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VPS or Cloud hosting guide for start ups


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Choosing the right hosting service provider is important when the market is full of competitors. Each web hosting company provide different options like shared hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting. The user need to cross check with his/her requirement before choosing the right hosting plan and reading some tips on choosing the best hosting are always helpful.

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VPS or Cloud hosting guide for start ups

  1. 1. Call Us Sales: 1800 102 2275 Support: 080 – 32919413 Email:, VPS Hosting Guide for Start Ups Web hosting has always been a confusing point to the startup companies. Companies which are looking for hosting solutions are poured with multiple options from different service providers which offer variety of services and solutions to the requirement. Companies offer hosting services in three different categories i.e Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers. Let’s see what each one of they tell us about them and how will it is helpful to the startups. Shared Hosting: It is the simple and easy plan in which your website will be shared along with other websites which share the same Server’s CPU, RAM and Disk space. The performance of your website is completely dependent on the requests that each website is generating. Here in this shared hosting plan there will be no option of any additional configurations to increase the performance of the website hosted. Virtual Private Servers: These are the servers which have dedicated RAM, Disk Space and which share one CPU with other websites. All the required software’s and applications are pre-configured by the service provider and which vary from one service provider to other. The user can install additional software’s required to configure it according to their requirement and have root level access to the servers. Service providers provide technical support on this and configure it according to requirement. Dedicated Servers: Dedicated servers facilitate only one website / application in them which completely uses the whole of the performance of RAM, Processor and Disk space. The user will have all kinds of root level access to the servers and can configure and install any software’s and applications in the servers. Companies provide full technical support and back up to these servers and promise to provide uninterrupted internet service and power supplies to our servers. With the things cleared above a startup should decide which kind of pack is much beneficial according to their requirement and within how much budget. Dedicated servers are too costly and provide better options for website maintenance. Shared Hosting plans don’t provide much of the benefits as dedicated servers and come with very minimum budget per month. Cloud VPS Hosting Servers are happened to be the best choice between these two which come out with support and backups from the service providers and the costing is also affordable to the startup companies too. All the startup companies are advised to write down all their requirements and expectations from the company which provide the service before choosing any product or plan and lots of ground work is also be done which can save us time and money and help us choosing the right product from right company. ©Trijit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034