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Tri-Fusion Newsletter April '11

  1. 1. APRIL 2011 APRIL 2011 APRIL 2011 APRIL 2011 Stay tuned into the Forum on the team website: Tri- Find workouts, social events etc. You too can post your workouts there!! Nutritional BOD, Calendar Tristar Know-How My Life & Sponsors Nevis 111 My Tri Breakfast Pg. 5-6 Pg. 10 Pg. 7-8 Cookie recipe Pg. 2-4 Pg. 9 Special Guest Speaker—Pat Tyson Speaker— ? ate you “Rule #76. No Excuses. Play like a Champion” ds” MotivW hat “wor “All I need is within me now” “Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy”- Bill Blackman“There is no thrill in easy sailing when the sky is clear and blue. There is no joy in doing thingswhich anyone can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when youreach a destination you never thought you’d make!” - unknown “A race is an exercise in leaving others behind” - Lance Armstrong “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.”“Finish what you start, quitters never win…” “Success is getting what you want… happiness is wanting what you have”“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift” - Steve Prefontaine “If you are in the pack the view never a leader”“Everybody wants to know what I’m on. What am I on? I’m on my bike busting my *** six hours a day. What are you on?” - Lance Armstrong 1
  2. 2. TRISTAR NEVIS 111 RACE REPORT BEN GREENFIELD Its not of- ten that a guy like me gets to stand shoulder- to-shoulder with champions like Chris McCor-mack and Olivier Marceau at the startingline of a triathlon, but thats where Ifound myself on TriStar Nevis race morn-ing - looking over the clear blue waters of Directly out of transition, the bike coursethe Carribean and thinking: weaves through the tiny town of"Oh crap, I wonder how fast these guys Charlestown (the entire island here onlyare going to start this swim." has about 50,000 people), then starts di-The athlete part of me promised that I rectly into a brutal 5K climb that the lo-could somehow maintain these pro triath- cals call "Anaconda", most likely becauseletes blistering speed for the 1000m swim it curves up into the mountains, and pos-along the shore of Nevis, but barely 200m sibly also because motorists have a highinto the swim, I saw their feet disappear- likelihood of devouring small animals likeing into the surging waves ahead. monkeys and goats on the road. Ive heardBut of course, considering that this race of boa constrictors eating donkeys, andinvolved a 100 kilometer bike, the 1000m there were plenty of donkeys on the bikeswim seemed extremely short, was over course, so maybe that a flash, and I came out of the water in Despite the game of dodging small ani-6th place without swallowing too much mals, I felt fantastic on the bike, andsalt water. Pro triathlete Wolfgang rode into 4th place, behind Macca, Oliver,Guembel came out 1st, followed closely and Wolfgang. Id learned my lesson aboutby Macca. dehydration in Phuket earlier in October,TriStar threw in some cool perks, like a and was going through 30 ounces of waterred carpet coming up the dock and into on the bike to keep myself hydrated intransition from the swim, so the run into the extremely hot conditions. This wastransition felt like being a Hollywood ce- promising to be a very good race, and thelebrity, albeit a celebrity in spandex and stiff carbon frame of my Gray Storm TTgoggles. bike was perfect for the big climbs.The 3 loop island-tour bike got pretty se-rious right away. 2
  3. 3. heat of the race was properly applying sunscreen to my back - see full results in all their glory be- low. So I rode my bike a bit fur-But at the top of Anaconda, on the 3rd ther, andloop, I flatted. then, as INot a big deal. ap-I changed the tube, grabbed my CO2 car- proachedtridge and fitted it on. transi-Empty. Grr...thanks to the efforts of the tion,TSA to ensure that no CO2 cartridges where acompletely explode and destroy an entire final, tinyhouse-sized airplane, I was a bit short on 5K loop isspares. thrownSo I sat and waited, walked around for a in, I flatted yet again.little while, watched some chickens play- This time, with no more tubes, I figured Iing on the roadside, chatted up some lo- was probably finished. I pushed my bikecals, and eventually the 1st place female into transition, but a participant from thepro (Emma-Kate Lidbury) came riding up 33.3K race earlier in the day saw me. Hethe hill. offered his bike, and once again, I wasI put on my best pitiful, desparate looking saved by another gracious triathlete! Imface, and begged for a spare CO2 