6 common anxiety issues at workplace


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6 most common anxiety issues at workplace which leads to disengagement and 6 tips to fight them. A culture of appreciation is what Organizations lack which leads to all such issues.

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6 common anxiety issues at workplace

  1. 1. Do your peers prefer to stick around peoplewho have a great impression at work?
  2. 2. Do you commonly witnessaggression and chaos of opinions ?
  3. 3. Is it very difficult for you to acceptnegative feedback for your performance?
  4. 4. Do your colleagues generally showcasefeelings of competitiveness towards you?
  5. 5. Are you often afraid of creating a negativeimpression at work?
  6. 6. Are you afraidto experiment at work because of Failure?
  7. 7. Sincerely start appreciating your peers for theirevery little contribution or any helpful behavior.Your image in office will go SKY HIGH.
  8. 8. Recognize your colleagues, even your boss for that matter,for his so called smart actions and clever opinions at work. He would CONFIDE in you more in future conversations.
  9. 9. Such positive attitude will helpyou not only create a GOOD IMPRESSION at work but make you comfortable in accepting negative feedbacks .
  10. 10. A culture ofSocial Appreciation creates lots of FRIENDS at work. Coffee becomes a good excuse though as competitive feelings go for a toss !
  11. 11. With lots of friends at work , employees are NEVER AFRAIDof creating a negative impression at work.
  12. 12. And when it comes to delivering your best, you are neverafraid to experiment with your efforts because you are notafraid to FAIL.
  13. 13. Share with us your ‘Day at work’..We just might make it better..
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