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Why to implement hosted exchange services?


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Companies always look for solutions which makes their work of communication simple and effective and Microsoft Hosted Exchange is one such product which makes companies be in touch with thier clients and customers effective with advantages of data backup, filter against all virus securities etc.

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Why to implement hosted exchange services?

  1. 1. Why to implement Hosted Exchange Services
  2. 2. Now a day almost all Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Hosted Exchange Services to keep connecting with their members and clients and Hosted Exchange makes them to communicate about their working practices and happenings of company. Hosted Exchange, with Outlook and Outlook Web Access, has become the best solution for email, to-do task, calendars, sharing business contact and collaboration. It has proven its significant advantages by increasing the working practices in the companies.
  3. 3. Having Hosted Exchange simplifies most of the companies’ physical work. It enables us to access emails, contacts, tasks and many document works from anywhere with any device. The hosting providers take care of technical support like software and hardware required for it, and you just need to have the internet connection to access it.
  4. 4. When it comes to managing the emails, it is a very critical task for any organization. But every problem has a solution. The solution is Hosed Exchange providers who provide the services for businesses are capable of handling these tasks.
  5. 5. These companies provide software called as SaaS (Software as a Service) which we can access through internet and they store our information on their own server confidentially to manage the entire system for us. This, in turn, helps to reduce the timing, energy, resources and power spent on taking care of emails manually.
  6. 6. Let’s see the advantage of Hosted Exchange Services
  7. 7. Round the Clock Customer Support: Hosted Exchange providers make you sure for providing 24/7 customer support with their highly qualified and trained experts for any queries and issues or help. Cost: It is cost effective when compared to having your own hosted exchange server which demands huge lump sums of money towards its maintenance activity.
  8. 8. Disaster Recovery: In any case, if your data gets destroyed or damaged, Hosted Exchange providers are there for back-up. Your data are not saved at one single physical location; its back-up is saved at Hosted Exchange servers also in multiple locations for retrieval in typical times. Data Security: With Hosted Exchange providers your data is continuously scanned and monitored by Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam facilities for data security from any unexpected attack like hacking or data thefting.
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