06b.Ford Social Media Guidelines


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06b.Ford Social Media Guidelines

  1. 1. Ford Motor Company’s Digital Participation Guidelines We have advised our personnel to observe these guidelines when participating in an online conversation regarding Ford or the automotive industry. These are a summary of our ethical policies. Ford personnel should refer to the more detailed information available within the Company.Be honest about Guidelines The Internet rememberswho you are Search engines and other technologiesIf the conversation relates to our business In brief, our guidelines for engaging make it virtually impossible to takeor our industry, you should identify yourself something back. Be sure you mean what on the social Web consist of theas working for Ford Motor Company in you say, and say what you mean. following core principles:the content of your post/comment/other 1. content. Not only is this the ethical thing An official responseto do, but in some countries, like the Honesty about who you are may be neededU.S., there may be personal liability underFederal Trade Commission regulations if If you spot a potential issue and believe 2. you don’t. Best practice is always to be Clarity that your an official Company response is needed,honest about who you are without giving opinions are your own bring it to the attention of a member ofout detailed personal information. the Communications team or the Legal 3. espect and humility office before it reaches a crisis situation. R Potential issues can often be resolvedMake it clear that in all communication more effectively and efficiently if they arethe views expressed identified quickly.are yours 4. ood judgment in G sharing only publicInclude the following notice somewhere in Respect the privacy ofevery social media profile you maintain: “I information – including offline conversationswork at Ford, but this is my own opinion financial dataand is not the opinion of Ford Motor Protect your co-workers and our partners by refraining from sharing their personalCompany.” 5. say is permanent Awareness that what you information or any conversations or statements unless you have their writtenYou speak for yourself, permission to do so. Bringing someonebut your actions reflect else into an online conversation withoutthose of Ford Motor their permission can be destructive to aCompany Mind your manners relationship, cause misunderstandings orUnless you have been authorized by violate laws, commercial contracts and/or Treat past and present co-workers, otherCommunications, you cannot speak on confidentiality agreements. personnel, suppliers, consumers, partners,behalf of Ford Motor Company. Do not competitors, Ford Motor Company, andportray yourself as a spokesperson, even yourself with respect. Avoid posting Same rules and lawsan “unofficial” spokesperson, on issues materials or comments that may be seen apply: New medium,relating to Ford Motor Company. Realize as offensive, demeaning, inappropriate, no surprisethat people may likely form an opinion threatening, or abusive. Acknowledge Due to the nature of the digital medium,about the Company based on the behavior differences of opinion. Respectfully extra diligence is required in respectingof its personnel. withdraw from discussions that go off topic intellectual property (such as copyright and or become profane. trademark), financial disclosure laws, falseUse your common advertising and the like. Also, refer peoplesense The Internet is a with vehicle or repair concerns to theIt’s good business practice for companies public space dealer or customer relations (Contact Ford(and individuals) to keep certain topics Consider everything you post to the at http://www.ford.com/owner-services/confidential. Respect confidentiality. Internet the same as anything you would customer-support/contact-ford). If anyoneRefrain from speculation on the future post to a physical bulletin board or has a new idea for the Company, refer themof the Company and its products. Keep submit to a newspaper. Many eyes may to “Your Ideas” on The Ford Story.topics focused to matters of public record fall upon your words, including those ofwhen speaking about the Company or reporters, consumers, your manager and When in doubt, askthe automotive industry. Do not disclose the competition. Assume that all of these If you have any questions about what isnon-public Company information or the people will be reading every post, no matter appropriate, play it smart and check withpersonal information of others. how obscure or secure the site to which a member of the Communications team or you are posting may seem. the Legal office before posting. 08/2010 These guidelines are meant to provide a simple and clear guide to online communications for Ford Motor Company personnel. For a more detailed look at the guidelines and potential implications for failing to follow them, please visit our internal resources on HR Online or FordLaw.