06c.Social Media strategy template


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06c.Social Media strategy template

  1. 1. 1Social Media Strategy – templateThis guide covers all the elements necessary for pulling together your strategy such as:summary of overarching goal; setting objectives; agreeing on key performanceindicators; targeting audiences; choosing channels and platforms; planning tactics andactivities; estimating time, budget and resources; and monitoring and evaluatingsuccess.1. Objectives of Social Media CampaignA very a short summary/statement of the overarching goal of the programme/campaign.Followed by a clear detailed statement of the objectives and key messages of yourprogramme or campaign. This should be the publicity pitch that is concise, clear, engagingand user friendly.Goal:Objectives:2. Key AudiencesWho are you communicating with – a detailed description of your key audience and targetuser groups. What are your priorities or pain points? Include what they already may knowabout you. What do you think they should know? And do break down the users into sub-categories and add engagement already made, if any on current social networks.Audience 1Audience 2Audience 3Audience 4Audience 5
  2. 2. 23. Tactics: Target audience ranked by importance,channel of communication, tactics and activities planned eg: typesof updates, frequencyWho is your target audience? How are you going to connect and engage them? What is themost appropriate channel – blogging, social networks, microblogging, photo-sharing, video-sharing, mobile networks, gaming platforms. Consider offline ways you may want to engageas well: a newsletter, a large conference, networking lunch, a training workshop, an outreachprogramme, contests, promotional literature, regional seminars?Audience Channel Tactics & Offline Activities
  3. 3. 34. Resources & Budget – working project planFull details of all the relevant communications activities developed into a working project planwith budgets, deadlines, timeframes and responsibilities. Remember to include keymilestones and review dates, think carefully about cost, include staff and consultants, alsohow will you evaluate success? Below are some suggested groupings, the table is led byactivity but you may well want to have one for each year of activity.Social Media Communications plans are living documents and will need regular reviewingand updating.Activity Resources Deadline/timeframe BudgetIdentity/BrandingInternalcommunicationMedia relationsMarketingPromotion andpublicity materialsTrainingEventsWebsite/app designTotal
  4. 4. 45. Evaluating SuccessHow will you know if you have succeeded and met your objectives? How are you going toevaluate your success, what performance indicators and evaluating measures will you use.Break it up into quantitative (eg: Page views, Number of comments, Downloads, Followers,Fans, Embeds, Mentions, Trackbacks, Number of RT, savings in support costs) orqualitative: (Were comments, positive/negative/neutral? Did we learn something about ourcustomers that we didn’t know before? Did our customers learn something about us?Were we able to engage our customers in new conversations?)Day/Week/Month Platform 1 Platform 2 Platform 3 Platform 4PageviewsUnique VisitorsAverage timespentNo. of DownloadsNo. of EmbedsNo. of CommentsNo. of FollowersNo. of FollowingNo. of FansNo. of LikesEngagement ratioPositive comments