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TriFusion Newsletter - Jan.'08

  1. 1. January 2008 New Year, New Look Welcome to Tri Fusion’s second year of newsletter editions! We hope you love it, the new year and the new look! Core Training for Bicyclists, Freestyle BoD, page 2 Swim Tips, Calendar, Short pages 4 & 5 Cool Stuff, We want ‘em! Your Bikes=Tallkids from ages 4-12 are Order, Custom page 7 invited to join the Tri Clothing page 3 Fusion Kids Club! Guide, page 6 LOOKING AHEAD - LOOKING AT OUR FUTURE As we enter a new year together, growing and stretching as a club, a great big family and a collective, competitive soul we also look into our future by inviting some very special people to join our team. By Natalie Gallagher & Susan Wood-Gaines nutritional and fun-filled activity components, and won’t leave the meeting without singing our Kids Club Fight Song! Children will be organized into three age groups to provide age- appropriate activities. The initiation fee is $25, which includes a SWAG bag, and $5 per meeting. You may sign up your child or children by For the past few months, a group of dedicated club members have contacting Tiffany Byrd @ or at the Tribeen working together to create a place for our Tri Fusion members’ Fusion member meetings in January - March.children in the multi sport scene. We are so thrilled to announce the Our mission? Tri Fusion Kids is a multi sport club for childrenupcoming launch of our Tri Fusion Kids Club! The official launch will dedicated to encouraging an active lifestyle, sportsmanship and healthytake place on Wednesday, April 9, 2008. choices in order to foster development of lifelong habits that are both The Kids Club plans to meet four times per calendar year healthy and rewarding. Tri Fusion Kids is committed tobeginning on the launch date in April, followed by meetings in July and providing friendship, fun, training opportunities, teaching, camaraderie,October 2008 and January 2009. At each club meeting children will be encouragement and guidance to its to experience an introduction to the meeting’s theme, educational, [1]
  2. 2. Core Training for Cyclists 3) Cable Torso Twistsby Ben Greenfield This exercise requires core forceNSCA-CPT, CSCS, MS PE production against a cable resistance. It is important in your core conditioning A recent study in the National program to include an exercise thatJournal of Strength and Conditioning introduces external resistance. What isResearch the external resistance that aoutlined the importance of core training triathletes core experiences while cycling?for cyclists. The title of this The bike! You have to steer andstudy was "Relationship Between Cycling navigate your bike against the friction ofMechanics and Core Stability". The 1) Brick Walls the road, and for an Ironmanpurpose of the study was to determinewhether cycling mechanics are affected This is a strategy I will use during a long hilly ride or a hill interval triathlete especially, this can lead toby core stability. The foundation behind workout, and can be performed on your fatigue over the course of 112core training for cyclists is that indoor trainer or during an outdoor miles. Force transmission from the pelvispelvic stabilization maintains a natural ride. Climb an entire 3-6 minute hill in the to the lower extremities iscurvature of the spine. The core is standing position. As you important, but functional strength anddefined as the collection of primary climb, try to breathe from deep in your endurance is also required for thestabilizing muscles for both the front core, just behind the bellybutton. upper body force transmission from theand the back of the pelvis and lower back. At the same time, visualize your abdomen core. The cable torso twists is alsoA weak core could potentially as a "brick wall", and maintain a a great exercise for swimmers who need toinhibit power production, since the pelvis tight core, especially as you drive your focus on hip rotation. Here is ais the "lever" for the psoas and knees up to your chest. If you do link to the exercise video:gluteal muscles, both of which are your this properly, then every the leg comes power muscles. If your lower past the top tube youll feel your Workouts/exercises/extremities are not aligned properly and abdominal muscles contract. For added CableTorsoTwists.htmlthe lever is in an incorrectposition, then power is compromised. effect, avoid bouncing on the handlebars. Add these moves into your weekly program and youll begin to feel During a long distance cycling 2) Mountain Climbers the results within about 4-6 weeks. Aevent such as Ironman, the pelvis is fixed Your focus during this