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Why choose vps hosting over shared or dedicated hosting


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Every one will have numerous number of options when it comes to a product or service that they are looking for in this competitive market where companies fight each other by giving the best options and features possible and choosing the best among these is always a typical task.

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Why choose vps hosting over shared or dedicated hosting

  1. 1. Why Choose VPS Hosting Over Shared or Dedicated Hosting
  2. 2. Individuals or companies eye at different hosting options when they need one and most of them are always in some sort of confusion when it comes to choosing the right option at the right time. Most of them are unaware of the details what need to check when it comes to hosting of a website online.
  3. 3. All the web service companies offer hosting services to individuals and to companies with different features and plans and some go a step further and provide custom hosting depending on one’s requirement, but which is better among the plans that these web services companies provide like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting and what are the limitations of these plans?
  4. 4. All the hosting plans Shared, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting have their own limitations and looking at them in detail gives us a better idea of it. Let’s start with shared hosting a plan which every web hosting company provides at a very least price possible to the customers, it’s the plan which has very less features and with limitations at higher side. In this a customer shares his/her hosting space with other websites on the same server. All the websites hosted share the resources of the server like CPU, RAM, Disk Space and the performance of each website is inter dependent on the other website hosted.
  5. 5. Customer can’t do any sort of changes or server side configurations to improve the performance of a website and most of the companies assure customer of 99.9% uptime but not assure of high speed delivery when a request comes to the server and have least or nil access to the server side issues. Companies provide limited technical support and data backup is not available and need to buy if need one.
  6. 6. Dedicated Hosting as the word itself says it is completely dedicated to the customer’s requirement and all physical resources of the server are utilized by that application only. Companies guarantee the customer about uptime, speed and admin of the server gets complete access to the configurations of the server where he can make additional setting or updates to improve performance of the application. Dedicated hosting servers have high end security where breaching through it is highly impossible to the hackers. It is mostly preferred by the companies who work on sensitive data of their visitors or customers and it come at higher prices and without any limitation of its use and access.
  7. 7. Here at this situation came VPS hosting as a solution to those companies who would like to have their own server with complete features of dedicated hosting at cheaper price. VPS Hosting comes at lower price to those prospective buyers with all features of dedicated hosting and without any limitations of access to the server. VPS Hosting server is configured over a dedicated server and which completely acts like a dedicated server where in updating, installing of software, server side configurations are possible by the admin with root level access to the Virtual server and companies provide 24x7 technical support for VPS hosting servers.
  8. 8. With the growing technological requirements of users and the arrival of fresh new companies with new features and offer made VPS hosting in India cheaper and affordable with assured technical support round the clock from all the companies.
  9. 9. VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting Hosted Exchange