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Newsletter January 2013

  1. 1. January 2013 Thank You to those who con- tributed to Newsletter! Have a race report, good read article, recipes to share w/ the club for Newsletter. Send to Guest Speaker— Know Your Board!! Chris Morlan coach from Spokane Distance Project running club Multiple pages throughout... KIDS TRIATHLON JANUARY 30TH!!! SIGN UPYear in Reviewwith Natalie… These spots will fill up fast!! Pgs. 4-6 So tell your friends and family to be ready to get their kids signed up and ready for another awesome year put on by your club and YOU!! Stay tuned for 5 questions exciting opportunity to be a huge part of your club this offseason.. by volunteering at this incredible event! We can’t do Pgs. 9-10 it without your help!! Also listen for special discounts & early registration for members only!! Q’s? Contact Jessi Thompson or any other boardmemberCross-Training Compliments from Elements Therapeutic Offseason… Massage has provided a generous amount of Pgs. 13-14 nice Long Sleeve Tech Tees in all sizes… for you to take home. Be sure to grab one today after the meeting!!! Year in Review with Meghan !! Pgs. 17-18 E RS: MB ME If you are a new member and havent re- NEW ceived your welcome bag of goodies (visor/hat, Recipe, socks, water bottle, etc.) please contact and/or see Melissa Erickson so BOD, Calendar she can get you taken care of, after the meeting!! :) Pgs. 21-22 1
  2. 2. Meghan Faulkenberry Know the • My goals, resolutions & excitement this Board year? Swim Stronger, Ride Faster, Run Farther. Resolve to train and race with my ultimate goals in mind. Find excitement in making small improvements that all add up to attaining my definitive goal. • Tri- Path that leaded me to Triathlon life & member of Tri- fusion? My dad enjoyed cycling in college and through his younger adult years, while my mom pursued swimming. I’ve found solace in running ever since high school and thought that, considering the potential talents my parents have granted Mentor Director me, I should see what I can do with all three sports combined. Tri fusion has givenme the opportunity to grow in the sport and learn from people far more experienced than myself.• Passionate about… Helping people. While the profession of physical therapy allows me to mitigate pain from injury anddisease for those who seek my assistance, I find incredible satisfaction in serving others by offering support, advice and friendship.• Grew up...and it led me here…& here I stay! I’ve called Spokane home ever since I moved here with family from Cali-fornia at the age of five. I’m still here because of the spectacular scenery, the people, and the need to finish my education to earn myphysical therapy degree.• My Job & why I do it! Currently, I work for free as a student of physical therapy 40+ hours a week. After 7 years of edu- it!cation, I’m ready for a paycheck so I can commit to triathlon more seriously.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? New Zealand. I’m a biology nerd and love to explore and hike around thewoods. It would be fascinating to learn about and study exotic flora and fauna...some of which would likely occur in my swimsuit, on mybike, or laced up in my running shoes.• My car of dreams… I don’t really care the make or model, so long as I can afford it and it fits my bike and my dog.• What animal noise would you hear me make? A bird of prey. I would enjoy the chance to fly high above the ground,carried by the wind and captivated by the view of the world from high above.• Best Gift EVER! No gift compares to the time set aside by a close friend to listen to my concerns, to guide me withadvice, or to offer me entertaining conversation and activity. 2
  3. 3. Eric Byrd Know the • My goals, resolutions & excitement this Board year? Pursuing Tri-Fusion’s efforts to encourage a healthy lifestyle and active community by hosting the Tri-Fuison Kids Triathlon and the Tri-Fusions Hot Summer Nights 5K • Tri- Path that leaded me to Triathlon life & member of Tri- fusion? Meeting friends involved in the club, and being inspired by their healthy and adventurous pursuits. • Passionate about… Family and Friends! • Grew up...and it led me here…& here I stay! I grew up in Spokane, and I am here because of my family and friends. • My Job & why I do it! I am an Attorney at Stamper Rubens, P.S., and I Membership Director pursued this career path because I am motivated to help people protect their inter-ests and loved ones.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? I would probably pick Montana. I love lakes and mountains, and I have a tonof family over there.• My car of dreams… I wish I could drive a transformer so it could be a truck in the winter, and during construction projects,but could turn into a Ferarri when someone asked me to help them move.• What animal noise would you hear me make? Easy question. Grizzly Bear. Top of the food chain, swimming in lakesand rivers and hiking in the mountains, and eating fish all the time.• Best Gift EVER! My little boy, Aiden. Hands down the best gift my wife has ever given me. 3
  4. 4. This wont be the typical miles A YEAR IN REVIEW -per-sport review, but rather a recollec- per- with Natalie Gallaghertion about the remainder of my season from where I left off on theblog last March.In May I ran the annual Bloomsday 12k race, for the first time in several years. I had quali-fied (unexpectedly) for second seed at the St. Paddys Five Miler, so I was looking forwardto starting in a better position and running with my close friend and training partner, Eri-ca. We began the race together, but separated before mile 2 rolled around. I ran a PRtime in 55 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the race on a perfect run day! Half-Later that month, I ran the Windermere Half-Marathon. Based on my five miler in March half-and my Bloomsday time, it looked like I could set a PR in the half-marathon distance if I maintained 7:44/min/miles. My good buddy, Nate was looking for an easy long run that day, and I wanted to try being paced - so Nate agreed to run with me! I managed to exceed my goal of 1:44 for the half-marathon half- by finishing in 1:39, 7:35/min/miles, PRing that distance by 6 minutes from last August- thanks August- Nate! In mid-June I competed at the Medical Lake Sprint Tri and finished first in my AG, not sure mid- OA - the race was a little confusing as there were two starts, an hour apart. The swim start- ed off my race a bit rough (mental problems ;), but once on my bike the power was solid, three- and my three-mile run averaged 7:15/min/miles.July was a super fun training and racing month...I raced Lake Stevens 70.3 with several of my Tri Fusion teammates and friends. Although I worked very hard on my swim all season, I didnt see a very big time improvement. Still, I was pleased to have a solid ride and stay on my bike in the very wet and cold con- ditions - it rained for the entirety of the ride and I actu-ally looked forward to climbing each hill just to warm up. I was able to eek out a good half-run as well, with 1:44 for the half-marathon. I set a PR of 5:37.At the end of July, Erica, Kathi, Ronnie, and I traveled to Penticton to spend a long weekend swimming, riding, andrunning on the IM race course. We were able to squeeze in a couple of open-water swims, my longest ride to-date open- to-(then) 5:43 = 94 miles, and a few runs along the scenic course. We basically trained, ate, and slept...and caught aglimpse of the opening ceremonies and competition of the Olympics on TV. The weekend was one of my mostmemorable experiences for last season - and one that I hope to repeat in Whistler this season. 4