car- thinking I should probably just hire some-tridge. She graciously tossed one my di- one to follow me around races with sparerection (thanks Emma), and I filled my tires, tubes, bikes, and preferably a bigtire and was off again, once again wildly bag of the "chicken roti" Ive been devour-dodging goats, monkeys, donkeys and ing every day while here on Nevis.honking motorists! I had already lost nearly 20 minutes, butBut just 8 miles later, I flatted again. still wanted to finish the race, so off IAre you kidding me? went to finish the last little loop to wrapIn the heat of the race, I forgot to check up 100K, riding my borrowed bike.inside the tire for any sharp objects, and By the time I finally got off my bike andsimply changed the flat once more, this headed out on the run, race championtime using a pump supplied by a helfpul Chris McCormack had already crossed theNevisian who sat in a car parked beside finish line! Of course, 20 minutes feelsthe road. like 3 hours when youre racing, so at thisIncidentally, another thing I forgot in the point, I assumed I was probably dead last. 3
  4. 4. The 3 loop, 10K run was, for lack of a bet- What the heck is rum punch, besides oneter word, hot. And yes, there were ani- of my new favorite drinks? Here is themals on the run course too - say hello to basic recipe, for those of you whod like Bessy the Cow. to reward yourself Carribean style: One of sour (key lime juice, or sour or- ange juice ala Hermitage) Two of sweet (simple syrup 2:1 sugar to water, heated to dissolve) My run felt fantas-tic, especially with my new K-Swiss K- Three of strong (rum, obviously!)Ruuz racing flats, and I know I would have Four of weak (water, taking into consider-had a great race if not for the mechanical ation the ice melting in the drink)issues. Despite the challenges, I took 4thplace and won the 30-35 age group (my Then add a dash or two of Angostura Bit-first time ever competing in this age ters to float on top, along with freshgroup) so I am very happy about my fit- grated nutmeg.ness at this point in the season, and re-warded myself with a nice rum punch OK, keep reading for the more crucialfrom my hotel: Hermitage Nevis. nutritional info. Big thanks to Millennium Sports and Natural Vitality Sports (energy28 and Nutrarev) for helping sponsor this race. Also, a big thanks to Zeal Optics for getting me some fog-free Slingshot optics before I left Nevis, and also to Champ-Sys for the awesome racing kit. Full TriStar 111 Ne- vis race results available at Nutrition/supplements for this race: Breakfast pre-race: Impax Enerprime, can of yams, 5 Mas- ter Amino Pattern capsules, 1 nuun. 45 minutes prior to race: Millennium Sports Carnage and CreO2, 1 delta-E, 1 Energy28, 1 NutraRev During Race: GU Roctane, GU Chomps, Millennium Sports Athlytes, water Post-Race: Ancient Minerals Topical Magnesium Oil, Re- coverease, 5 Master Amino Pattern capsules So whats next on the race calendar? Wildflower Half-Ironman on May 1. See you then. By Ben Greenfield— Ben Greenfield Fitness 4
  5. 5. Nutritional Know-How: cessed, meals and snacks, and a variety of nutrient rich foods. If you are in a nu- Build a Solid Nutrition Base for the Season tritional rut now, chances are you may dig even a bigger hole later in the seasonIt’s time to get down to business. Even if the most im- and find yourself consuming the same old meal andportant race on your calendar falls later in the season, snacks. Take the time to try new foods, new recipes,visions of race day are dancing in your head.You visu- and maybe even expand your cooking skills. So wherealize the most perfect race. Everything went exactly do you start?as expected, including your nutrition plan. Race dayaside, it is never too soon to move nutrition up a Take an inventory. This could mean keeping a foodnotch on your priority list. In fact this is a great time journal and checking your diet for whole grain, fruit,of year to evaluate and change your diet as it allows and vegetable intake frequency. Are you in a breakfastroom for experimentation and development, laying rut- having the same quick coffee shop fix every day?the foundation for optimal nutritional fine-tuning in Tired of the same turkey sandwich for lunch? Needthe weeks leading up to the start line. Let’s take a some new ideas for dinner? Ask foodie friends for ide-look at how you can build a solid nutrition base, and as or invest in a cookbook with simple recipes thathow to avoid some common nutrition pitfalls. provide ample wholesome carbohydrates for triath- letes in training.You might even invest