exercise is stronger core will enhance a cyclistsin a constant position, and subjected to very similar to the aforementioned Brick force transmission from the hips andtens of thousands of muscle Wall, except now you should be off the pelvis to the lower extremities. Incontraction repetitions. If the core breaks bike, in a push-up position, driving addition, a triathlete riding in the timedown during this time due to your right knee up towards the left elbow trial position will likely havefatigue, then the pelvis will shift and and vice versa. Again maintain more support from the trunk, and thuswattage will suffer. So even if the focus on a tight abdomen and deep place less pressure on the shoulder,legs are ideally prepared and adequately stomach breathing. You will also need to upper back, and neck muscles whentapered, a cyclist could still have focus on maintaining a straight line from resting on the aero-bars. An effective coresub-par results. For the triathlete, this the shoulders to the wrist, and conditioning program needs to beproblem is compounded by the fact hips that are close to the ground. Below is consistent, and should be performed atthat the core is already pre-fatigued by the a link to a video of me least twice per week during the entireswim. performing the exercise. These can be training year. A word of caution: So, how can a cyclist prepare the performed slowly, as in the video at avoid any core training up to 48 hourscore properly for the rigors of the link below, or quickly, mimicking a prior to competition, as musculartriathlon? Crunches alone will not do the rate closer to a cycling cadence: fatigue and soreness peaks at about thetrick, because the low back is two day mark.supported by the ground, which is not the Workouts/exercises/case while cycling. Here are 3 MountainClimbers.html Until next time, train smart!effective functional core training movesfor enhancing pelvic stability andcore endurance. [2]
  3. 3. SHORT BIKES ARE A TALL ORDER  made with 650c wheels in sizes below 50cm if (A tri bike guide for those under 56" tall) contributed by Kerry Fisher the bike is to be taken seriously.  What the appropriate cut-off point is I WANT TO RIDE MY Ardent triathletes keep themselves becomes a matter of fruitful discussion. BICYCLE, I WANTboned up on the prominent tri bike companiesand the models they offer. Less well known is Perhaps 50cm bikes and up should be made with 700c wheels. Maybe its 52cm, maybe TO RIDE MY the industry solves the problems of 55cm. Reasonable people can disagree, but thewomen in particular, and of shorter riders in newest generation of tri bikes bring with themgeneral. Well look at how each company an extra issue that must be solved, and thatapproaches this problem.  concerns the rear wheel cutout sculpted into First, well lay out what the problems the back of the frames seat tube. If you wantare. Then well describe how to solve these to maintain a longish chain stay for theproblems. Then, well list how each bike purpose of smooth shifting and low frictioncompany treats its under-50cm bike size(s). between the chain and the cogs, that dimensionWhen we finish our look at each brand well is probably in the area of 38cm. But if youcategorize these offerings by price category as build the chain stay to that distance and place awell. 650c wheel on your bike, how deep will the seat tube need to be in order to still grant you your cutout? Thats a design element tackled by aproduct2007/tribikes/tribikesmall.html few companies, but not by many.  Most would concede that if you cant There are two overwhelming achieve your optimized position on your bike,problems smaller riders face. First, its hard to the cutout isnt going to overcome that. So,get the aero bars low enough relative to the obvious editorial preference is granted by us toheight of the saddle. This problem becomes the bikes which resist the temptation to begreater as the riders position becomes more conservative, and boldly forge ahead with theaggressive, that is, as the rider chooses a 650s on their small-sized bikes. steeper seat angle and a lower amount of The above having been noted, thearmrest drop.  steeper the seat angle the lesser the shoeThis problem is considerably worse for overlap problem. Also, internal headsets helptriathletes than for road racers, because the get aero bars a bit lower than otherwise.bars must be lower for time trial positions, and Specing aerobars with low-profile armreststhe aero bars and their armrests sit on top of also helps to solve any problem getting theroad or pursuit bars, raising the elevation of front of the bike low enough. So, a companythe handlebar yet further.  