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TriFusion Newsletter - Feb.'08

  1. 1. February 2008 We want ‘em! Your kids from ages 4-12 are invited to join the Tri Fusion Kids Club! Chlorine: Why Try Boost Your Cause, Effect, Solution! BoD, Yoga?, Endurance, Calendar, page 2 page 4 page 6 Sponsors, Clinics : page 8 Strength A Sorta Iron Lingo Training, Race Review, page 7 page 3 page 5TRUTH VS. MYTH At PowerBar they take sports nutrition and training information seriously. This topic was created to help you find thereal story behind some common misconceptions in the sports nutrition and training world. The information below will prevent youfrom being led astray and help you take your training and nutrition goals to the next level. • MYTH #1 =>Skipping breakfast before a morning • MYTH #4 =>Sex before competition slows you down. workout will help you burn more fat. In the few studies that have tackled this issue, no Skipping breakfast before a workout won’t burn detrimental effect was noted on maximal workload or significantly more fat, but it will potentially cause you concentration due to sexual activity. to burn fewer calories because you may get tired sooner or may not be able to train at your usual • MYTH #5 =>A pre-exercise meal consisting of lower intensity. glycemic index foods, which are typically higher in fiber, gives you sustained energy during a subsequent • MYTH #2 =>Antibiotics impair athletic performance. workout. An infection is much more likely to cause a reduction Research has shown no consistent performance in athletic performance than the antibiotics that may benefits from eating lower glycemic index (GI) foods have been prescribed to treat the infection. like whole wheat bread in the pre-exercise meal. • MYTH #3 =>Exercise-induced hyponatremia, or low • MYTH #6 =>Caffeine causes dehydration during blood sodium, is caused by drinking too much during endurance sports and should be avoided. exercise. The most recent scientific evidence shows that The factors that appear to be responsible for caffeine is actually not a significant dehydrating agent exercise-associated hyponatremia include drinking during exercise and does not cause fluid-electrolyte too much, but that alone is not the cause. imbalances that would be detrimental to health or performance. [1]
  2. 2. Why Do Yoga? The more you know about your stretch as you rest here. Stay for atby Sage Roundtree breath and its patterns, the more least three minutes and up to tenAuthor of: The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga you can use it as a tool to gauge or more, breathing slowly and your effort. Breath awareness also deeply. If you find your mindIn a training week already chock improves your swimming by wandering, bring your awarenessfull of workouts and other helping you grow more back to the sensations in your bodycommitments, it can be tough to comfortable with different —they should remain pleasant—see the benefit of adding yoga to inhalation to exhalation ratios. and to the motion of your breath.the mix. Wouldn’t that time be To come out, turn to your rightbetter spent on the road, trails, Recovery: A dedicated yoga side and rest a few breaths in atrack, or in the pool? Not practice gives you a chance to fetal position before moving on.necessarily—especially if you have relax. On the mat, you’ll tune outlimited flexibility that impairs your the distractions of your day and Finding a Classrange of motion. Yoga can certainly tune in only your breath and your Many athletes are turned off ofimprove your flexibility, but it will body, focusing just on the moment. yoga because they drop in on aalso enhance your training by Some yoga positions, like the one class that’s either far too easy orincreasing your strength, your described below, can actually way too hard. You’ll want to find amental focus, and your mind-body speed up the recovery process. class appropriate for where you areawareness. In addition, yoga gives in the training cycle. In the off-you an opportunity for recovery season and base period, a morebetween workouts. dynamic class (Ashtanga, power, and vinyasa yoga) is appropriate.Strength: Yoga uses whole-body As you build, stick to gentlermovements to increase your classes that focus on flexibility.functional strength, making you Your racing season is a good timestronger organically. This serves as to work on restorative and verya good