositions theytacitly banned in theNFL, like quarterback10 and middle linebacker.11 In January1965 there wasa boycott of the party of the stars of the AFL in 1964 in New Orleansbecauseof discrimination against black players from some hotels and shops in the city. Itwas an act of activism for social rights and freedoms has been honored bythePro Football Hall of Fame.
  13. 13. The new league also secured financially to choose to share with other teams, theproceeds received by the television rights and ticket office at their meetings.The AFL forced the expansion of the NFL: Dallas Cowboys were createdto competewith the Dallas Texans of the AFL created at the same time. In 1963,the DallasTexans moved their headquarters for Kansas City andwere renamed the KansasCity Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings were adonation for Max Winter for abandoning theAFL; theAtlanta Falcons were where Rankin Smith to dissuade him from acquiretheMiami Dolphins.
  14. 14. The NFL-AFL mergerIn the mid 60s the tension reached its limit. The competition that pitted both leaguesforthe acquisition of players, including several college Drafts led to significant wageincreases. In 1965, one of the most hotly contested battles, which resulted in favor ofthe AFL, the quarterback of the University of Alabama Joe Namath signed with theNew York Jets prefiriéndoles before the St. Louis Cardinals in the NFL for arecordsalary of $ 427,000. IN 1966, the manager of the AFL Al Davis started acampaignaimed to remove players to the NFL, especially quarterbacks, but behindthem,several owners of different teams began to make contact toend the Cold Rivalrybetween the two major leagues.
  15. 15. Formalized in an agreement by the founderof the AFL Lamar Hunt and DallasCowboys general manager Tex Schramm, the twoleagues officially announced theirmerger on June 8, 1966. The league would havea common Draft and organize a game of season finale todecide the champion between the two leagues (later renamed Super Bowl), whichover the years would become the highest symbol of football and the celebration morespectators convened every year worldwide. There was still a city would get afranchise by the AFL, New Orleans, who was presented with a new team in the NFLfor the passage of Public Law 89-800 driven LouisianaFederal Congress, whichallowed the merger and that disavowed any exceptionrelated to anti-monopoly restrictions.
  16. 16. In 1970, the leagues merged in a new fullyadopting the current name of NationalFootball League, splitting into two conferences with an equal numberof teams each. There was also a financial agreement whereby AFL teams wouldpay a combined total of $ 18 million over 20 years. There was also an objection bymany fans of the AFL about the loss, due tothe merger, the identity of yourleague, your logo and your name.
  17. 17. Regular SeasonDuring the regular season (generally September to December) games are heldonSundays and Monday nights. In the final third of it extends the programto Thursday and Saturday. Each team plays twice with the three division rivals,and once againstthe four teams from another division of the sameconference and against a team fromthe other two divisions of the conference,making a total of 12 conference games. In addition, you play against 4teams from another division of the other conference. At the end of theseason each team will play 16 games in 17 weeks (each team has abye during the season). Qualifiers will be the division winners plus two teamsfrom each conference as a wildcard.
  18. 18. Playoffs "Playoffs") consists of four additional days atThe postseason (also known as the for the titlethe end of the regular season, where they play the top six teamsfrom eachconference (twelve in total). This is the structure (using the exampleof just one of the conferences can be extrapolated to the other):1.Mejor division champion (1).2.Segundo best division champion (2).3.Tercer best division champion (3).4.Cuarto best division champion (4).5.Wild Card with better balance (5).6.Wild Card with poor balance (6).The games will be made as follows:Wild Card:(6) home (3)(5) home (4)Divisions:Worst winner (6, 5 or 4) home (1)Best winner (3, 4 or 5) home (2)Conference Championship:Worst at home winner of Best winner.Super Bowl:AFC Champion - NFC Champion
  19. 19. Super BowlThe postseason event culminates with the maximum of theNFL, Super Bowl game, which requires planning, programming andimplementing comprehensive, being necessary to get the positions ofthe teams and cities that aspire to appear as siteswith several years inadvance.
  20. 20. Pro-bowlThe season officially ends with the Pro Bowl (in Mexico, "Pro Bowl") that takesplaceone week after the Super Bowl. Since 1980, has been disputed in Honolulu,Hawaii.However, it has been speculated that since 2009, the Pro Bowl will beplayed one week before the Super Bowl at the headquarters where they willdevelop ésta.27However, the league has decided to keep the Pro Bowl 2009in Honolulu.28 in 2010 we celebrate the Pro Bowl in the same venueas the Super Bowl is in Miami. And a week before the Super Bowl.In this game players who congregate in the opinion of the fans, coaches andplayershave emerged as the best in the league and deserve the opportunity torepresenttheir respective conferences, to close with the season finale on duty in theNFL.
  21. 21. Number System in UniformIn the NFL, players wear numbers on their shirts as the position they play. Thecurrent system was instituted in the league on April 5, 1973, as a means forfansand officials can more easily identify players on the field for their position. Sincethen, players use the numbers assigned within the following ranges, basedon theirprimary position:Quarterbacks, kickers and punters: From 1 to 19.Wide Receivers: From 10 to 19 and from 80 to 89.Running backs and Defensive Backs (Safieties and Cornerbaks): From 20 to 49.Offensive linemen: From 50 to 79.Linebackers: From 50 to 59 and from 90 to 99.Defensive linemen: From 50 to 79 and from 90 to 99.Tight ends: From the 40 to 49 and from 80 to 89.The numbers 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero) are not used by NFL players since1973.
  22. 22. Commissioners and presidentsPresident Jim Thorpe (1920-1921)President Joseph Carr (1921-1939)President Carl Storck (1939-1941)Commissioner Elmer Layden (1941-1946)Commissioner Bert Bell (1946-1959)Interim President Austin Gunsel (1959-1960, after the death of Bell)Commissioner Alvin "Pete" Rozelle (1960-1989)Commissioner Paul Tagliabue (1989-2006)Commissioner Roger Goodell (2006-present)