in a cookingWeigh body composition goals carefully class and make some delicious ethnic recipes.Don’t make assumptions about your weight, but ra- Next take a kitchen inventory. Short of an expensivether get a body composition evaluation and determine remodeling project, organizing your cooking and foodgoals for changes in both lean mass and fat mass, not life can be helpful. Do you have a slow-cooker, whichjust body weight. While all body fat measurement is ideal for dinner and leftovers that can be eaten ontechniques are indirect, it does provide a more com- the fly? How about a great skillet for making stir-fry?plete picture than a simple scale check. Check your Developing a weekly shopping list, having plenty ofbody fat with a competent technician and plan to dry goods on hand, and stay on top of fresh producemonitor changes with the same technique (calipers, are also essential to healthy eating. By the time thebio-electrical impedance, hydrostatic weighing) over busy part of the season arrives you will have yourthe season so that you can estimate changes in both meal planning and preparation down to an appetizinglean mass and body fat. science.By setting realistic body fat and weight goals you Start to nail down your training nutritionshould not put too heavy a drain in energy stores and strategiesrecovery adequately from training. Ideally you shouldhave several months to drop those extra slowing-you- By race day you should have determined your favoritedown pounds, or to build muscle and strength. Keep sports drink product and flavor, and have planned outcalorie deficits to reasonable drops of 300 to 500 dai- your strategies for fueling and electrolyte replace-ly, and don’t skip on fueling around training ses- ment. Here you can actually start with that crude in-sions. strument- the scale. Check your weight before and after training (preferably in the buff) to determineFocus on quality your sweat rate. Every pound of weight loss repre- sents 16 ounces of sweat that you did not replace.Sure, calories matter, but so does the quality of your Keep tabs on how much fluid you consume during adiet which should be filled with wholesome, not pro- 5
  6. 6. one hour workout and determine your current sweat physician’s supervision than to experience the nega-rate (fluid consumed during exercise + fluid lost tive performance effects of iron deficiency or anemiaduring exercise). Start drinking during training to later in the season. Besides beefing up your diet withreplace or minimize sweat losses. This makes for plenty of antioxidant and phytonutrientl rich fruits,good practice as you develop your fluid replacement vegetables, and whole grains, a daily multivitaminskills on the bike and run. mineral supplement providing 100 percent of the daily values can also be taken, with or without ironExperiment with various sports drinks. Find out as appropriate.what products are being offered in the racecourse sothat you can train with them as well. While you likely Eating on the runwill pack many of your own goods for the race,knowing the racecourse offering works for you is Life is busy with training, work, life, and other hob-helpful. Gels, energy bars and electrolyte replace- bies. But a cutting-edge sports diet does mean plan-ment products may also be used during training and ning the whole day’s eating and taking into accounteventually racing. Keep experimenting to determine your training requirements as well as daily energywhat products, amounts, and strategies work best for needed. It takes both planning, organization, and ayou. As the season progresses you should reevaluate little food know how, perhaps with some new reci-your sweat rate in changing environmental condi- pes for this season, as well as convenience and crea-tions and keep refining your hydration and fueling tivity.strategies.You should never begin developing a racenutrition plan only a few weeks prior to the race, orfall solely on the advice of what works for other rac- By: Monique Ryan, MS, RD is the author of "Sports Nutrition forers, rather than experimenting for several months Endurance Athletes, 2nd edition" (VeloPress 2007). Click here toand determining what works best for you. view more about the book or purchase. She was a member of the Ath- ens 2004 Performance Enhancement Teams for USA Triathlon andPractice all the fundamentals USA Cycling Womens Road Team. Ryan is also the owner of Per- sonal Nutrition Designs and offers her sports nutrition programs atNo matter what level of intensity you experience your workouts, don’t forget the fundamentals