  5. 5. August was THE month. It marked my first Ironman, an event I will never forget. From January 1 until race day on August 26, I missed ONE planned training session that my coach (Roger Thompson) pro- vided for me. There were weeks that I added a session or two with friends, but I was extremely consistent toward my endeavor to completeIron- man. Going into the season, my goal was not to simply "finish" the race...I wantedto be as strong as I could be on that day and race well.I think Penticton is a special place. Greg and I have been going to Ironman Canada for the past six years...either to sign-watch our friends/teammates race, to sign-up, or to do the race. We love the atmosphere because the whole townembraces the athletes and the race. Going early to acclimate before the race was easy and comforting. Erica, Greg,Nate, and I drove up to Penticton on Wednesday afternoon and spent some time riding part of the course to re-view. Thursday was athlete check-in and a swim and run on the course. Friday and Saturday were pretty much the up with teammates and do a short maintenanceworkout, eat, relax, sleep. I felt mostly calm and ready leadingup, until Saturday night. I had a moment of sheer fright, a fear of Fortunately,failure and disappointment. Fortunately it passed quickly and Iawoke on race morning ready to go.There are 1,000s of little, but powerful memories that comefrom a day like this and Ive had months to let the dust settlesince I raced Ironman. So, Im just going to list my thoughts andthen finish this race report…• People: friends, family - they are what make a memory lasting. MY people are among the most incredible hu- mans to exist.• My biggest fear was of the swim. I like swimming, sometimes I even feel a fondness close to "love" for swim- ming...but I am not fast. I worked hard this season to get better, but still I knew what to expect time-wise. Ive time- been almost paralyzed with fear at the beginning of a race before. However, I had practiced this season (sometimes unintentionally: see Junes sprint race) mostly by eliminating exacerbating factors for the anxiety. It worked. My swim was still slow (duh!) but I was NOT scared and I have a vivid memory of total calm from my IM swim that morning.• Riding along on the flat section at the beginning of the bike course, I was showered, no drenched! with love and affection from Greg, Nate, Merissa, Jessi, Rog, Dave, and Melissa. This made all the difference in riding my bike and enjoying my bike ride. 5
  6. 6. • I had two low points. #1: I expected the bike special needs to appear around mile 60, but I think it was really at mile ~75. I was out of fluid at mile 60 exactly, and I needed to pee. I was a little upset for about 15 miles. #2: Around mile 3 of the marathon, my calves started to hurt pretty badly and my hamstring pain flared up. I knew there was Ibuprofen in my run special needs bag, so I just kept telling myself to keep running and soon Id feel better. By the time I got to my Ibuprofen, I was almost shuffling...but I never walked.• Roger was at the turn around, running with me a bit and assured me that I could walk whenever I want- ed. There was no time goal, no expectation that I had to pursue. I didnt tell him aloud, but I knew I would not walk unless I could NOT run. Shortly after taking the Ibuprofen my legs felt better, I started drinking a little Coke at each aid station, and I finished the marathon happy and pain-free!pain-• The only goal I ever said aloud to anyone was when I told Erica the night before the race that I wanted to finish in the light.• Race day flies by, there is nothing like that time warp.• You meet a lot of amazing people in a long race, all of us hoping to greet the same finish line. • Greg was EVERYWHERE. He showed up about every ten miles on the ride and then basically escorted me through the marathon on his mt. bike, applauding me and calming me along the way. I owe him :) half- • Cathy, a friend I met at the pool about half-way through the season, worked in transition all day, and hers is the face and voice that greeted me from the start to the finish...she even ran with me during mile 25! • The endeavor to race an Ironman is not easy, but it is worth it. The night- pain- marish run intervals and pain-inducing power goals, the hours in chlorinated water and time away from home, saying "no" to a tasty cocktail, or going home early...I would not trade the experiences for anything.• The finish line was like a dream: Erica returned to the finish, put my medal around my neck, hugged me and took finisher pictures with me...priceless friendship right there. My mom and Tom were the first I saw at the be- ginning of the marathon - and I didnt expect them yet! That was a super surprise. Melissa was so happy for me that she was crying when we embraced, so precious. Nate and Merissa high-fived me on the way into the high- bro-in- finish, that was awesome. Jessi, Roger, Melissa, Dave, my sister, bro-in-law, mom and Tom were not only at the finish, but also screaming for me as I entered the last mile along Lakeshore Drive, soooo incredible to feel all their love. My incredibly thoughtful friends that made the trip all the way to Penticton just to watch the race: Nate, Merissa, Jessi, Roger, Melissa and Dave. Greg, well he was everything and everywhere for me the whole sea- son. Ironman week, he made sure I was spoiled and well taken care of. He crossed ts and dotted is that I did- nt even know needed it, especially all my bike maintenance. Theres no way my journey would have been as seamless or meaningful without his care and utter belief in my ability to have a successful and powerful day. His embrace after the finish was true love.In September Roger, Greg and I drove to Oregon and competed in the Portland Tri. I was-nt sure if I had any speed in me at all, but I placed first in my AG, and masters OA. Thatwas a fun race to end the fabulous season!Looking forward to next season, I have bigger hopes and dreams, races to preparefor...including Ironman Whistler in late August! Natalie 6
