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TriFusion Newsletter - Feb.'09

  1. 1. August 2009 Register your kids now for our Kids Fun Run on September 26! Go to Coffee Budgeting BoD, and for Quinoa Sponsors, Multisport, Recipe, Competition, Calendar, page 4 page 7 page 10 page 2 Encouraging RR: Lake RR: Cd’A Words, Stevens 70.3 Olympic Tri, page 3 pages 5&6 pages 8-9A Novel Way to Recover QuickerBy Mary Dinehart-Perry In addition, supplementation with EPA and DHA was shown to significantly improve reaction times. Although the anti-Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is common among all inflammatory properties of fish oil are a relatively newtriathletes from beginners to elite and tends to be more concept with regards to athletic performance, reducingsevere at the beginning of a training season, after a period delayed muscle soreness may be one more benefit to add toof reduced activity, or with changes in intensity and its growing list.duration. Although numerous hypotheses exist as to whythis may occur from lactic acid and muscle damage to In a recent study published in the Clinical Journal of Sportsinflammation, it is still unknown as to the best way to Medicine, untrained men were either placed into a fish oilrecover quicker. (EPA and DHA), placebo or control group, and performed bench stepping training with an eccentric pattern. IndirectVarying results have been shown with non-steroidal anti- markers of muscle soreness were measured includinginflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), massage, cryotherapy, perceived pain, thigh circumference (indicator of musclestretching and electrical stimulation, while reducing the inflammation), and range of motion in the knee joint.intensity and duration of exercise 1-2 days following DOMS Compared to the placebo and control group, at 48 hours postis thought to be most effective. A recent study may shed exercise, individuals in the EPA and DHA group showedlight on a novel way to address this issue. significant improvements in measures of perceived pain and range of motion, with decreases in thigh circumference at 24In a previous USAT article, the well known anti- to 48 hours post exercise.inflammatory properties of fish oil, rich in omega-3 fattyacids (primarily EPA and DHA) were addressed with regards All triathletes are plagued by muscle soreness at some pointto improvements in athletic performance. In healthy throughout their training schedule. While the data on otherindividuals supplemented daily with 2.5 grams of EPA and treatment strategies is inconclusive and may even mask painDHA for 35 days, there were significant improvements in to the point of injury (NSAIDS), supplementation with EPAinflammatory markers, as well as improved feelings of vigor and DHA proves to be a natural anti-inflammatory thatand decreased negative mood associations such as anger, improves recovery, overall enhancing personal performance.anxiety, fatigue, depression and confusion. [1]
  2. 2. Coffee and Competition To determine your intake level to possibly experience an ergogenic benefit find your weight in the top table which showsfrom Joe Friel’s blog the intake required at 3 to 6 mg per kg. Then look in the lowerI am frequently asked by athletes if drinking coffee is table to find your preferred drink and how much would bebeneficial to their performance, and if so, how much is needed required. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds the range ofand how best to time its intake. There is a wealth of published intake for you would be 218 to 654 mg. If your preferred drinkresearch on this subject. Unfortunately, it is not in complete is drip coffee you would need to drink 1.2 to 3.6, 6-ounce cupsagreement. (about 7-22 ounces) to perhaps get a performance-enhancing effect.We might start with the disagreement between the WorldAnti-Doping Association (WADA) and the International Olympic I put the qualifiers “possible” and “perhaps” in the aboveCommittee (IOC) on the subject of caffeine as a banned paragraph because, as mentioned, the research is not insubstance. According to WADA’s 2008 listing, caffeine is not a complete agreement on the ergogenic qualities of caffeine,banned substance although it is being monitored. On the other especially in drinks such as coffee. Several studies have foundhand, the IOC as of 2008 considers a urine concentration of no benefit for endurance athletes when using caffeine at thegreater than 12 mg per liter to be a doping offense. It would rates suggested above. This may have to do the type oftake on the order of 7 to 8 cups of strong coffee in a short caffeinated products that were used in the studies and theperiod of time for a 150-pound athlete to reach this IOC- unique characteristics of the subjects such as theirbanned level. Interestingly, the research that finds a benefit habituation to caffeine.from taking in caffeine in the form of coffee requires far lessthan this amount. What causes the benefit, if there is one, is not well understood. For years it was believed that caffeine caused theThe research that has shown an ergogenic effect from release of free fatty acid stores into the blood thus reducingcaffeine found that an intake of 3 to 9 mg per kg of body the reliance on limited glycogen stores to produce energy. Butweight. (about x-x cups of strong coffee) was sufficient. The some studies have not found such an effect. The cause may wellfollowing are a few examples of body weight intake at this level be neuromuscular.and a table of common beverages with their caffeine content. In most of the research in which a benefit was found theCaffeine Intake by Body Weight for Ergogenic Benefit Based caffeinated product was consumed about one hour prior toon Select Studies exercise, although other studies found a benefit when it wasBody Weight in Pounds (kg) 3 mg/kg 9 mg/kg taken in immediately on starting and even during exercise.120 (54.5) 163.5 490.5 There appears to be no differences in the effects on men or140 (63.6) 190.8 572.4 women. Non-users of caffeinated drinks may experience a160 (72.7) 218.1 654.3 benefit greater than habitual users but the research is not in180 (81.8) 245.4 736.2 agreement on this.200 (90.9) 272.7 818.1 For years it was believed that coffee was a diuretic, probablyCaffeine Content of Common Beverages because of the common urge to urinate after drinking it. ThereBeverage (6oz/180ml) Caffeine Content (mg) is considerable research showing that it does not cause theEspresso coffee 300 loss of water or dehydration. Of course, the reason you need toDrip coffee 180 visit the toilet is that you don’t drink coffee to satisfy thirstInstant coffee 165 but rather for the taste and physical effects. So, essentially,Percolated coffee 149 once your water reserves reach a normal level the excess fluidBrewed tea 60 must be removed.Red Bull 59Jolt 36 This article is not meant to be an endorsement ergogenic aidsMountain Dew 28 such as caffeine. Whether or not you use a caffeinated drinkPepsi One 28 before exercise is an individual decision. Some athletesChocolate syrup 24 consider the use of any performance-enhancing supplements toCoca-Cola (regular or diet) 23 be a violation of the spirit of sport. If you are not a regularPepsi Cola (regular or diet) 19 user of coffee or other such drinks realize that it may causeInstant decaf coffee 2 an upset stomach and over-stimulate the nervous system. ItSOURCES: National Soft Drink Association, US Food and Drug can also be habit-forming.Administration [2]
