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How 2 avoid a short sale


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These short sales slides r 4 home owners.If u r a realtor and would like 2 know how 2 get instant short sale approval and full commissions In Weeks NOT 6 to 15 Months go 2 We Will Buy The Mortgage(s), Give You An Instant Short Sale Approval and Get The Seller An Automatic Waiver Of Deficiency! Get Your Full Commission!! Your Listing Stays In Place And You Maintain Full Control! No Waiting For Lender Approvals or Submitting Multiple BPO's To Support Your Offer!! This Is Not A Government Program and The Short Sale Regulations Do Not Exist Here! Message

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How 2 avoid a short sale

  1. 1. Learning How to Avoid the Short Sale Process
  2. 2. How to sell your home fast and avoidforeclosure..How to get relief so that you can moveon with your life without the burden ofthis situationHow to avoid the deficiency judgmentand tax consequences
  3. 3. The MANY MONTHS or even YEARS worth of processing?Worrying about the Deficiency?Giving out your unnecessary Information ?Having to Lower Your Prices Again and Again trying to receive an offer?Now would you LIKE To Hear the Better Alternative??
  4. 4. Short Sale process is a Nightmare- thesystem is BrokenThe Short Sale Process can DRAG on oftentaking 6-15 Months or LONGER- In manycases just to find out that you DIDN’T GETAPPROVALShort Sales require multiple visits to yourhome
  5. 5. Fear of the Tax Consequences andUnforgiven DebtShort Sales require you to give PersonalHardship Information** Only 30% of Short Sales EVER Close- the Rest End in FORECLOSURE afterYOU have jumped through All THEHOOPS !!!!!
  6. 6. We buy our notes in bulk at significantdiscountsWe are an Investment Company with VirtuallyUnlimited FundsThis gives us leverage and buying power withthe banksOur last Bulk Purchase was 92 Million in TotalVolume
  7. 7. This is NOT a Government Program/ ShortSale Regulations Do Not Apply HereThis is NOT a Buy Back Plan where theSeller Gets to Keep the House- This is NOTan OptionThis is NOT a Lease Option or Rent to OwnProgram
  8. 8. Property MUST be in Default at Least OneMonthThe 1st Mortgage must be with Bank ofAmerica, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, BB&T,Suntrust, Aurora, Litton, IndyMac, Regions,GMAC and Countrywide
  9. 9. 1st Mortgage Balance of at least 200K -multiple mortgages are OkIf there is a 2nd mortgage we will negotiatethat as a short sale trying to get all thesame benefits of the firstProperties MUST BE in Good Condition -Minor Cosmetics ONLYAre you ready to receive the BENEFITSto YOU with this Program?
  10. 10. Receive an Automatic Waiver of Deficiency –What does this Mean to you – if there is adifference between what we sell the home forand what you owe this difference will beforgivenNo 1099 will be issued to you because there isno negative difference$100,000 list - $75,000 = $25,000 difference isforgiven and $0 charged back to youThere’s More……
  11. 11. Receive an Automatic Waiver of DeficiencyNo 1099 will be issuedReceive a Satisfied on your Credit vs.Short Pay for the 1stPossibility to Receive Some Cash for MovingExpenses even if over Financed in some casesTIME - the whole process take can take aslittle as 45-90 days vs. 6-15 MonthsLess Emotional Stress on YOU and the Peaceof Mind YOU Now Want….
  12. 12. What is Required from YOU?There will be a Documents Package that youwill receive from your Agent or the officedirectly.Very simple information that you shouldhave readily available to YOUContact me NOW to avoid foreclosure and sellyou home FAST !!