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Actors,locations,costume and props


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Actors,locations,costume and props

  1. 1. Actors Name : difya jancy balamurili Acting as : the presenter Ages 18 years of age
  2. 2. • The lights are always on • There are many people from different parts of London and else where • There are many people with different upbringings and social background • There’s a big age range • People are not likely to rush as much compared to Oxford Street LOCATION
  3. 3. Convent Jesus of Mary language college As we are interviewing students, we decided it will be reliable to ask student the views in school.
  4. 4. Costume The form of the costume is used in the documentary because it is to show the formality toward our target audience.
  5. 5. The evaluation of costume Name of item The cost The colour of outfit. What the character needs the product for gender Where to get product Scene needed Top or a shirt £3:00 Black/ white A presenter female Asda Scene 1 Jeans £4:00 Black or blue To look sopchicated towards the audience Female Asda / Primark Scene 1 Coat £20:00 Black or a colorful To look sopchicated towards the audience Female Asda / Primark Scene 1 Scarf £1:00 blue To look sopchicated towards the audience female Asda / Primark Scene 1
  6. 6. Props Microphone- this is used to ask question and to show the formality of the presenter and also show how responsible the presenter is.
  7. 7. Props needed This is for the question s we are going to ask the audience