specing lower profile armrests on their steep  The second problem is the length of seat angled, internally headsetted bike could make that bike with 700c wheels one or twothese bikes. Its typical for smaller riders toneed short "cockpits," only to have a hard time sizes smaller than would a company notfinding them, because shortening these bikes employing such design techniques. All thatcauses shoe overlap (the back of the front established, youre still paddling upstream ifwheel intersects with the riders shoe when thecrank is in its forward-most position; while a youre a manufacturer making a 700c tri bikelittle overlap might be okay, the problem can in a 47cm or 48cm size. become quite severe).  The culprit in both these cases is thesize of the front wheel. The easiest solution toboth problems is to replace the standard 700c Becausewheel with a smaller 650c wheel. This issue of Size700c versus 650c has reached religiousproportions in triathlon, but when you take the Mattersreligion out of it and simply consider it as apractical matter, tri bikes almost have to be [3]
  4. 4. Freestyle Swimming Tips from UNDERWATER ARM The catch is made with the front hand as the other hand releases the water. The wrist is flexed outward, downward and backwardThe freestyle stroke is the fastest, most efficient stroke, because to expose the palm to the water. The elbow begins to flex, as theit maintains the body in a streamlined position with the limbs hand is swept downward and slightly to apply constant propulsive forces due to the armsalternating action and the continuous flutter action of the legs. It is important for swimmers to get a strong catch on the water and maintain a high elbow position as the hand moves under theBODY POSITION head and shoulders. The hand continues to sweep down and inA streamlined body position is required with arms extended toward the midline and then upward and in toward the lowerabove the head. One hand is placed over the other and the arms chest. The hand will accelerate slightly throughout thecover the ears. The back and legs are kept straight, until a flutter underwater pull to gain maximum speed. The final propulsivekick is used. phase is made by sweeping the hand backward, upward and outward.HEAD POSITIONThe head should be kept well down with the water line at the top Common errors in underwater pullof the head. This position will keep the body in a horizontal 1. Turning palm inward at catch phase – Reduces forwardstreamlined position and reduce frontal resistance. If the head is velocity during theheld too high, the torso and legs will drop, resulting in increased downsweep and leaves the hand in a poor position for thefrontal resistance. following insweep. 2. Pushing down on the water – the body moves in the directionBODY ROLL of the back of yourThe body roll in freestyle is initiated by the arm action. The handentire body turns on its long axis as the swimmer’s hand enters 3. Dropped elbow – reduces power on the waterthe water in front. The rolling action of the body enables the 4. Losing the hold on the water during the sculling phase.swimmer to develop more power by bringing the large trunk 5. Pushing water upward on exit – pushes body downmuscles into play, particularly in the acceleration at the end of 6. Exiting at full extensionthe underwater pull. Body roll will also assist the body tomaintain a streamlined position by keeping the hips and ARM RECOVERYshoulders in line. Freestyle swimmers will spend Arm recovery is initiated by lifting the elbow upward andmore time on their sides than they do on their fronts. forward. A high elbow recovery is preferred by most because it reduces the effort required andHAND ENTRY maintains body alignment.The hand enters the water forward of the head, between the The hand and forearm are carried forward in a slight arcmidline of the body and a parallel line from the shoulders. The (boomerang) around the body with the back of hand pointingfingertips enter the water first, with the elbow above the hand forward.and the hand pitched at around 30 degrees. The arm should beapproximately 2/3 extended when hand enters the water and Common errors in arm recoverythen stretches forward. The front arm should be near complete 1. Rushing the recovery – the arm should not start the catchextension as the other arm finishes the underwater pull. phase until the other arm has finished the stroke. The underwater hand has less distance Common errors on entry to travel than the hand recovering.1. Hand in a prone position on entry – increases resistance as the 2. Low lateral recovery – will throw the body out of alignment.back of the handpushes against the water. ARM TIMING2. Hand at 90 degrees on entry – increase the possibility of Enter the water with the recovery hand anywhere between theshoulder injury beginning of the upsweep to the beginning of the push back. As3. Overreaching – increase drag force on body from lateral one arm pushes back, the recovery arm will have entered andmovement stretched forward in preparation for the catch (outsweep). The4. Entering too early – increases drag, as your hand must travel a outsweep will occur simultaneously with the propelling arm’sfurther distance recovery.under water against the body’s momentum. [4]
