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Understand your VPS or Cloud hosting to make most of it


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A simple understanding of VPS Hosting and its working technology and features makes it easy for to configure and install the required software or applications. A simple step by step process understanding will make us take most of the VPS Hosting service for the amount that is paid by us.

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Understand your VPS or Cloud hosting to make most of it

  1. 1. Call Us Sales: 1800 102 2275 Support: 080 – 32919413 Email:, Understand Your VPS Hosting to Make Most of It Making a website go live has become so easy but looking at its requirements on regular basis is not easy. Different websites have different kinds of requirement which we need to understand on the basis of visits that it’s making daily, loading times and the type of business that we run through the website. Any website can be made live with options of Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. These three options come with varied price options and features. If you decide upon VPS Services for your website you need to understand it thoroughly to manage and to maintain it without any issues and person with computer knowledge can understand it very easily. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a part of large physical server and which is virtualized to use the resources available in the physical server. A physical can have any number of Virtual Machines depending on its physical capacity. A VPS uses the resources available in the physical server and acts like a dedicated server. A Virtual Server comes without any limitations of access to it permissions. User and administrators of VPS Hosting Servers get complete access to its technical roots to manage what software’s can be installed and removed and to whom access can be given to upload files and required data. Any VPS Hosting Server comes with Disk Space, RAM, CPU, Band Width and IP’s on two platforms i.e Windows and Linux Platforms. Windows VPS Hosting is a bit costly when it is compared to Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting is required to those people who have developed their websites/applications on Microsoft Based technologies. Linux VPS Hosting is suitable to those web owners who developed their websites/applications other than Microsoft related technologies, as it is a open source programme companies offer Linux Hosting solutions at a bit cheaper cost when compared to Windows VPS Hosting. If your website has demand for additional software on VPS then you can install but all the VPS Hosting comes with some pre-installed OS and applications. You can configure then if they are useful to you, if not you can remove them easily with the root access provided to you. IF you find your VPS Hosting is not performing up to the mark and you feel it needs any upgrade then it is quite simple with the VPS and you can do it at any point of time without the fear of losing any data or being down. VPS Hosting is one such a product where you can manage it on your own without hiring a technical person. Companies have one more option i.e Managed VPS Hosting where it will look into all technical aspects related to your VPS hosting and manages it online. Choose the VPS Hosting depending on your website needs and opt for the best company with best features by looking out and by comparing different options available online and a little bit of understanding on how a vps works will make us to take most of it. ©Trijit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034