  7. 7. Alison Stitt • My goals, resolutions & excitement this year? I’m al- ways excited for the thought of resolutions, but if I don’t succeed I seem to Know the give myself a hard I try to stray away from the serious list. However I do Board enjoy the time to reflect on things that need improvement and changes… and the big- gest one for me this year is to “Let Go” of things that shouldn’t be present in my life any- more… I’m not usually great with “changes”. I am also excited to see what kind of races I’ll be able to train, financially provide and consume outside my family time. I am signed up for a half mar- athon in Wenatchee, hope to at least do a couple sprints, maybe a couple more in teams. I just pray for no injuries, which is never my luck. I’m always excited for many adventures we always create! Newsletter Director • Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri-fusion? I was in- Tri-spired by a couple good friends of mine who were doing Triathlons. Being a athlete all my life… it interested me in being able to fit itinto my schedule when I could, keep in shape & enjoy the reward of competing in a different way. I got connected with Tri-fusion by agood friend , Sheena who joined the group before I did. Even though I haven’t done much in the competing area, I have certainly enjoyedbeing a part of what this club brings in so many areas!• Passionate about… The latest passion in my life is being a mother! I have waited a long time for this moment, It was wellworth the wait to have a growing family, a sweet little boy to love on and attend to everyday! There is just no greater feeling! I’m al-ways passionate about quality time with family, friends and all kinds of hobbies, crafts, and staying active, lately eating healthier.• Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! I was born in Missouri, (even though so many think I’m from anothercountry with my “Hearing impaired” accent, haha, fooled you!) moved to Spokane when I was 2 years old. My parents still live on thesame property since. My husband and I have tried living outside of Spokane, in Kauai, Hawaii. Which was a great experience, but ittruly made me appreciate so much that I love about Spokane, that I don’t think we will ever move and most of our families and friendslive here or close by.• My Job and why I do it! I have many, Office manager, Personal Assistant, Right hand-man, Rental manager and my favor-ite new one...Full time Mother!! I work for a self- employed Human Factors Engineer/ Expert Witness. He’s the hardest worker I haveever met… I love working for him and with everyone in my office! It also allows me to choose my hours, bring my son to work and takethe time off I need as long as I take care of my boss when it’s needed, he takes well good care of us! I have people lined up to takeover my job...I think people were bummed I decided to go back to work after having a baby!• If I could live somewhere out of the US? I’ve always loved Italy, because it’s gorgeous and Love New Zealand, be-cause of it’s beauty, adventures and how layed back and quiet it is there. Bucket list to at least pay those places a visit someday!!• My car of dreams… It’s use to be Fast and Old stylish cars, because of my dad and his dad, being race car drivers and al-ways into those fancy cars growing up… but now that I’m responsible for myself, I wouldn’t mind a electric car. I hate buying gas.!Someday when they improve.• What animal noise would you hear me make? A tie… a bird so I can fly or my dog Salem… she is the most loved dogever! (I’m sure every owner would say that though about their dog too!)• Best Gift EVER! I can’t think of anything else but my son, Canaan! He’s my miracle!! 7
  8. 8. Jarod Crooks • My goals, resolutions & excitement this year? Iron Man CDA, Boston Marathon qualifying run. Know the Board • Path that leaded me to Triathlon life & member of Tri-fusion? My passion for intense exercise, a desire to change up Tri- life and do something new, and the desire to be around like-mided indi- viduals. • Passionate about… Family, intense exercise, adventure, and friends. • Grew up...and it led me here…& here I stay! Provo, Utah. I’m here for Treasurer work, the outdoors, and the small town country lifestyle.• My Job & why I do it! I’m a healthcare financial professional with Providence Health and Services for the past 10 years.Currently working for Pathology Associates Medical Laboratory.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? Australia, warm climate with lots of recreational options.• My car of dreams… PORSCHE• What animal noise would you hear me make? Eagle, because I love to fly and like fish :)• Best Gift EVER! Good Samaritan stopped and assisted me after a bike wreck this fall. Greg Gallagher • My goals, resolutions & excitement this year? Iron Man Canada • Path that leaded me to Triathlon life & member of Tri-fusion? I start- Tri- ed running 20 plus years ago with running and the next challenge was a tri and I was hooked. I am one of the founding members that started this club. • Passionate about…My wife, family and friends. • Grew up...and it led me here…& here I stay! I grew up in Cheney and have remained in the area because of family and friends. Vice President • My Job & why I do it! I work at Costco, 16 years.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? Somewhere warm and tropical.• My car of dreams… A very fast one. Ferrari F40???• What animal noise would you hear me make? A bald eagle. Power, strentgh, and the best part… they can fly!!• Best Gift EVER! My wife and family! 8
  9. 9. This time of year might feel like downtime, but it is de- ceivingly important for triathletes. A triathlon offseason is a golden opportunity to let your body recover from what might have been a demanding race season, take stock of where you stand and what you want to accomplish, 5 Questions to Asks and use that information to plan for the upcoming Yourself this Offseason season. For most people, the triathlon offseason begins as soonas the last race of the year is complete and sometime before the intensity picks up again forthe following season, so very generally speaking it is the period from September (unlessyou did a late Ironman) through February or March.So what are some things you can be doing during this period to help make it as productiveas possible for the upcoming triathlon year? Only you can come up with the exact answersbased on your situation. To get you started, though, here are five questions to ask yourselfas you start to focus on your goals for the coming year:Did I Accomplish My Goals Last Season?If you felt great and did everything you wanted to, next year’s training plan can probablylook a lot like last year’s with a focus on getting just a bit faster and staying healthy. If youfelt that you needed more races, longer races or better times in a particular leg of the race,that can be your starting point in planning for the upcoming year.Even if you achieved your goals, you may want to change up your approach to training.For example, try group rides instead of solo rides, or put an emphasis on a different leg ofthe race. Now is the time to think about that.How Does My Body Feel?If you finished the season with sore joints, tight muscles or any kind of overuse injury, nowis the perfect time to tend to it. In the offseason, you have the luxury of being able to adaptyour workouts to any schedule, or simply take time off. This is a great time to begin a dailyregimen of stretching, heat and ice on your nagging injury.If the problem is more stubborn, you can set a series of appointments with a physical orsports therapist if you need to. Going into next season with nagging injuries is often a reci-pe for making them worse.Am I Happy With My Gear?Let’s face it, triathlon can be a gear-junkies sport, so take stock of your gear and budget for 9