The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author andof a good sports diet. First, stay hydrated. Urine not necessarily the practices of USA Triathlon. Before starting anyshould be pale in color when you hydrate steadily new diet or exercise program, you should check with your physicianduring the day. Besides focusing on better meal plan- and/or coachning, new foods, and a nutrient dense diet, you canalso prepare for workouts. Pre-hydrate and have ahigh carbohydrate snack one to two hours beforetraining. Real foods that are easily digested can work,as can sports nutrition products such as energy bars.Focus on recovery nutrition as well. Consume main-ly carbohydrate (about 0.5 g per pound wt) com-bined with 15 g of high quality protein after moredemanding training sessions.Checking your iron stores is also advised. If you dohave low stores, better to improve them now under a 6
  7. 7. FULL NAME: Virginia KnightMEMBER SINCE: Tri-FusionStarted! I joined as a guest of My LifeKirk Wood-Gaines at the club launch. This is my 10thyear doing triathlons!OCCUPATION: Occupational Therapist“A” RACE 2011: Onion Man (Oly) and Race the RiverSWIM, BIKE OR RUN: Love the bike, but have improved my swim-ming also. Running is just so hard, and has brought me injuries. My TriBut at least I don’t hate running anymore! :)MY SONG(s): Bust a Move (at Spin Class), most songs by Pink, and dancy funk song.MY RACE STORY: I have had a lot of great race days, but my greatest achievement is finishing Troika half iron-man in 2006. I loved the swim, had great fun on the bike, and survived the run. I learned a lot about myselfand my limits on that hot, hot day. And I learned how important having supporters out there is! My familyand friends were awesome that day!Worst day was when I attempted another half ironman and another biker turned right into me, as I was passinghim! Thankfully, I didn’t break any bones, but I got an ambulance ride and stiches on my chin at the emergen-cy room. Ok, I must confess I wasn’t all THAT sad to miss that hot 13.1 mile run! :)WHAT I DO WHEN I DON’T TRI: I get to help babies, toddlers and their families deal with developmen-tal delays. Also, my husband and I are super fans of the Gonzaga women’s basketball team andare sad we have to wait till next November to see them again! Our two daughters are at WSU, sowe visit them and send the university lots of checks! Oh, and we have a lab mix doggy, who Itake to agility classes (think obstacle course). It’s so good for her and she will run beside me now,not in front. We watch a little TV, and I enjoy the Cash Cab show on Discovery Channel.WILDEST DREAM: Being toward the front of the pact at a race! Wow, what would that be like??PERFECT DAY: Any race day, because I dont have to fit my activity into a schedule. The race ISthe schedule! I get to swim, ride my bike, and run outdoors in God’s beautiful creation. Then, eatof course. What could be a better day?INDULGENCE: Ice Cream—I just wish it was good for me more often!INSPIRATION: Ironman triathlon competitors! Especially after completing a “half”, I am in awe ofpeople who can shut out the negative noise and just persevere through all the mileage and pain ina full Ironman race. WOW.BEST QUOTE: “What doesn’t injure you makes you stronger” OR “Let’s go out to dinner.” 7
  8. 8. FULL NAME: Russell Lee AbramsMEMBER SINCE: December, 2009 My TriOCCUPATION: Partner, VertiSel, LLC. Agent SelectChoice Insurance“A” RACE 2011: Calgary 70.3SWIM, BIKE or RUN: Bike, it’s the least painful! My LifeMY SONG (s):I rarely listen to music while training, butI always am running through songs in my head. Lately Citizen Cope has been popping in a lot, butwhen I really need to dig deep, it’s usually some meaningful country song or ‘80’s buttrock ballad.MY RACE STORY; Taking off my wetsuit is a bitch, so when asking a friend, Molly Obetz, about IMrace execution, she explained I would exit the water, unzip my suit as I was running up the beach,and there would be people assisting removing the suits… that all I had to do was lay down and kickmy feet in the air. When I did this at my IM in 2009, I forgot to pull my wetsuit down. The vol-unteers looked at each other and said, “I guess we have to work for this one!” Also, I didn’t factor inI would then be without my wetsuit. I only had whitey tighty’s on under it, and when they jerkedmy suit down, the underwear came with it! I was horrified as I snatched them back and ran likehell to the tent, cupping them over my privates.WHAT I DO WHEN I DON’T TRI: I am always going on adventures, climbing