complement to the work gentle yoga classes, and theseyou do on the weight-room floor. make a good introduction to yogaBe sure to schedule your class or throughout the year.longer home practice on a daywhen you are not lifting. Look on and A Pose to Try to find a localFlexibility: Yoga’s stretches, Viparita karani, or legs-up-the- studio or teacher. If you don’tpracticed mindfully and wall pose, is a great pose for connect with the first teacher younoncompetitively, will increase your practice after a long workout or on meet, visit other classes—there is aflexibility and help correct a rest day. You’ll give your legs a wide spectrum of styles out there,imbalances in the body. This chance to recover while resting and with a little searching, you’llimproves your efficiency and can your back and, depending on your find a good prevent overuse injuries. flexibility, stretching your hamstrings. For MoreFocus: Yoga teaches you to focus To learn more about how yoga willyour attention on the present Sitting on a soft surface (a mat, a enhance your training and racing,moment, using form and breath to blanket, a carpet), scoot one hip asstay relaxed at the edge of see my book, The Athlete’s Guide close to the wall as you can, thenintensity. It’s an experience very swing both legs up so that you are to Yoga, just released by Velosimilar to being in a race: you come “sitting” on the wall. If your legs Press. It contains a DVD to guideup to just below the limit of what you through 15 minutes of yoga don’t want to stay put, you can practice. (A full-length DVD will beyou expect you can sustain, and strap them together with a yoga released by Endurance Films thiskeeping your attention on form and strap or a necktie, or slide your spring.) I blog about yoga andbreath, you hold yourself there. seat away from the wall a little training at http:// without locking your knees. Hold You canBreath awareness: Yoga your spine neutral and choose aemphasizes long, slow, follow my podcast of short post- comfortable position for your arms:diaphragmatic nasal breathing, in an inverted V by your hips, out workout routines and check outwhich teaches you to use oxygen to a T, bent to a W, or in a full V my upcoming workshops at http:/efficiently. overhead. This will give you a chest [2]
  3. 3. Dry Land Strength Training  by Sheena Shadl and Ben Greenfield Injury prevention, core strength, CORE STRENGTH =Against mixed emotions, I decided and enhanced swim, bike and run injury preventionto register for Ben Greenfield’s power, efficiency and economy: enhanced swimming, biking andDray Land Strength Training these are the top reasons to runningworkshop. I’ll start this out by include resistance and core trainingletting you know that Jessi was in your program. Ben Greenfieldgracious enough to offer me has developed a series of brief butRecover-Ease after the clinic. I highly effective weight trainingdeclined, thinking I hadn’t done protocols for triathletes, and overenough to merit the need. the course of the winter, he is teaching them to Tri-FusionI was wrong. members. This is your chance to learn from one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation on how to enhance your sport. All clinics are held at Champions Sports Medicine at 730 N Hamilton St in Spokane. The next clinic is Saturday, February 23 from 5-6:30pm, and the following clinic is Saturday, March 22, from 5-6:30pm.I had heard a few comments made Bring your exercise clothing andby members and non-members note-taking material. Allalike that I probably wouldn’t learn participants receive a copy of Benanything that I didn’t already know Greenfields pamphlet on 12 Top(due to my current routines). I’m Resistance Training Routines formentioning this because I learned a Triathletes. You will benefit fromgreat deal more than I had attending any of the clinics, butanticipated. If I already knew a each one will cover separatemove or an exercise, Ben had a resistance training protocols - sotwist that turned it from mediocre you can attend every clinic if youdto excellent, yawn to Oh Yeah! He like to build on the information in atook the time first to demonstrate previous clinic.proper form and technique, andthen to let us go through thecircuit with constructive critiquing.All the while, Ben was taping theroutines for future reference on theChampion Sports Medicine website. Clinics on:Bens insight gave me the Feb. 23: 5-6:30 p.m.motivation to cut unnecessary March 22: 5-6:30 p.m.exercises out of my routine andimplement more triathlon specific @ Champions Sportsmoves with the whys and the hows Medicineto do so. I would recommend thesestrength training sessions toanyone looking to kick-start theirtraining, who need new ideas or toadd challenge to their currentroutines. - Sheena Shadl [3]
