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PDQ - Balut


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Group of Clavecillas, Sollesta and Uygongco

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PDQ - Balut

  1. 1. By: Terence Uygongco , Jan Sollesta, Ramey Clavecillas Entrepreneurship_AGSB_Iloilo
  2. 2. Balut Making 1. Prepare a big wooden box; line this with heated rice hull at the bottom about 6-8 inches thick. 2. Arrange the eggs in bags of about 20-50 pieces each, put them on the
  3. 3. Balut Making 3.Cover the box very well so as to prevent quick loss of heat. 4. Every morning inspect the eggs to see if the rice hull needs reheating. The hull must be about 38°C.
  4. 4. Balut Making 5. On the third day, examine the eggs against a bright light to see if the germ plasm has developed. This is the part of the egg that becomes the chick if the egg is fertile. If no germ plasm develops remove these eggs.
  5. 5. Balut Making 6.On the 13th day examine again the egg against the light. Remove the eggs without germ pasm. At this stage, those with developing germ plasm are the “balut sa puti”. 7. On the 17th day the chicks will be growing little feathers. For Commercial Scale: The process These may now be cooked and is the same except that an incubator is used instead of heated rice hull. becomes balut.
  6. 6. Other products of DuckEgg – Century Eggs preserving duck eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls for several weeks to months. Soy Egg – duck eggs cooked in soy sauce, sugar, water as well as other optional herbs and spices
  7. 7. Other products of Tea Egg – pre boiled egg Duck Eggs is cracked and then boiled again in tea, sauce or spices Salted Duck Egg – soaking duck eggs in brine or packing egg in damp, salted charcoal Smoked Egg – hard boiled eggs are smoked. Of course. Hahha.
  8. 8. These are penoy. This one is balut sa puti Balut. result of 17th continuous incubation with germ
  9. 9. Recipes out of balut Sisig Balut Pizza Balutala Pobre Hubad na balut Balut ala Pobre Adobong Balut Fried balut Balut Poridge Balut Mouse Sizzling Balut ala Pobre