  10. 10. any upgrades you might need. Now is a good time to find bargains on big items such asbikes and wetsuits. Buying at this time of year puts you in a better purchasing position be-cause youre less-likely to impulse buy as the urgency to use the gear is not as immedi-ate. Also, as gear dealers begin to stock 2013 models, theyre usually pretty willing to letthe old models go for a healthy discount.What Are My Goals for Next Year?This is an incredibly important question to ask yourself, as it should set the tone for yourentire upcoming race season. If your goal is to make the leap from sprint to Olympic orOlympic to 70.3, that obviously has a significant bearing on your new trainingplan. Likewise, if you were happy with your bike and run but not the swim, there is oneanswer for how to spend the next few months of base training.What Races Am I Going to Do?There are triathletes who book their races just in time based on schedules, weather andother factors, but that often limits you to races that don’t fill up and can make your trainingschedule hard to map. Most of you will be much better off if you identify some A-racesnow and circle those dates on the calendar. Being committed to a race helps you workbackward on the schedule and makes a training plan almost write itself.Once youve answered these questions, youre ready to sketch out your trainingplan. Remember, your training plan is not just about the intense period leading up to theraces, but should also include how you want to spend the winter as well as your basebuilding period.Work in segments of speed work, tapering around races and easy weeks. Its also a goodopportunity to look at your work, school or vacation schedule to be sure your training plancan co-exist with other things happening in your life. While you don’t have to be overly rig-id about it, being intentional about your training year-round will produce better results,help you achieve your goals, and help keep you healthy and injury-free. 10
  11. 11. Jennifer Little Know the • My goals, resolutions and Board excitement this year? My hope for 2013 is to start a family. I will probably do some sprint & Olympic distance races this year along with a couple 1/2 marathons. I would like to do a lot more volun- teering for local races as well. • Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri-fusion? I needed something Tri- Clothing Director new in my life so I signed up for Valley Girl in 2007. I’vebeen doing triathlons since. I wanted to become a Tri-Fusion member because I used to see a big group of Tri-Fusion members atevery local race cheering on their teammates. I loved the friendship and support offered. I knew one day I wanted to be a part of that.• Passionate about… Family and Community Service.• Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! Born and Raised in Spokane. My family and In-Laws are here so I willprobably stay here and raise my family.• My Job and why I do it! I am a Recruiter for Numerica Credit Union. I have been in the Human Resources department for2 years. Being a recruiter, I get to hire new staff and watch them grow within the organization. I’ve seen many of my hires succeedand be promoted. That alone gives me job satisfaction.• If I could live somewhere else but in the US? I think I would want to live in Spain. Their main language is Spanishwhich I speak a little bit of. Their main religion is similar to mine. Majority of the people there are healthy and active and it’s just beau-tiful there.• My car of dreams… My bike would be my car. I would also use more public transportation if I could.• What animal noise would you hear me make? I would want the life of my dog.• Best Gift EVER! My dog Parker is the best gift ever given to me. 11
  12. 12. Roger Thompson • My goals, resolutions and ex- citement this year? Though my wife has a Know the Board strong passion for New Year’s resolutions, I do not. It’s not that I don’t believe in them...I do. I think setting goals is important. But I am impatient. When I see that I need to make a change for the better, I make it then. I don’t need to wait until January 1st. But the new year is a great baseline that we all relate to. President Relating to triathlon, I really don’t have any crazy goals. I normally see where my early season training lands me (last few years it has landedme in the hospital room), so I like to wait to see if I can get out of Spring unscathed. But there is no doubt that each year the goal isperspective. The perspective that keeps this is a fun sport, and the understanding that it’s merely a hobby. Therefore, keeping mypriorities in place is essential.• Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri-fusion? I was a cyclist that dabbled in multisport… Tri-initially duathlon. I then did my first triathlon (Iron Eagle at EWU) and ended up winning. For a prize, I received a CD player. In 1994that was pretty dang cool. I ended up coming back to the sport for 2 years in 1997 after Jessi and I got married. The again in 2003when IM Cda came to town. Since 2003 I have been consistently racing each year.Tri Fusion was a brainchild of Jessi and Kathi Best one post race car ride home. They had some great ideas and energy, but I thoughtif we were seriously going to do this, we needed to look at the big picture. Shortly thereafter, we had a meeting and next thing youknow, we had a membership meeting.• Passionate about… My family, and being a positive role model for them. We LOVE to spend time together. I am constantlysmiling with the fun adventures we consistently have.• Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! I grew up in Spokane, on the north side. I actually live about 1 milefrom the home I was born in...or rather, after I was born. I remain here because it is an amazing place to raise a family and I havenever had the desire to leave.• My Job and why I do it! For a living I am a teacher. I have been teaching for 14 years. I never thought I would end up inthe classroom, but after Jessi became a teacher, we thought that we would have an amazing ‘family’ schedule if we both were.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? I don’t consider Hawaii as part of the US :) Actually, I don’t know whereelse I would live. But if I could pick Hawaii, I would.• My car of dreams…The BIGGEST SUV on the road...with backing sensors.• What animal noise would you hear me make? I would be Lloyd, our black Labrador. He is amazing companion andhas a pretty sweet life.• Best Gift EVER! “Gifts” is plural. So I will say Emma and Owen. They were a gift to both Jessi and me. Of course, Jes-si was a recipient too. She is an amazing gift to me as well. 12
