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Factors that can affect your vps hosting


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Having knowledge about factors that can affect our vps hosting performance is important and having which makes the maintenance easy and hassle free one.

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Factors that can affect your vps hosting

  1. 1. Many of us feel that once we bought a vps hosting service from a reputed company then everything is completed and we are ready to go live with our website, but not, later we come to know what exactly it takes from us to maintain the virtual server in simple way and with 99.9% of uptime. All the service providing companies promises 99.99% uptime but there were many other factors that will effect on the performance of the server if not given any importance towards them, let’s see what are they and how they can effect performance of our vps hosting server.
  2. 2. Check with the cost of your virtual machine before finalizing it with competitors in the market. One need to check all the packages and plans by comparing the desired plan with multiple companies which can result in finalizing the best suitable hosting server at best price which can perfectly fit into our needs and location is also very important for the virtual hosting server, if you are looking for vps in your preferred area or in local area please be sure to cross check it multiple times whether they have the service in that area or not.
  3. 3. Virtual machines are configured on a dedicated machine and these machines utilize the resources of dedicated machine, so the hardware used for the dedicated machine plays an important role in the performance of VPS. Low cost and low quality hardware used in dedicated server can’t guarantee you best performance on your VPS and there is a higher risk of it going down.
  4. 4. Post sales technical support is the main considerable factor, we need to check with in how much time they are reverting back to the tickets raised gives then complete review about the company’s technical support team performance, we can get more about these details of a company in Forums or in online complaint boards or in Review writing sites. Make use of these to arrive to an opinion on this.
  5. 5. Check out what infrastructure do they have and maintain to give you the promised 99.99% uptime, do they have uninterrupted power and internet supply to these servers, do they monitor these things on daily basis, what if there is any power shutdown or internet supply problem, what happens to your vps in that situations etc.
  6. 6. Check what are the safety measures taken by them to secure your vps against network attacks, virus and malware attacks. Are there any Firewalls enable by default to secure your vps or you need fund for these additionally.
  7. 7. Any service providing company will provide additional features or benefits with the products that they offer to the customers, check what all additional features that you are receiving when compared to other competitor companies, to what extent they are useful to you, are the plan features best fits into your needs or not. If taken precautionary measure to monitor these factors before finalizing a vps hosting plan can make the maintenance and usage a hassle free one and optimizing it to outperform in the market will becomes easy to any administrator.
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