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What is VPS hosting and how it is configured?


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VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting is the latest booming technology in Web Services industry which gives all the web owners the satisfaction of owning a dedicated server with affordable cost and with best technical support by the companies.

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What is VPS hosting and how it is configured?

  1. 1. Call Us Sales: 1800 102 2275 Support: 080 – 32919413 Email:, What is a VPS hosting and how it is configured? Many website owners buy different kind of web hosting services from different service providers of which VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server is one. All the hosting companies out there provide Windows and Linux Hosting plans with Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting as three main options to the customers. VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Servers which also be termed as Cloud Hosting these days has gained very good value in the market share of hosting companies. It’s the happening technology of the market which comes in at quite a good affordable rate. How it is configured? All the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are virtualized using software called Hypervisor which will be installed on a dedicated server. This software allows the admins of the physical server to create any number of Virtual Machines depending on the physical server capacity. Admin of Virtual Machines will have root access to the VPS where he can create any number of Shared Hosting account, Admin User’s etc. Each one of the Virtual Machine share the CPU of the Physical Server with dedicated RAM to them. All the Virtual Machines act as like dedicated servers without any limitations on access to Virtual Machines. User of the Virtual Machines can install, Update, Edit or delete any of the details of the VM with his root access that was provided to him. If in case of any drop down in the Physical Server then all the VM’s are temporarily shifted to another Physical server which the act of which gives us maximum up time. Competitive markets of today give multiple options to the users with best technical support, data back up and uptime monitoring etc. If you feel that Managing a VPS on your own is too risky and time consuming then going for Managed VPS Hosting services will ease the VPS maintenance and the company takes the whole responsibility of 99.99% uptime, technical issues etc., and for which the client has to shell out more money towards the maintenance charges. ©Trijit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034