  4. 4. 10 Simple Ways to Boost Endurance 3. Try the following meal that is a huge iron boost,by Ben Greenfield and experiment with your own variations: roasted or sautéed asparagus (3-5 pieces), sautéed with olive oil, tofu, sea salt, pepper, turmeric to taste, lemon juice and slivered almonds. Include if available 1-2 pinches of parsley, thyme, oregano and/or basil. This is a very easy and quick meal to prepare and pack for lunches or to eat as a side with dinner. 4. Other high-iron ³produce² foods to include regularly in salads and as lunch or dinner sides, and to purchase frequently when at the grocery store: string beans or green beans, kale, mustard greens, kelp, Brussels sprouts, olives, green peas, fennel and celery. 5. Ensure that your multi-vitamin includes: ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate or ferrous succinate. Recommend amounts will vary depending on size, sex, and unique situation. For a more comprehensive discussion of unique iron needs, visit is a key component of your bodys oxygencarrying and distribution pathways. But for many 6. Wait at least 1 hour after a meal before drinkingfemales, endurance athletes, or individuals any black or green tea, both of which containpredisposed to anemia, it can be difficult to practically tannins that can interfere with iron absorption.consume enough iron. 7. Include 1/2-1 teaspoon of cinnamon with allAs with all nutritional habits, rather than just blindly breakfast foods, yogurts, cereals, etc. Youll"popping pills" and relying strictly on supplements, it receive the added benefit of the blood-sugaris ideal for your body to achieve adequate vitamin, stabilizing properties of cinnamon.nutrient, and mineral intake via natural means.Supplements can be highly effective, but remember 8. If you consume oatmeal, consider substitutingthat you must eat real food! with cooked quinoa, which is higher in iron. Amaranth and millet are also good choices.So Im going to share with you 10 very effective,practical, easy and tasty ways to optimize your iron 9. If possible, eat a serving of red meat (the side of aintake, designed with the busy triathlete in mind: deck of cards) 1-2x/week.1. Eat the following "Power-Iron" salad 4-5x/week: 10. Chopped fresh dill weed and salmon go very well Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of wheat germ or together and would be another excellent dinner unsweetened bran cereal (available in cereal choice that is high in iron. You can serve with section of grocery store) on a 1-2 handfuls of roasted asparagus, or any of the other vegetables spinach and romaine lettuce. Include a handful of listed above. Crimini mushrooms also are high in chopped broccoli and 2 tablespoons of garbanzo, iron and are excellent sautéed with the salmon. kidney, lima, pinto, black beans, or navy beans. You can also include a 1-2 teaspoons of chopped Remember that I offer nutritional consulting for olives and 1-2 chopped celery stalks. Use an olive athletes, weight loss, or general health. Just go to oil/vinaigrette dressing, and include if available 1-2 pinches of parsley, thyme, oregano and/or basil. Until next time, train smart,2. Eat 1 handful per day of the following snack mix: Ben Greenfield 1 part pumpkin seeds, 1 part soy nuts, 1 part sesame seeds, 1 part raisins, craisins, or dried blueberries. [4]
  5. 5. Race Review? Sorta: Black Diamond Half-Ironmanby Sam Picicci I was racing in Enumclaw, Washington at theBlack Diamond Half Iron Man inaugural race in 2003.At almost half way through the bike leg, I waspassing a rider and noted to him that the cows in thefield stunk. I heard him say "ya" and in thebackground I heard some other voice screaming, I butcould not make out what was being said. So, as Ipassed and got back over I heard that dreaded noiseof a front tire puncture. I stopped my bike and jumped off and startedto change the front tire. As I got the front tire off, alittle pickup truck pulled up in front of my bike andanother right behind me. I thought to myself "great!race support is fast