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Trigram Mobile Overview


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PDF overview of Trigram Mobile iPad application

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Trigram Mobile Overview

  1. 1. Trigram Mobile© Trigram Technology, LLC 2012 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. This is Mary a mobile clinician. Mary goes tonursing homes/skilled facilities and makes homehealth visits to see her patients.
  3. 3. Mary’s ProblemMary is required to treat patients at nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities or atpatients homes. Mary is currently handwriting patient reports. The hard copies arenot easily shared with other clinicians or staff.
  4. 4. What about Mary’s co-workers at the main office? They need access to the data for billing, reporting and scheduling? And what aboutMary’s referring clinicians? How can Mary easily get those clinicians the information from her visits?
  5. 5. What Mary needsHow can Mary document a patient visit at the point of care andshare the details with other colleagues in a timely manner?
  6. 6. TrigramMobile is the solutionA secure mobile application for healthcare professionals to easilycreate, view or update patients clinical data at the point of care and share with other clinicians.
  7. 7. Unique Features• Offline usage, no internet connection required to use the program• Easily share data with your office and mobile users in your company• HIPAA compliant• Specialty module for wound care users• Specialty modules for Physical Therapy, Home Health available• Customizable exam forms/documents to mimic current paper systems• Intuitive design requires very little training even for novice users• Color coded to visually show user data status
  8. 8. Secure login screeniPad data is encrypted on the device and sync to a secure server
  9. 9. Main Menu
  10. 10. Data is stored by facility/region
  11. 11. Worklist/Patient Info
  12. 12. Clinical DataData is color coded for easy interpretation Yellow and Red flag fields that may require updates
  13. 13. Clinical Data color coded green when updated
  14. 14. View Schedule Appointments color coded:Light Blue: To Be Seen Dark Blue: Patient Seen Red: Cancelled/Missed
  15. 15. Easily create visit documentation Documents in the list can be easily customized by clients with Trigram Mobile Admin
  16. 16. Documents populated with latest clinical data
  17. 17. Choose from preset macros fordocument fields when needed
  18. 18. Imbedded Macros in template are customizable
  19. 19. Prompt on save to update DOS
  20. 20. Finished Document
  21. 21. Custom Wound Care Module
  22. 22. Wound location wizard
  23. 23. Easy to syncAt the end of your day users go to the main menu andpress the “SYNC WITH SERVER” button and your workwill be “synced” with the main server for sharing withother users in your company.
  24. 24. Thanks for watchingPlease contact Trigram Technology for more information 714-379-2191