  13. 13. In some ways, Cross Training for the Triathlon Off Season—by Ben Greenfield we triathletes arelike a hamster on a wheel. We finish a season of training and racing, then realize that we don’t really know how to do much more thanstare at the boƩom of a pool, spend hours in a bike saddle, or pound the pavement in our running shoes. We become accustomed andaddicted to the wheels of swimming, cycling and running, and whenever physical acƟvity beckons we begin turning those wheels.And so, from October through March, many triathletes in cold climates spend the majority of their training Ɵme staring at the underwa-ter lane lines, hunched over the aerobars of an indoor training bike, and wearing away the surface of a treadmill belt. At the same Ɵme,triathletes in warm climates just keep on swimming, cycling and running outdoors. The result is oŌen a feeling of being stuck in an exer-cise rut, and being mentally and physically burnt out when the next race season finally arrives.In reality, there is a wide world of sports just outside your front door – and many of these sports are not only entertaining and a freshmental break from triathlon training, but also a perfect way to address cardiovascular fitness deficiencies, train weak muscles, sƟmulateand grow the mind and expand social circles. This arƟcle will give you a variety of off-season sports to choose as an ideal cross-trainingstrategy, and give you Ɵps for becoming involved in these sports – for both cold weather and warm weather triathletes.Cross country skiing or skate skiing:Your first clue that these snow sports have an incredible cardiovascular effect should be the fact that cross country skiers have a higheroxygen uƟlizaƟon capacity than any other athlete on the face of the planet. If you’ve seen the winter Olympics, then you may have wit-nessed the incredible pumping acƟon required by both arms and legs during either sport. While cross-country skiing will strengthen hipflexors and hip extensors, the skate skiing moƟon shiŌs more force to the adductors and outer hip rotators, while requiring a high de-gree of single leg balance. InteresƟngly, all of these muscles and movements are chronically weak in many distance runners, and alsonecessary for enhancing cycling power. Both acƟviƟes require a push-off arm moƟon that involves many of the same muscles as thepull phase of the swim stroke.Triathletes who want to reduce risk of running injuries, improve tolerance to lacƟc acid, and enhance cycling power will benefit fromthese cross country or skate skiing. If you begin these sports, expect to experience not just flats and hills (there are no chair liŌs in thissport), but also faster downhill stretches. While ski equipment is certainly expensive, many bargains can be found at used sporƟnggoods stores and ski swaps – you can easily start skiing with a $200 investment.Summary: Train weak running and shoulder muscles, and improve muscular endurance.Downhill skiing or snowboarding:I’ve put these two sports in a different category because from a physiological standpoint, they are completely different beasts. Whilecross country and skate skiing fall into the category of muscular endurance, downhill skiing and snowboarding fall into the category ofpower endurance. Power endurance fitness requires the ability to move slowly for long periods of Ɵme, interspersed by brief efforts ofhigh intensity exercise. While this may seem counter-producƟve to triathlon, research has shown that high intensity interval trainingwith hard work periods followed by long rest periods can produce a highly beneficial aerobic training effect. In addiƟon, explosive ordangerous efforts can sƟmulate a hormonal response that enhances testosterone product and lean muscle Ɵssue formaƟon.In these higher speed snow sports, the rotaƟonal hip power and the required ability of the core to respond to quick changes in direc-Ɵon results in torso stability and strength, which is perfect for both swimmers and runners.If you begin either of these sports, plan on working hard for 5-10 minutes, and then geƫng a long rest on the chairliŌ aŌer each hardeffort. If you do not plan on cross-training with this sport enough to jusƟfy a spendy season Ɵcket, simply purchase a 5-10 visit punch-card at the beginning of the winter.Summary: Improve power, hip rotaƟon, and lower body lean muscle.Indoor or outdoor soccer:Like downhill skiing and snowboarding, soccer requires quick, explosive efforts, but each effort is followed by acƟve recovery, ratherthan complete rest. As a result, muscular endurance and the ability to buffer lacƟc acid can be vastly improved by playing soccer. Alt-hough a similar muscular endurance effect can be achieved with cross country or skate skiing, soccer has the advantage of being biome-chanically idenƟcal to a specific triathlon skill – running. Therefore, the muscular endurance can be enhanced with beƩer leg turnoverand stride length.In addiƟon, triathletes are notoriously weak in side-to-side moƟon, resulƟng in a higher risk of injury to overtrained front-to-back mo-Ɵon muscles. The frequent changes of direcƟon and lateral movement in soccer can address this weakness.Compared to triathlon, you’ll find some sports to be relaƟvely dirt cheap, and soccer is a perfect example, simply requiring a stable pairof shoes (cleats are opƟonal), and possibly a ball. If you are in a cold climate, look for an indoor soccer league in your area. If you are ina warm climate, and have difficulty finding a soccer game to join, try an ulƟmate Frisbee league instead. 13
  14. 14. Summary: Improve muscular endurance, stride turnover and length, and lateral movement ability.Basketball:Similar to soccer, basketball improves muscular endurance with explosive efforts followed by acƟve recovery, and can also improvestride turnover and length. However, the arm jostling and pushing, shooƟng and passing in basketball are good upper body training,while the frequent jumping and landing are perfect lower body plyometrics, which have been shown to improve running economy indistance runners.Like soccer, basketball requires minimal equipment: shoes and a ball. You’ll be able to find pick-up games on the schedule of your localhealth club or gym. If you find yourself on a busy court, the weakness of basketball for exercise-obsessed triathletes is the requirementto stand around between games as you wait your turn to play. But by jumping rope, shooƟng or jogging and dribbling between games,you can turn an hour of basketball into pure fitness.Summary: Improve muscular endurance, stride turnover and length, lateral movement ability and plyometric training.Tennis:As an ex-collegiate tennis player, I can honestly say that the only sport during which I have ever thrown-up due to extreme faƟgue wastennis. With frequent start-stop and lateral moƟons, torso, and upper body and lower body power requirements, and long Ɵme spent“on your feet”, a rigorous game of tennis can be highly effecƟve cardiovascular and muscular training.Tennis offers many of the same training effects soccer and basketball, but also requires a high degree of torso and shoulder rotaƟon,stability