and I wont lose much time." Well,it was not race support; it was a local farmer and hisfriend that did not like the comment I made abouttheir cows. I mean this was a total hill-billy withmissing front teeth, standing in my face screaming allkinds of language at me. He was threatening to kickmy butt and would not get out on my face. One of theother triathletes in the race stopped to ask if thingswere okay and the farmer told him to get out of therein a nice, vulgar way and the triathlete took off like acat being chased by a big dog. I thought to myself"thanks for the help.” Anyway, after about five minutes of the vulgarabuse I decide to fix my tire with him yelling at me. Heeventually walked back to his truck and brought back I was so shocked about what had happened, Ia Folgers coffee can. He was holding the can with his just grabbed a water bottle and sprayed off my bikefingers inside the can and yelled at me as he stood and put the tire on and took off. When I got about fiveover the top of my bike. As he was standing there, he miles down the road and realized that I couldnt usesaid "hey &*%$! what do you think of this?" and he any of my liquids because they were on the back ofproceeded to tip the can down on my bike. Soon, I my bike seat where he poured the crap and I didntnoticed a brown substance coming out of the can and want to drink from them. I finished the race and haveit turned out to be cow crap. He poured the cow crap not been back since. Just one triathlete’s horrible raceall over my seat and back tire! experience, one I thought worth sharing. It was at this time a local police office drove byand I was yelling for help. The police officer stoppedthe car and turned around and got out. As he walkedup, the farmer started to let him know what was goingon and it went something like this. "These guys areriding their bicycles by our farm disturbing us and hesaid our cows stink." The police officer said that hehas a right to his opinion and that I should go on myway. I told the cop that he poured cow crap on mybike and I need to get it off. The officer went back tohis car and came back with one paper towel and saidthat would do the job! [5]
  6. 6. Cause, Effect & Solution for Chlorine • Hair moves in sections; clumps Damaged Skin & Hair together. SUGGESTED by Rick & Berkeley Phillips • Hair feels gummy, has a fiberglass appearance. PRODUCTS THE CAUSE: CHLORINE • Hair is discolored (blonde hair turns green, brunettes tint darker). Chlorine is the chemical added to pools to keep them free of bacteria. Although THE SOLUTION: CHLORINE it’s a necessary substance to prevent disease, this strong oxidant damages SKIN: skin and hair even at very low levels. It • Always rinse immediately after also alters the PH levels of both the skin swimming to remove as much chlorine and hair. Our natural PH Level is 4.5 to as possible. This is the first step in 5.5. The PH Level of pool water is 7.5 to restoring the skins PH balance. 8.2. • Use a body wash. • Pat skin dry with towel. Do not rub. SKIN: • Apply a lotion that contains an acid or The human skin is made up of protein has a lower PH level within five minutes that protects you from stimulus, of showering. The skin surface closes irritation and evaporation. But chlorine and repels products used after this is reacted to destroy protein, which allotted time. roughens and ages your skin causing various problems. HAIR: • Head off chlorine damage before HAIR: getting into the pool. Soak your hair in The human hair, also derived from the sink or shower before swimming. protein, is defenseless to chlorine if left If your hair has already absorbed lots untreated. The chemical causes damage of non-chlorinated water, there will be to the outer most layer of hair, the little room left for the hair shaft to cuticle and cracks it. Once the cuticle is absorb the chlorine. Apply conditioner cracked, the inner hair parts are and leave in. exposed. The hair becomes brittle, • Wear a swim cap to limit the contact develops split ends and loses shine and with the chemical. Use two if one is strength. too loose. • Wash your hair with a shampoo that is THE EFFECT: CHLORINE specially formulated to dissolve chlorine. Never allow chlorinated hair SKIN: to dry without washing, since this Chlorine is a serious irritant and creates increases the chances of drying and carcinogenic by-products. When skin breakage. absorbs chlorine, it