mountains, repellingthrough canyons, or playing Hipster in Seattle. Oh, and of course there is always Chris Lucas andZola on Thursday nights!WILDEST DREAMS: I want to publish a book on living times 10.PERFECT DAY: Getting up around 5 on a hot summer day and swimming about a mile. Grabbingbreakfast at the Garnett in CDA. Going for a fast loop of the IM course with an easy run after, thenspending the rest of the day on a boat eating and drinking and chilling to tunes with Peter (myson) and some friends. Wait, that is a great day, but there are so many great days….INDULGENCE: I absolutely love sushi, and steak, and swordfish, and Five Guys Burgers, and Thaifood, and hot coffee before a cold swim.INSPIRATION: Seeing Rick Phillips breathing really hard and giving me that forlorn look of hopeless-ness as I pass him. 8
  9. 9. Breakfast Cookies — jessi thompson spokanedinnerclub.blogspot.comIngredients:∗ 2 c brown sugar∗ 2 1/2 c rolled oats∗ 4 c flour (I use whole wheat)∗ 1 T baking soda∗ 1 t baking powder∗ 1 t salt∗ 2 t cinnamon∗ 1/4 c olive oil∗ 1/2 c prune baby food (this is 2 "stage 1" containers)∗ 4 T water∗ 5 egg whites∗ 2 t vanilla extract∗ 3/4 c raisins∗ 1/2 c chopped walnuts∗ 1/3 c chocolate chips∗ 1/2 c coconut flakesDirections:1. Preheat oven to 350. Grease cookie sheets or line with parchment paperIn a large bowl (I use my Kitchen Aid mixer), stir together the brown sugar, oats, flour, baking soda, baking powder,salt, and cinnamon.2. Make a well in the center and pour in the olive oil, prune puree, water, egg whites, and vanilla. Mix untilwell blended. This will give you a great arm workout if youre not using a Kitchen Aid mixer! Stir in the raisins, wal-nuts, chocolate chips and coconut last.3. Scoop cookies with an ice cream scoop or roll into golf-ball sized balls. Place cookies 2 inches apart on pre-pared cookie sheets and flatten to 1/2 inch tall with wet hands (dough is sticky, so wet hands is the key to workingwith it). These cookies do not flatten much while baking.4. Bake 8 minutes for chewy cookies and 10-12 minutes for more crisper cookies (I usually cook mine for 8-9minutes). Cookies will not get crisp. Let set for a few minutes then transfer to wire rack to cool. Makes 24.***These cookies did not turn out as well when I tried cooking them on a cooking stone, a regular cookie sheetworked better.Roger LOVES these cookies for breakfast as well as fuel during long bike workouts. They also make a great snack! This recipewas inspired by the ever delicious (and much more expensive) Bakers Breakfast Cookie and is something I have tweaked over the last 5or 6 years. I highly recommend using the Kitchen Aid mixer for an easy and speedy recipe! 9
  10. 10. The Board of Directors, Sponsors and the Calendar of Upcoming Events…. BOARD OF DIRECTORS • TIFFANY BYRD- UNIFORM DIRECTOR • ERIC BYRD - MENTOR DIRECTOR • NATALIE GALLAGHER - SOCIAL DIRECTOR • GREG GALLAGHER - VICE PRESIDENT • BEN GREENFIELD - WEBSITE DIRECTOR • ADAM LITTLE - MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR • JENNIFER LITTLE - TREASURERWe would like to • ALISON STITT - NEWSLETTER DIRECTORextend a generous • JESSI THOMPSON - SECRETARY • ROGER THOMPSON - PRESIDENTThank You to our • DANIELLE WARNOCK - TRI FUSION KID’S CLUB DIRECTOR truly amazing sponsors!! J April/May/June Calendar 2011 Training Opportunities: • May 15th—Lilac Century ride • Whitworth Masters Swim: • May 15th— Young Life Fun Run 5k Offered Free to Tri-Fusion Members • May 29th Onionman Olympic every Sunday 8:30-10:00am - See the Forum “Training” for more info and • June 5th—Radiant Lake Tri. sign ups as there are limited spots each • June 11th—Moses Lake Tri week. • June 11th—Boise 70.3 • Continue to post & check for any train- ing swim/ride/run on the Forum, Face- • June 11th—Blue Lake book page and/or send out an email! • June 18th—Post Falls Duathlon We encourage you to post your workouts there as well!! • June 18th– Tri-fusion Kids Triathlon Upcoming Events: • June 19th— Medical Lake Tri Check in Tri-forum “Social Event” for • June 25th—Pacific Crest Tri weekend future upcoming events • June 26th—Ironman CDA Wednesday bike rides in session @ Fitness Find other races for the Northwest area @ Finatics 6pm—Call to confirm locations (Tools/Racefinder) Monday Night Mountain Bike rides @ or Fitness Finatics newsletter Fitness Finatics 6pm—call to confirm loca- tions Flying Irish 5k Runs every Thursday night Next Membership Meeting: 6pm from O’Doherty’s downtown 3rd Wednesday, May 2011 @ Races: 6:30pm. Twigs Northside • May 1rst—Bloomsday • May 14th—Palouse River Du 10