and power, resulƟng in good cross-over for the core stability required for distance running and swimming.A tennis skirt or white polo is enƟrely opƟonal, and for tennis, you simply need access to a public court, a tennis racquet and a can ofballs.Summary: Improve muscular endurance, stride turnover and length, lateral movement ability, upper body strength and core stability.Golf:Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Surely the sport of golf is far too sedentary relaƟve to triathlon for any possible cross-training effect.But not only does the golf swing provide similar torso and core rotaƟonal power sƟmulaƟon as tennis, but also similar enhanced shoul-der and upper body power. In addiƟon, the long walking required during 18 holes of non-cart golf is perfect for an injured triathletewho has been forced into low-impact aerobic cardio due to knee or foot injuries, and for that injured athlete, golf can be a welcomebreak from simply hiking, going on a long walk, or staring at a TV on a treadmill. Don’t worry, there is no need to join an expensivecountry club - most metropolitan areas have a range of public courses that offer hiƫng lessons, affordable golf, and even club rentals.Summary: maintenance of aerobic fitness during injury, upper body strength and core stability.Final Tips: For many of the cold climate athletes who I coach that have an early season half-marathon, marathon or triathlon, we willuse a half-day of winter sports such as skiing as a pre-faƟgue acƟvity for an early evening aerobic run. Soccer, basketball and tennis canalso be turned into a long endurance run or brick training event by “sandwiching” a game between an aerobic run or bike ride to thesporƟng venue.Below, you’ll find a sample week for using sports in an off-season cross-training program, without completely neglecƟng triathlon skills(this is actually how my Ironman triathlon training program frequently looks during the winter):Table 1: Sample Off-Season Cross-Training ProgramMon— 40-60 minute noon basketball followed by 20 minute tempo treadmill runTues— Swim skills and drillsWed— Tennis match (ride bike to match and back)Thurs—Swim skills and drillsFri—40-60 minute noon basketball followed by 20 minute tempo treadmill runSat—Soccer game (warm weather athletes) Dav of skiing (cold weather athletes)Sun—offI realize there are some sports that were not addressed in detail in this arƟcle, such as volleyball, water polo, Frisbee golf, badminton,cricket, rugby, and other sports that I’ve probably never heard of. But you now possess the knowledge to creaƟvely analyze how a sportwill help your triathlon skills, and the confidence to hop off your wheel and try some new acƟviƟes without the fear of losing your tri-athlon fitness. 14
  15. 15. Rene Guerrero • My goals, resolutions and excitement this Know the Board year? I will be running the Boston Marathon on April 15th. My primary goal is to get to the starting line uninjured. My DREAM goal would be to go sub-3hours. This is just the first time I am training exclusively for a marathon. • Tri- Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri- fusion? My wife Rosi started learning to swim and did her first triathlon. Rosi taught me some basics on swimming and then we both joined Master’s Swim classes at Whitworth. We met a lot of Tri-Fusion members there including Eric and Kathy Worden who eventually got us involved in Tri-Fusion. • Passionate about… My Family. My girls are getting older so quickly! I try to cherish every moment with them, except for the moments when they are bick- ering. ;-) • Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! I grew up in Tuscon, AZ. We moved to Michigan so Rosi could get her Doctoral degree in Music at Website Director MSU. We then moved to Spokane because Rosi got a job at SFCC. I am just the ca-boose on the train.• My Job and why I do it! I am a Computer Programmer and have been doing that for about 18 years. While Rosi was prac-ticing piano for her doctoral, I spent a lot of time learning computers. My degree is actually in business.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? I have been to Mexico, London and Canada. I would somewhere where it istropical and warm, not sure where.• My car of dreams… FERRARI!• What animal noise would you hear me make? I would probably be James Richman’s dog. I think his dog s live betterlives than 99% of the populations. ;-)• Best Gift EVER! My Girls! 15
  16. 16. Melissa Erickson Know the • My goals, resolutions and excitement this Board year? I’m pumped for this year! I’m running Bloomsday and the Windermere Half (again), and most– importantly an Olympic dis- tance triathlon this year (my first!) • Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri -fusion? I met this guy (he’s real nice), who is now my new husband and “Muffin” (as I like to call him), Dave Erickson. • Passionate about… If I could summate what I love in life, in a para- graph the things I love, it’s be; my doggies, planning events, watching Dateline, crocheting, preparing delicious foods, traveling, my family, card-playing, deco- rating, writing, running, and my previously mentioned husbando! • Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! San Diego was Sponsorship Liason my home until I was seven, but I’m truly a Washington girl! I love, love, love Spo-kane and don’t plan to leave until I’m old and moldy (for a warmer climate)• My Job and why I do it! I am the financial manager for a company that I own with my brother and dad called AdvancedFire Systems. We design and install fire protection systems. I began working for my dad when I was 21 because he’d just lot two keyemployees. He hired me as an AutoCAD designer. My training consisted of sitting me in front of a computer and telling me to “figure itout”. It’s strange that it ended up being my career for the moment because it’s very contrary to what I thought I’d be doing. But oneof the best things about my job is working with my family and going to lunch with my brother everyday!• If I could live anywhere out of the US? I’m a big fan of Boulder, Colorado! I’ve been there a couple times and thelandscape reminds me of Washington, only warmer. Plus, there’s this place called Noodle Works that is so delicious I’ve been dreamingabout going back since I left! Hehe!• My car of dreams… A hot pink Volkswagen Beetle with the daisy wheels. Duh.• What animal noise would you hear me make? I would be my doggy, Hamlet (Hammy), because he’s so spoiled. Henaps all the time, gets daily treats, belly rubs, and he’s his mamma’s greatest joy in life!• Best Gift EVER! Last year, I got an engagement ring for Christmas and that was far and away the most special thingI’ve ever received as a gift! 16