forms chlorine • Condition hair after each shampooing. oxides, which combined with fat leads to Alternate regular conditioning with a aging, de-pigmentation, and freckles. It deep-conditioning treatment once a also kills much of the beneficial bacteria, week to keep hair moisturized. our natural defense, found on the skins surface. Skin disorders like eczema, SUGGESTED PRODUCTS psoriasis, dandruff and chronic dryness by CHEECHEES.COM are all heavily effected by the moisture content of the skin. Chlorine robs the SKIN: skin of its natural protective oils, causing • Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash scaling, itching and bacteria imbalances. • Prokera Hand and Body Lotion HAIR: HAIR: The residual chlorine causes hair damage • Icon Sense Stimulating Energy like loss of hair, split ends or change of (clarifying shampoo) color. The main reason is that the • Icon Drench Hair With Moisture hydrolyzed proteins combined with (moisturizing shampoo) chlorine take away moisture from the • AG Ultramoist Conditioner hair. (moisturizing conditioner) • AG Deep (protein treatment)FROM CHEE CHEES • Hair feels dry, brittle • Hair is difficult to comb through; tangles easily. [6]
  7. 7. Iron-Lingo Lee Gruenfeld explores the wealth of vocabulary in triathlon.Ever wonder where some of those great Ironman triathlon words and phrases come from? Me neither. But, amateur etymologist that I am, I decided to do a bit of research, and discovered that there is a great deal of misconception about the origins of some of the more popular terms in the sport. Here are a few examples, in no particular order:• Bonk: An unfortunate and premature cessation to a planned bike ride. The term is onomatopoetic in origin, being eerily similar to the sound made when a bike helmet hits a telephone pole.• Brick: A form of workout that, over time, maximizes volumetric uptake. From an old technique employed by Her Majestys Middle Eastern Lancer Brigades in order to get a camel to drink 12 quarts of water prior to a desert crossing even though a camel can normally only drink 10 quarts. The technique involved inducing a gasp, and the consequent intake of the two extra quarts, by smartly bringing down on the poor beasts head a large brick. The effect of a "brick workout" on a triathlete is much the same.• Alii: Incorrectly thought to mean "Avenue of the Royals," it is in fact another bit of onomatopoeia based on the condition of athletes entering the finishing stretch. When screamed with proper emphasis, it is a fairly accurate transliteration of the sound one might hear if one touched a red hot poker to the eyeball of a wild boar.• Energy Lab: Shorthand for "Lack of Energy Lab"• Paula Newby-Fraser: Her real name is Florence Schwesterhosen, but a business partner suggested that this might not be the best moniker for selling womens athletic clothing. So Schwesterhosen hired a marketing firm (the same one that came up with "hydrate" instead of "drink") to devise a classier name. Rejected first attempts included "Tuffie McGraw," the "Wizard of Vog" and "Eleanor Roosevelt."• DNF: Florence Schwesterhosens sister, Dora.• Fartlek: Dont go there.• Runners high: A myth perpetuated by a failing shoe manufacturer in a bid to boost sales. It worked for a while, but, like structured water, the giant squid, tasty health food and the benefits of fitness in general, its a crock.• Body marking: A term borrowed from the late-1990s/early-2000s teen craze of mutilating ones body with all manner of piercing and permanent graphic decoration, "body marking" is a euphemism intended to be less intimidating than "branding."• Aerobars: Like energy bars, only lighter.• Clipless pedals: Pedals that clip to your shoes. Go figure. (See "married bachelor" or "dry water" for related oxymoronica)• Drafting: Forced servitude in the military. Adapted to also include forced servitude in triathlon, e.g., "If you dont come to Lubbock with me Im going to make your life a living hell."• Negative split: A grammatical error, e.g., "I aint going to no Lubbock, no way, no how."• Crank: Synonym for "draftee."• Top tube: Australian nickname for the winner of an Ironman. "Dont bet against Florence Schwesterhosen, mate: The little sheila was top tube for six bloody years!"• The wall: An impenetrable barrier thats always located a half-mile before the finish line, regardless of the length of the race.