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Renewing mapquest subscriptions


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Renewing mapquest subscriptions

  1. 1. Application Note Renewing MapQuest SubscriptionTo renew the MapQuest subscription for LAW software, you must furnish Trilithic with the MapQuestregistration identification number. The registration ID can be found by logging into LAW (withadministrative privileges), going to the Administration menu, and then selecting the RegistrationInformation link. The registration ID will be displayed on the Registration Information page and will be afour- or five-digit number.After recording the registration ID number, contact Trilithic Sales Support at 1-800-344-2412. Byfurnishing your registration ID and your company’s name, Trilithic can renew the MapQuest subscriptionfor one year. The part number and current price for the subscription renewal are as follows:Part number: 0930126001Price: $295 (USD)If paid at the time of renewal, the subscription will be activated immediately.If you have any questions about this process or other issues with LAW, contact Trilithic ApplicationsEngineering at (317) 423-6699. For Additional Help Contact Trilithic Applications Engineering Renewing MapQuest Subscription 1-800-344-2412 or 317-895-3600 P/N 0010275064 – Rev 07/10 or 1 of 1 Copyright © 2010 Trilithic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.