  17. 17. I thought to myself as I crunched A YEAR IN REVIEW up the mountain in my snowshoes with Meghan Faulkenberry this past weekend. Even when you’re up with a large group likethe one called “Shoes and Brews,” there exists plenty of time for contemplationand self-assessment. The trees overshadowed us with limbs laden with icedsnow. The sky looked dark, shrouded in clouds that had not yet made way for thefull moon. Maci stood about 20 yards ahead of me, waiting for me to catch upbefore she zoomed off down the trail. Just off to the side, Bryan and Jayne’s dog,Otis, enjoyed some time in the snow, plowing through the trail, face down, rearup.Earlier that day, I’d taken Maci on a run through the neighborhood. Raised acountry dog, she didn’t quite understand the need for a leash when she prefers torun several strides ahead of me. While my knee pain has improved over the lastmonth, it reminds me daily that it is far from healed. Knowing the Ironman is “allabout the run,” I cannot ignore the twinges of anxiety that rattle me with everyfootfall. So I run shorter distances, slower paces, and adhere to my exercises toencourage healing…and promote confidence.I’d also spent my longest time, to date, on the trainer that morning. While my strat-egy to break up an hour-and-a-half segment of steady effort worked well for mymind, my ass was not as impressed. When the trainer is concerned, bike shortshave nothing on two hours: two hours is two hours is two hours.I felt incredibly blessed, then, to find myself later that evening withenough energy to drive up the mountain and hike over snow in tem-peratures that should have encouraged me to dive straight for my bedand seek extra hours of sleep. To think some people cannot even walka block down the street due to respiratory issues or obesity. To thinksome people have no desire to care for the body they were given. Tothink some people have not explored any further than what theirnearest shopping center has to offer. I am exceptionally blessed.For the last month, my parents have entertained themselves afterdinner by watching old family movies. I’ve seen these movies timeand time again: Ian (my brother) trying to hit a baseball off a T-ballstand, failing miserably as he hits the stand with his bat as hard as hecan to make the ball fly in some odd direction, finishing off his swingby spinning around several times before landing on his butt; Dad wear-ing wild shorts, playing a toy guitar with a green lily pad on his head(not sure whose idea that was), dancing with Ian and me to “Baby be-luga;” and finally, setting out cookies and milk for Santa on ChristmasEve, Ian practically drooling over the cookies because he wants one sobadly. The video cuts to Christmas morning with a tree surrounded by 17
  18. 18. presents everywhere. This year—and about the last 5 Christmases lead-ing up to this one—there were no presents under the tree.As great as it would have been to find a new iPad, power meter, moun-tain bike, or down payment on a new home under that Christmas tree, Irealized many of my gifts I’ve already received throughout the year: myparents, who provide for me far more than I can even begin to list here; abrother, who acts as my sounding board when I’m upset and laughs withme when I’m not; Maci, the greatest buddy I could have ever asked for;and friends (you know who you are), who have shown me the importance of rela-tionships and graciously welcomed me into their livesFinally, I am most thankful for the goals and dreams I have established. To havethe potential to do something, to be something…that is what I look forward to mostin 2013.Many of those goals revolve around my training and racing, and I would feel re-miss if I did not admit to that. I feel fortunate to have such a healthy interest intriathlon and all the benefits it has and continues to bestow upon me. I continue tomeet friendly people everyday, and I continue to enjoy the company of people Ihave met through my training and racing.To know people support me and what I hope to accomplish means a lot as well. I have some great friends, and I also lookforward to working with my sponsors who see potential in me that I’m not sure I’ve completely discovered myself. Imust first thank GU Energy Labs, Elements Therapeutic Massage, and Moulton Law Offices for keeping me fueled,healthy, and active this past year. I look forward to working with them in the upcoming year. I also thank TherapeuticAssociates Physical Therapy for including me on their 2013 team, as well as Johnson Orthodontics for their support aswell.I think to myself about all I there is to accomplish this next year. It seemsdaunting and slightly unrealistic: internships, training / racing, Ironman,graduation, leadership commitments, finding a job, a house… Yet I lookeddown at my snowshoes, realizing that just like they serve to makewalk- ing on rough snow a little safer—a little easier—so do the people I’m surrounded by and the activities in which I participate make each day what it truly is: a blessing. To all my friends and family: Thank you. May 2013 be all that you want it to be. I look forward to spending it with you all! Meghan 18
  19. 19. • My goals, resolutions and excitement Jessi Thompson this year? I could seriously write a novel here, because Know the I am crazy about New Year’s Resolutions. Not many people are, Board but I get excited about a fresh start and the chance to sit down and really put a lot of thought into what I want to continue/change/ make better about myself and my life in the new year. I make resolu- tions in nearly every area of my life, write them down, and reflect on them often. This year I am working to make my goals more specific, time bound, and measura- ble for accountability purposes. One of my many resolutions is to spend more time with our parents, so my goal is to invite them over no less than once a month. I’m excited to spend more time with them! Secretary • Tri- Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri- fusion? I originally started doing triathlons in an effort to get back into shapeafter having our daughter, Emma. I had the benefit of a spouse who was very supportive of my endeavor and very knowledgeableabout equipment and training, which all helped me have a successful start into the sport. Tri Fusion was “born” in the back of our carone day on a drive home from a race. Kathi Best and I started the conversation... wouldn’t it be great if there was a group of us thatcould all do this together with the benefits of being in a club? Roger had the know-how and foresight to do it right from the beginningin terms of setting up structure, by-laws, etc. I remember the first Tri Fusion “meeting” was 4 of us at our dinner table with a dreamand passion for the sport. The next meeting was 12 people sitting around our dinner table who started to catch the wave and excite-ment of the vision and were willing to take a risk to jump on board - literally. It’s been an incredible journey to get to where we arenow. I’ve learned so much and even more importantly, met some of the most amazing people along the way.• Passionate about…The relationships with the people in my life, especially my immediate family. The older I get, the more Irealize how much intentional work it takes to keep the relationships healthy. I am extremely invested in my kids and my marriage. Youcan also hear me talking a lot about my friends, healthy cooking, fitness, education, photography, coffee, good manners, Dave Ramseybudgeting, blogging, the kids triathlon, organ donation, and hand written thank you notes.• Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! I grew up in Spokane and am still here because the man I fell in lovewith wanted to stay. Spokane is truly a great place to live, especially when you have a family. Also, all of our parents still live herewhich is wonderful to stay connected with them.• My Job and why I do it! I have been an elementary school teacher (mostly 4th grade) for 15 years. I have loved teachingand know I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.• If I could live somewhere else out of the US? No clue really, I’d need to travel a whole lot more to make that deci-sion. But I surely know it would be somewhere warm.• My car of dreams… I love my Toyota Sequoia. It’s seriously the perfect car for my lifestyle. So, if I could drive any car, I’dget a new one.• What animal noise would you hear me make? I’d be our black lab, Lloyd. He gets a LOT of lovin’ and has a prettycush life. :) I am secretly jealous of all his naps!• Best Gift EVER! Aside from the obvious (my husband agreeing to marry me and our two insanely fabulous kids), Iwould have to say that my husband surprised me with a trip to Hawaii for our 15 year anniversary. I also think my espresso machinedeserves an honorable mention—it brings me much joy on a daily basis. 19
  20. 20. Natalie Gallagher Know the • My goals, resolutions and ex- Board citement this year? More than ever, it is im- portant to me to be present for my family and friends, work and play hard, and be grateful for this life. • Path that leaded me to Triathlon life and member of Tri-fusion? Many years ago during my under- Tri- grad years at EWU, I took a triathlon training class, enjoyed the challenge and did sprints for a few years, but I abandoned tri to Social Director run marathons for a few years. Then, Roger and Jessi ap-proached Greg and I about forming Tri-Fusion several years ago and we were obviously interested, since then we’ve both done toomany triathlons to count, including the ironman distance!• Passionate about… What matters most to me are the people in my life, the relationships, my husband and daughter, a sis-ter I’m very close to.• Grew up...and it led me here…and here I stay! I grew up in Spokane, lived in California for a year, and have lived inSpokane since I was twenty. My whole family lives here.• My Job and why I do it! I’m a middle school teacher—PE and English (14years). I excelled in languages in school, majoredin French and English in college, got my masters in educational leadership/administration, and I just truly enjoy what I do.• If I could live somewhere out of the US? So, not the continental US? We’d live on Maui, for sure. It’s on our bucketlist.• My car of dreams… Gosh, cars don’t mean much to me and I like my truck...but I think my next car will be a BMW.• What animal noise would you hear me make? I’d be a Cheetah… they’re fast, their coat is fashionable, and they livein warm climates.• Best Gift EVER! Hands-down my best gift is a tie between… my daughter, Lyara and my husband, Greg. 20
  21. 21. Overnight, Crock Pot, Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut OatmealINGREDIENTS:• 2 apples, peeled, cored, cut into 1/2-inch pieces (2-1/2 to 3 cups chopped)• 1-1/2 cups fat-free milk (or substitute non-diary alternative like almond milk)• 1-1/2 cups water• 1 cup uncooked steel-cut oats• 2 tablespoons brown sugar (or substitute maple syrup or other desired sweetener)• 1-1/2 tablespoons butter, cut into 5-6 pieces (optional)• 1 teaspoon cinnamon• 1 tablespoon ground flax seed• 1/4 teaspoon saltOptional garnishes: chopped nuts, raisins, maple syrup,additional milk or butterDIRECTIONS:1. Coat inside of 3-1/2 quart (or larger) slow cooker with cooking spray or butter.2. Add all ingredients (except optional toppings) to slow cooker.3. Stir, cover, and cook on low for approx. 7 hours (slow cooker times can vary).4. Spoon oatmeal into bowls; add optional toppings, if desired. Store leftovers in refrigera- tor. Freezes well. To reheat single servings: Put 1-cup cooked oatmeal in microwave proof bowl. Add 1/3 cup fat-free milk. Microwave on high for 1 minute; stir. Continue cooking for an- other minute, or until hot. Recipe can be doubled in 6-quart or larger slow cooker. Increase cooking time 1 hour. Nutritional Info (per 3/4 cup serving without optional garnishes): 149 calories, 3.6g fat, 27.3g carbs, 3.9g fiber, 4.9g protein; Weight Watchers PointsPlus: 4 pts I increased the butter to 2 T and went ahead and used the butter to coat the dish and the remainder cut up in the recipe. I topped with a few walnuts, raisins, and poured some non-fat milk over the top. The sides of the crockpot get a bit crusty (you can see in the pic) with the oats after the long cook time, but honestly, that was probably my favorite part. I just mixed the little chunks in with the rest. It definitely wasnt too sweet and alt- hough it smelled like a dessert, tasted like a breakfast. Although it has an extended cook time, the hands on time is nearly nothing. I made this when we had company over and served with a little "toppings" bar. It was a huge hit! Will repeat FOR SURE! Enjoyed by Spokane Dinner Club—follow at Club— 21
  22. 22. The Board of Directors, Sponsors and the Calendar of Upcoming Events…. BOARD OF DIRECTORS • ERIC BYRD ~ MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR • JAROD CROOKS ~ TREASURER • MEGHAN FAULKENBERRY ~ MENTOR DIRECTOR • NATALIE GALLAGHER - SOCIAL DIRECTOR • GREG GALLAGHER - VICE PRESIDENT • RENE GUERREO - WEBSITE DIRECTORWe would like to • JENNIFER LITTLE - CLOTHING DIRECTOR extend a • MELISSA ERICKSON~ SPONSORSHIP LIASONgenerous Thank • ALISON STITT - NEWSLETTER DIRECTOR • JESSI THOMPSON - SECRETARY Updated picture coming soon!You to our truly • ROGER THOMPSON - PRESIDENT amazing sponsors!! January– January– February 2013 J February 10th Partners in pain, Training Opportunities: • running—Spokane • Whitworth Masters Swim, of- fered FREE to Tri Fusion • March 29-30 Snake River Tri, MEMBERS every Sunday am. Lewiston Sign up on the forum as limited • April 21st Spokane river run spots, and confirm times. • May 27th Spring Festival, Tri & • Running workout opportunities Du, Moses Lake posted on the forum and/or Fa- • June 23rd Ironman CDA cebook. • July 14th Valley Girl, Liberty • Bike Clinics coming this winter, 8 Lake weeks series put on by Roger Thompson. Check the forum for • July 28th Race the River, CDA sign ups! • August 18th Wunderwoman, • Continue to post & check for Medical Lake any training swim/ride/run on • Sept. 21st Grand Columbian Tri, the Forum, Facebook page and/ Electric City or send out an email! We en- courage all of you to post your workouts there as well! Next Membership Meeting: Upcoming Events: Join us at Twigs every 3rd Wednes- day of the month, next meeting will Races: be: February 20th 6:30pm Check Forum “Races” for other post- ed events. Also find lots through Race Rag , & various online sources. 22