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Opportunities for Healthcare Cost Reduction


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Avoiding the pricing squeeze

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Opportunities for Healthcare Cost Reduction

  1. 1. Opportunities for Healthcare Cost Reduction Avoidance of Adverse Outcomes Avoidance of complications Rapid Diagnosis & Treatment Avoidance of medical errors Enhanced diagnostic performance Reduced staff accidents & injuries Enhanced therapeutic efficacy Elimination of unnecessary procedures Quicker definitive diagnosis Reduced liability exposure Anticipation & earlier intervention Less-invasive procedures Procedural Efficiency Reduced hospital length of stay Economic Sites of Care Reduced operating room time Avoidance of ED/ICU admission Ease/obviousness of product use Applicability of sub-acute care Reduced clinician involvement Applicability of physician-office care Immediate equipment accessibility Applicability of home/self care Rapid data recording and access Automated insurance coding & claims Prevention Product Direct Cost of Use Viable disease management programs Reduced product cost per procedure Effective vaccination initiatives Reduced amortized capital costs Home-based physiological monitoring Lifetime extension of reusables Effective patient wellness programs Applicable generic substitution