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Content360 Malaysia: Visual storytelling from the newly empowered

  1. 1 Visual storytelling: Content ideas from the newly empowered By Julian Matthews 1
  2. What’s your story? 3
  3. Who made this mess? 4
  4. Jamie’s story 5
  5. Making content real again “It was an extremely important part of my healing process to make the story. I hope folks in Malaysia have the opportunity to make such stories for themselves. I entered the workshop intending on making a macro political analysis of violence against women, and had a four-page script. The teacher came up to me and circled the center of my script and said, this is actually your story! I couldn't believe it. But she was right. The story was specifically about my mother. What I learned is that people care more about stories when they are in multimedia format, putting them onto video actually allows some people to hear a story where they wouldn't be able to stomach having you tell them the same story sitting in front of them,” Jamie, storyteller. 6
  6. Early days… 7
  7. 8
  8. 9 The Internet circa 1995
  9. 10 The challenge in 2015 and beyond
  10. 11
  11. 12
  12. Cameras everywhere 13
  13. Living in a selfie world 14
  14. The comeback 15
  15. Back to basics Audience Story Context : WHO : WHAT : WHY the <expletive of choice> should I care?) 16
  16. Those heart-wrenching Thai ads 17
  17. The “viral” campaign: ALS ice bucket challenge •Simple: Visual, fun, shareable, easy to replicate •Gamify: Set up a challenge that was passed on to 3 others, feel-good factor of supporting a worthy cause •Authentic people power : Attracted celebs and ordinary folk. Real stories of people with ALS and their family and friends. 18
  18. Empowering the marginalised: Orang Asli learn video production skills to highlight their own local issues and stories Attribution: CSR project by SEACO 19
  19. David Wu: Walking the talk and #ProjekWumah 20
  20. It’s not the technology, tools, devices or apps. It’s the story. So what’s your story? 21
  21. Contact: Julian Matthews +6012-915-9528 22