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Looking for vps then check these points


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Looking for vps then check these points

  1. 1. Call Us Sales: 1800 102 2275 Support: 080 – 32919413 Email:, Looking for affordable VPS hosting? Then check these points People or companies always looking for options for their required VPS Hosting services or products and choosing the best service provider without product knowledge is not so easy when the market is full of competitors to serve our requirement. Companies design different vps hosting plans at different prices with different features which can be configured upon our requirement. Affordable vps hosting in India is possible only if you keep the below stated points in mind and choose accordingly by satisfying each and every point. a) Configuration: Have clear idea of the configuration that you are looking, for your website/application like storage space, RAM, CPU and Bandwidth which matches your requirement and which can handle your customer’s visits and have clear idea of access level over your vps hosting b) Uptime: If you want to serve your customer’s online then uptime is one mandatory thing which needs higher attention, all companies by default promise 99.99% uptime service to the customer’s and ask them what is their backup plan if any issue raise and the server is down and further enquire them will they be informing you about any downtime in advance etc., c) Technical Support: Ask them repeatedly what kind of technical support they render to their clients if any issue raises and are there any particular timing for the issue to be addressed? Is the technical support that the company is promising is suitable to your needs if not ask are there any additional technical support available. d) Price: Last but not least check the price of the vps hosting and is it affordable by you or not. Compare prices and plans with the other competitor companies which offer same kind of service with same features and make a note of the additional features if any offered by the competitor and again compare them with other competitor. It’s a chain process which will end only if you get satisfied with the products that you finally plan to buy, so obviously it demands your quality time. e) Additional Features: Check with the vps hosting provider company are they providing any additional features on the VPS like visitors tracking software’s, ad credits etc., Searching online will fetch a lot of companies results which offers affordable vps hosting services in India with different features and tools that will support you in maintaining your website/application with ease by maintaining it on your own, if required companies do provide Hosted VPS Services where you no need to bother about the technical aspects of the VPS and the service provider will look after all these issues and give you guaranteed uptime with uninterrupted service. ©Trijit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034