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Starting a website.. Then check this guide


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Before starting any website one need to consider some basic points like domain name, web design and web hosting which are most important for the website to serve the visitors with best experience of surfing and to increase engagement of visitors.
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Starting a website.. Then check this guide

  1. 1. Starting a Check this guide
  2. 2. It’s my personal experience which made me to write this article to help those people who are in the idea of starting a website to promote their business online. I have seen people who start a website without having much knowledge about it and how it performs and what it needs to make it the best resource for their business needs.
  3. 3. With the technology taking new dimensions and the falling costs of hosting making it easy and simple to people to start a website, but very less people know that even today post having these much technical developments it is still hard to market a website to perform in the market and bring considerable number of visits on day to day. Let’s see what all it takes for a website to outperform and make a mark out there.
  4. 4. Every web owner need to pass through the below stated stages to build a outperforming website
  5. 5. Choosing the right and catchy domain name is most important and it is the name through which you will be known online. It is always suggested to web owners to keep the domain name simple and a combination of the service that you provide with the best keyword including in it. For Ex. If you are starting online greeting cards store then the name should be combination of a keyword with high search volume and traffic and it can be like “ecards or wishcards” etc.
  6. 6. 2
  7. 7. Having a clear and responsive web design is most important which makes user navigate from one page to another page easily and a web design which gives scope of liking content of others, commenting and allows visitors to post their content is ranked best when compared to websites which doesn’t provide all these. Use less and impressive colors on web pages and don’t stuff unnecessary content on it. It is highly recommended to write good and unique content by mentioning the keyword in it where it is required. Every web page should be property tagged with meta tags i.e Title, Description and keywords.
  8. 8. Last but not least the web hosting is a key point for a top performing website. A website with least responding web hosting doesn’t make a good impression. It is the speed that defines that website success post covering the above two stages. A website with best vps hosting is highly preferable to give the visitors the best experience of browsing, mailing and chatting etc. There are more number of websites online which have best catchy domain name, Responsive web design and which are ranking on least pages of search and which are least known by people. It is the hosting which can bring speed and which can make visitors stay long on your website if it gives the best to the visitors in seconds of time.
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