  5. 5. LEG ACTION • Catch up freestyleThe leg kick originates from the hip and the muscles in the upper • 4L, 4R, 3L, 3R, 2L, 2R, 1L, 1R...leg. The legs move primarily in a vertical plane with the ankles • Single arm stroke, 10 kicks on side, one stroke, 10 kicks onflexed but relaxed so that the big toes turn toward each other. side...The key to easy and efficient kicking is to keep ankles and feet • Single arm stroke, 10 kicks on side, 3 strokes, 10 kicks on side...loose and flexible. Each kick has an upward and downward • Unco drill, single arm freestyle, breathe on opposite sidecomponent called the upbeat and downbeat. There is also some • Hypoxic drills - F/s breathing every 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 strokeslateral movement of the legs during the kicking action. This • Freestyle polo using kayaking principleassists with stabilizing and streamlining the body during the • Fast freestylestroke. Freestyle• A six-beat kick requires the swimmer to execute three FREESTYLE TURN PROGRESSIONS downward beats during each armstroke.• A two-beat kick requires the swimmer to execute one Forward rolls on land downward beat during each armstroke. Forward roll and stand up on land• Both have their advantages, with the speed provided by a six Somersaults in the water, standing up after each one. beat kick worthwhile, while the energy saved by doing a two- Three strokes then somersault beat kick. Swim freestyle into wall somersault, stop Swim freestyle into wall, turn and push off on backFreestyle Swim freestyle into wall, turn and push off on frontBREATHING Swim freestyle into wall, turn and push off on front with flutterBreathing should be incorporated into the body roll. The face kickshould turn to breathe as the opposite hand L enters the water. Swim freestyle into wall, turn and push off on front withInhalation occurs as the hand R pushes back and the recovery dolphin, then flutter kicktakes place. The face is turned back into the water as the Swim freestyle into wall, turn and push off on front withrecovery arm swings past the face. Bi-lateral breathing important dolphin, then flutter kick, thenfrom an early age. Train swimmers to limit breathing in 25’s and freestyle, no breathing on first stroke50’s from a young age.Common errors in breathing. Gary Barclay1. Turning the head too early – not able to use natural body roll Aquatic Management Group2. Dropping the underwater arm through the pull while – creates over roll of body3. Turning the head out of alignment when breathing – createstoo much lateral movement4. Lifting the head when breathing – hips dropFREESTYLE DRILLSAll drills can be done in multiples of 25’s, 50’s or 100’s• Freestyle kick with board – chin on the surface• Freestyle kick with board – head in water, breathe on side• Freestyle kick with board – one arm on board, breathing onside• Freestyle kick without board – one arm in front, breathe onside• Single arm stroke with board, enter under the board,continuous kick• Single arm freestyle• Single arm freestyle, 4 strokes on each arm• Single arm freestyle, 3 strokes on each arm• Single arm freestyle, 2 strokes on each arm [5]
  6. 6. Sugoi Clothing Order quantity price break for these first payments to be safe.  You will be chargedSUGOI STYLE Hey Tri Fusion family! Just wanted to give you a heads up about the true remainder when the clothing arrives).  We will go over exactly how to do this at the meeting. You will then be the Sugoi custom clothing that we will be billed for the remainder of the balance talking about at the meeting . The after our order has been shipped.  It will pictures on this page are just some of the take 8-10 weeks for the clothing to arrive items we are currently considering for after the order has been placed.   ordering.  We have requested samples from Sugoi (that should be here before the *We will not be placing another order meeting).  After seeing the samples, it is until May (at the earliest) which means possible a couple of the items will be clothes wouldnt arrive until end of July - eliminated (i.e.  we requested 2 different beginning of August.  