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PTV Presentation


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GITA & SIBA Breakfast, Melbourne 11th June 2015 @ CQ Functions.- Mr Sendur Kathir,The new Chief Information Officer Public Transport Victoria (PTV)

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PTV Presentation

  1. 1. Delivering public transport the community choose to use Sendur Kathir PTV CIO June 11th 2015
  2. 2. Major funding commitments
  3. 3. Rolling stock funding commitments
  4. 4. Infrastructure funding commitments
  5. 5. Digital channels Open access Real time Information is key
  6. 6. Market ready Reliability Wearable Accessibility AccessABLE: Journey plan based on accessible stops TripTastic: Ready to use Timetable API Movem: How reliable is my line? / crowd source capacity BoundFor: Apple Watch / share arrival with pickup Simplicity TimeToTravel (Pebble App)
  7. 7. Thank You
  8. 8. TRAVIC GTFS in motion timetable simulator
  9. 9. 12 15 minute walk from Flinders Street Station clocks
  10. 10. 13 15 minutes by public transport from Flinders Street Station clocks
  11. 11. 14 Frequency of service (maximum wait time)