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Application Note                     Unlocking Options on an 860 DSPiThe following steps are required to unlock a feature ...
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Unlocking options on_an_860_dspi


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  • Upgrades are absurd expensive, every time you need a feature activated is over $500.00, just requested a quote to upgrade modem from docsis 2.0 to docsis 3, and they want $1777.00,lol honestly, I do not know what this people are thinking.
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Unlocking options on_an_860_dspi

  1. 1. Application Note Unlocking Options on an 860 DSPiThe following steps are required to unlock a feature on the 860 DSPi:Using the buttons on the 860 DSPi’s keypad, navigate to the Setup menu, then the Info icon, and thenpress the Enter button.On the Info screen, press the soft key corresponding to either RF Option or Net Option, depending uponwhich option is to be unlocked.From the appropriate menu, press the Down arrow key toselect the desired option then press the Enter button. NOTE: Previously installed options will have an asterisk beside them.As shown below, the Enter Option Code window willappear. Using the numeric keypad, enter the 12-digitoption code then press the Enter button.The option is now activated. NOTE: It may be necessary to reboot the 860 DSPi after activating an option.If the icon for the option that was just activated is notavailable on any menu (ensure that all menus have beenchecked for the option icon) use the Arrow buttons on thekeypad to navigate to the Setup menu, then the Filesicon, and then press the Enter key.Press the Function (Fn) key then navigate to highlight theRestore Icons option on the Function menu, then pressthe Enter button. This operation will replace any missingor deleted icons on the 860 DSPi. For Additional Help Contact Trilithic Applications Engineering Unlocking Options on an 860 DSPi 1-800-344-2412 or 317-895-3600 P/N 0010275067 – Rev 07/10 or 1 of 1 Copyright © 2010 Trilithic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.