06b.Twitter strategy template


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PR Bootcamp 2013

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06b.Twitter strategy template

  1. 1. Trinetizen Media 2013Twitter channel – mapping a strategyObjectives:Examples of specific target objectives: Launch date: Oct 1, 2013.1. Post ____ tweets a month.2. Increase referral traffic to primary website from twitter channel in terms of uniquevisitors/pageviews by 25% every month until June 30, 2014.3. Increase followers by 5000 by June 30, 2014.4. Increase RTs, @mentions or replies by 1,000 by June 30, 20145. Increase PR value of print mentions of Twitter account by 25% by June 30, 2014.6. Increase Facebook likes and mentions of blog posts to 1000 by June 30, 2014.7. Increase newsletter email list sign-ups by 5000 names by June 30, 2014.8. Increase referral traffic to primary website from blog and Twitter acct by 25% by June 30,2014.9. Identify top 25 influencers on Twitter who help RT or @mention tweets and spread the wordvia social media and have one offline event every three months to build relationships.10. Post 300 photos a month via Twitter and measure pageviews.11. Post four videos per month and measure impact via Twitter.12. Conduct two audience surveys per year to determine how to expand, grow, and diversifysocial media presence for 2014-2015.Type of channel:1. CEO2. One-to-one customer resolution3. Media channel: Connecting withjournalists/editors4. Investor support5. Professional networking6. CSR: Cause, Foundation, Charity7. Green initiatives8. Brand ambassador/Mascot9. Photo stream10. Specific event run-upKey audiences:11. Contests12. Internal employee communication13. Proactive monitoring and crisismanagement14. Community Engagement15. Direct sales or lead generation16. How-to, Instructional, Tips17. Insider views18. Mentoring or recruitment19. Health or Sports issues20. Promote blog, Facebook BrandPage, WebsiteResources: Who will tweet1. Single author: CEO | Spokesperson | Social Media Lead | Fictional character |Mascot | Brand Ambassador2. Multiple authors: Single department | Social Media Team | Cross-departmentleads3. Multiple authors and multiple twitter channels:________________
  2. 2. Trinetizen Media 2013Media: The Twitter channel will primarily be: Text | Audio | Photos | VideoTweet Ideas:1. Set a theme every week/month then tweet accordingly2. Quotes from the CEO3. 10 reasons why you should invest in__________ #14. 5 things you didn’t know about (Product/Service/Launch/Event)5. Customer testimonials6. A funny thing happened at work today7. Tips for getting the best deals on________8. How to save money on_______9. Ask a question every ________day, eg: What did you learn on your last holiday?10. Organise weekly giveaways with quick tweet quizzes.11. Top gadgets in your locale12. Twitter tricks using your mobile phone13. Everything you need to know about ________ but were afraid to ask14. Work tips: How to get more from ________15. 10 ways you can improve your ________16. What I learnt from this (Movie Star/Celebrity/Icon/Leader/Employee)17. Why I loved this (Movie/TVSeries/Book/Show/Performance)18. 10 myths about our (Product/Service/Industry/Employees/CEO)19. 10 ____ scams and how to avoid them20. 7 most scary facts about ______ and how to overcome them21. Dos and donts of _____Scheduling:1. How often will you tweet: ____________ per day/week/month.2. Who will monitor tweets on off-work hours: Alternate staff | Third-party | AutomatedMonitoring and Measurement Tools:Free tracker | Customised Tracker | Third-party Audits___________________________________________________________________________Quantity: Number of tweets, number of re-tweets, number of mentions, number of tweetconversations, number of followers, pageviews, unique visitors, link popularity, savingsgenerated from support costs, sales revenueQuality: Issues resolved, positive tweets generated, learning points, increased engagement,crisis averted, discovered new cost-savings method, tips from followers, understand customerpain points betterBudget (Web designer, monitoring, tracking tool, paid tweeters to cover an event,tweetups, giveaways, prizes):Examples:@zappos@jetblue@comcastcares@mayoclinic@starbucks@dominos@scottmonty@CIMB_Assists@MaxisListens