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To whom VPS hosting is required


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Choosing the right hosting service provider is important when the market is full of competitors. Each web hosting company provide different options like shared hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting. The user need to cross check with his/her requirement before choosing the right hosting plan and reading some tips on choosing the best hosting are always helpful.

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To whom VPS hosting is required

  1. 1. Call Us Sales: 1800 102 2275 Support: 080 – 32919413 Email:, To Whom VPS Hosting is required? It has been observed that web owners are always in dilemma at the time of purchasing a web hosting pack. Web owners are provided with different types of options by the companies like shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting. Among these which is the best pack for your requirement? For this we need to do some ground work about our website needs when it comes to hosting. Shared hosting is suitable to small size companies which have little number of visits or to companies which run low of investment. This hosting plans comes at very lower price of 2000/year with limited features. This is suitable to website which are informational and cause related and to small entities which just need to show their basic information about their company and its locations. VPS Hosting is suitable to those companies of medium in size and who are in continuous requirement of data management and whose visitors are steadily rising. This comes with pre-defined securities and installed software. Having root level access is a major point which gives web owner the feasibility of making changes in servers setting for better performance of the website/application which were not available in shared hosting. The performance of a vps is similar to that of a dedicated server with some differences like databases, shared processor etc. VPS Hosting comes in two different options i.e Managed VPS Hosting in which the hosting service provider will look after all the technical aspects related to vps and there is no need of hiring any technical resource for vps management and the other is just vps hosting for which a fully trained technical resource is required to monitor vps performance. A dedicated hosting is required to those entities which have very good number of unique visitors every day and whose bandwidth requirement is on raise always. Dedicated servers give better performance and reliability when it compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting. It dedicates all of its memory, CPU and RAM to the single website requests generated randomly and delivers the content. Data backup, technical supports are additional features of dedicated hosting. Choosing VPS hosting in India is easy as there are numerous companies which are standing out there to serve out requirement just be cautious before finalizing any company look at their experience in this field and their infrastructure to get a better idea of their capacity to serve you better. VPS is highly suitable to medium size companies and are advised to have complete details of their services at first and compare with other competitors for a better plan and service. ©Trijit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034