Again, this is the jackets, 2 different vests, etc. to be able to earliest that we would do a a re-order, not compare quality vs. price).   a for sure. The pricing for the items is on a *Please note that there are mens and spreadsheet on the original e-mail that womens sizing for some of the items, and Jessi sent out to all members.  There are 2 some items have unisex sizing. different prices for each item.  The price will depend on the quantity ordered.  We *The sponsors that are going on the must order 24 of an item to make it a "go" custom clothing have committed to multi- and the price break comes at 50 year contracts with Tri Fusion.  We will items.  Because some of the items use the not be changing uniforms next year, and same layouts, some of them can be hopefully the year after as well. combined to make minimums - these combinations are specified by Sugoi.  The *The custom clothing is in no way items that can be combined are color mandatory or required for membership. coded (ex.  all the yellow items can be combined to make minimums). *If youre unable to make the meeting, you will miss out on seeing the At the meeting, we will be showing the clothing, but well be emailing out the clothing items we received from Sugoi order form, so youll still be able to fill (they wont be our custom design, but the it out and send it in. same item) and handing out custom clothing order forms.  Your orders must All the best, be submitted with half of your payment Tri Fusion Board of Directors by January 31st (we will use the 24 [6]
  7. 7. The Board of Directors, A Recipe, A Recommendationand The Calendar of Upcoming Events...Board of Directors The Green Drink from Kerry Fisher• Kathi Best - Social Director Ingredients:• Kevin Best - Vice President 2 C fresh spinach• Kim Ellis - Treasurer Greg Gallagher - Asst. Director 2 C cucumber•• Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter 1 head of celery • Ben Greenfield - Website Director 1/2 inch or tspn ginger root• Mark Hodgson - Team Event Director 1 bunch parsley• Sam Picicci - Uniform Director 2 apples Marathon Moguls Unite: Jim Powers - Membership Director Thursday, January 24, 2008 @ 7:30 pm @• juice of one lime Jessi Thompson - Secretary Northtown and Valley Cinemas only...• juice of 1/2 lemon This is a highly advertised one night only• Roger Thompson - President After everything is combined in a opportunity to watch the video,“Spirit of the• Scott Ward - Marketing Director blender, this recipe makes 28 to 30 ounces, equally about 3-4 servings. Marathon.” A “behind the scenes” featurette• Kirk Wood-Gaines - Mentor Director Or - you can put everything into a that includes interviews with marathon Our Sponsors Corner will resume in the next juicer, including the lime and lemon veterans reminiscing about their first marathon edition of the Tri Fusion Newsletter. We are with peels. experiences and also highlights deleted scenes, currently beginning a new year of sponsors and supporters of Tri Fusion and want to be Be creative with ingredients as long as dramatic race footage and previews of the sure to dedicate proper time & space to you keep the apple and lemon in the upcoming 2008 Olympics with a Q & A session include and thank you all. recipe. with Olympians Deena Kastor and Ryan Hall.• Pears add a delicious taste! Races/Runs: January/February Calendar Lake: Jan 26, 6-8pm, Feb 23, 6-8pm, and March 22, 6-8pm. See forum for - Jan. 19 @ 9 am: Deer Park Frostbite 5k Run at Deer Park, WA more details. Training Opportunities: - January 21, 2008: Martin Luther King • Dry land strength training for North Spokane -- Gala Sports Event triathletes at Champions Sports Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5-7 am: Medicine: Jan 27, 5-6:30pm, Feb 24, Open Swim @ OZ North. - Feb. 3 @ 10 am: Souper Bowl Snowday 5-6:30pm and Mar 23rd, 5-6:30pm. Cross Country Skiing & Snow Shoeing Thursday evenings @ 6:30 pm: See forum for more details. @ Mt. Spokane Headlamp run from the Gallagher’s • Spirit of the Marathon movie on - February 10, 2008: Partners in Pain home in north Spokane. Watch the Tri January 24, 2008 @ 7:30 pm at 5K Run at West Central Community Forum for details! Northtown Mall and Valley Cinemas. Center at Spokane, WA Saturdays @ 8’ish am: Probable BATs, meeting location & time posted weekly Next Membership Meeting: Upcoming Events: on the Tri-Forum. February 20th, 2008 @ TBA: Board Clinics - meeting followed byGeneral Sundays @ 8 am: Mornings with Martin, Planned group swim workout • Swim overwater/underwater membership meeting at location TBA @ Oz North. Starbucks afterwards! videotape stroke analysis in Liberty [7]