• Entry fee: In Middle Ages England, a prisoner condemned to death was required to pay the executioner for his service. It is much the same with Ironman.• Number belt: A forensic device that enables the positive identification of bodies, obviating the necessity to match dental records following a race. Considered a backup to "body marking" (see above), which is unfortunately subject to erosion by contact with lava. (see "road rash")• Road rash: A light-hearted euphemism which, like "This might sting a little" or "Isnt it great you still have one kidney left?" is intended to cover over the fact that bare skin slamming into rough pavement at 45 mph isnt quite the same as a hot oil massage from Carmen Elektra.• Clydesdale/Athena: A triathlete who has achieved oneness with gravity• Lottery: Avenue of admittance to the Ironman World Championships for those who have achieved oneness with gravity• Gu: Baby talk. Frequently heard being muttered by athletes proceeding down Alii Drive on all fours.• Speedo: An item of extremely intimate apparel made from dental floss and worn primarily by dominatrixes in Sweden. Legislative proposals to ban its use by Clydesdales within the U.S. have thus far been unsuccessful.• Carbo loading: Dinner at my house.• DQ: Dairy Queen. Usually follows carbo loading at my house.• Draft off me one more time and Ill kill your children: This is actually a slight mispronunciation of an ancient Hawaiian phrase meaning, "Stay right where you are and Ill be happy to pull you along for the next eighteen miles." So if you hear it out on the Queen K, dont be alarmed: Just settle in right behind that rear wheel and dont give it another thought.• Sprint distance: A measurement applicable to a race participant who is competing while ingesting foods different from those employed during training. Defined as the distance separating said athlete from the closest unoccupied Porta-Potty.• Transition: Originally applied to werewolves, a rare form of human metamorphosis in which an otherwise normal weekend jogger turns into that special breed of psychopath known as a triathlete.• Wave: A relief-filled gesture thrown to an athlete by a "draftee" (see above) at the commencement of the bike leg, signifying that the draftee is now free to go get a cold one and take a nap because cars arent allowed on the run course.• T2: The period following the bike leg in which the draftee chases after an athlete while calling out the exact locations and physical conditions of every single person in her age group, whether theyre in this particular race or not.• Chain ring: A group of bicycle thieves. [7]
  8. 8. The Board of Directors, Sponsorsand The Calendar of Upcoming Events...Board of Directors We would like to extend a generous thank you to our amazing• Kathi Best - Social Director sponsors!• Kevin Best - Vice President• Kim Ellis - Treasurer• Greg Gallagher - Team Chef• Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter• Ben Greenfield - Website Director• Mark Hodgson - Team Event Director• Sam Picicci - Uniform Director• Jim Powers - Membership Director• Jessi Thompson - Secretary• Roger Thompson - President• Scott Ward - Marketing Director• Kirk Wood-Gaines - Mentor Director Races/Runs: Upcoming Events: February/March Calendar - Feb. 23: Polar Bear Plunge at Clinics - Training Opportunities: Medical Lake, WA • Swim overwater/underwater North Spokane -- - March 15: Tri-State Outfitters videotape stroke analysis at Liberty Duathlon at Lewiston, ID Lake Athletic Club: Feb 24, 6-8pm, Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5-7 am: - March 16: St. Paddy’s Day 5-miler at and March 23, 6-8pm. See forum for Open Swim @ OZ North. SCC, Spokane, WA more details. Thursday evenings @ 6:30 pm: - March 28& 29: Snake River Sprint • Dry land strength training for Headlamp run from the Gallagher’s Triathlon at Lewiston, ID triathletes at Champions Sports home in north Spokane. Watch the Tri - March 29: Oceanside 1/2 Ironman at Medicine: Feb 23, 5-6:30pm and Mar Forum for details! Oceanside, CA 22nd, 5-6:30pm. See forum for more Saturdays @ 8’ish am: Probable BATs, details. meeting location & time posted weekly - March 29: Wenatchee Valley on the Tri-Forum. Duathlon at Wenatchee, WA Next Membership Meeting: Sundays @ 8 am: Mornings with March 19th, 2008 @ 6:30 p.m.: Martin, Planned group swim workout General membership meeting at @ Oz North. Starbucks afterwards! Twigs on the south hill. [8]