  3. 3. The Power of Encouragementfrom The Beginner TriathleteWhat if we applied the lesson of encouragement beyond race day? The right word at the right time can work wonders.It’s race day and everybody’s ready at my house. My one-year-old has his race day milk sports bottle in one hand, and aplastic hand clapper in the other. My four-year-old has a sign that she has made all by herself that simply says “GoDaddy,” and the matching plastic hand clapper. Both kids have on “Go Daddy, Oh Yeah” shirts that match my wife’s “GoHoney, Oh Yeah” shirt. I have the U-Haul loaded with any race day contingency provided for.Four moments define the day for me. Just before the race starts, my four-year-old corrals my one-year-old over longenough for a hug and kiss from both and a “Gud luu, dahey.” Exiting the water and making my way to T1, above the noiseof the rest of the crowd, I hear three voices: my wife, my daughter and my son. The scene is repeated at T2 and againat the finish. I love that they endure waiting and boredom in order to cheer for me. I know it fuels me, but I neverknew how much until I was mowing the grass one day.I had sold my riding mower over the winter and, combined with fertilizer and all the rain you can endure withoutplanning out an ark, my yard had blossomed. I found myself growing increasingly bitter at the training time I wasmissing to cut my grass with my 22” push mower. While cutting the backyard one day, I heard screaming from theporch and immediately let go of the handle and turned to see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong. My daughter wasstanding on the back porch with her “Go Daddy, Oh Yeah” shirt on, her “Go Daddy” sign and her clapper, yelling to the top of her lungs, “Good job, yeah Daddy!” It seems that my daughter had decided to apply what she learned on race day. It worked. After a hug and a kiss, I resumed mowing with a new attitude and that day, I cut grass better than grass has ever been cut in the history of cutting grass! No stray pieces missed, perfectly straight lines, beautiful striping pattern. What if we applied the lesson of encouragement beyond race day? I cannot help but wonder what difference we may make in someone’s day, week, maybe even life. So make sure to encourage the other athletes on race day for sure, but consider making every day race day with regard to encouragement. Below is the link: articleid=1202 [3]
  4. 4. Sports Nutrition on a Budgetby Christopher D. Jensen, PhD, MPH, RDFurloughs, layoffs, bankruptcies, stock market woes, and foreclosures seem to dominate the news almost every day, and they have formonths. For many of us, working out and competing is a welcome relief from the bad news and critical to managing the stress of aneconomic crisis. In these challenging times, sticking to a budget and cost-cutting are the rule, and this rule applies to training,competing, and the sports nutrition that supports them both. In this article, we explore ways in which you can train, compete, and beyour best nutritionally while being fiscally smart.First things first — resist the urge to stop exercising. When finances are in a tailspin, it’s common to circle the wagons andeliminate the extras. Regular exercise is not an extra. It’s a staple.Training and Competing on a Budget:An ice-cold economy shouldn’t put the freeze on training and competing. Instead, develop a budget and then stick to it. Here are sometips:1. Make your equipment last: Put new equipment purchases on hold wherever you can, but don’t risk injury in the process.2. Join in the fray: You aren’t alone out there. Other athletes are in the same economic straits, and there is strength to be had innumbers.3. Ask for a discount: Before you axe the fitness center membership completely, ask the proprietors whether they’ll discount yourmonthly fee until the tough times subside.4. Compete locally: Nothing beats a destination event as motivation for those long, arduous hours of training. But in tough economictimes, put the exotic destination on hold and plan on competing locally. You’ll save big bucks on transportation, lodging, and meals. Ifentrance fees for local events are a challenge, volunteer on the event planning team in exchange for race fees.Everyday Eating on a Shoestring:When you’re on a budget, the following tips can stretch your food-and-beverage dollar further:1. Lose the dependence on designer drinks: If someone else cans it, bottles it, or blends it, you can be sure you’re paying a premiumfor it. Drink more tap water and take a pass on those energy drinks, flavored coffee beverages, blended juice concoctions, sodas, andalcoholic beverages.2. Blend it yourself: If you can’t survive without iced coffee drinks or fruit smoothies, invest in a decent blender and make your own— you’ll quickly recoup your investment cost.3. Be your own chef: Yes, it’s more work to make your own breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, entrées, soups, and treats, but the effortwill save you big bucks.4. Love your leftovers: Stews, stir-fry dishes, and soups make for simple yet satisfying and inexpensive meals. Cook enough forleftovers, refrigerate or freeze, and then don’t forget to eat them.5. Dine out smarter: For the occasional foray to your favorite eatery, consider sharing an entrée, take advantage of early-birdspecials or the often cheaper lunchtime menu, and scour for coupons to your favorite establishments.6. Sports Nutrition on the Cheap: When it comes to sports nutrition, your needs don’t change just because the economy is in a funk.But you can meet your needs on the cheap. The key is planning ahead and having available the foods and fluids you need to fuel andhydrate.7. Know when water alone will work: If the weather is mild and you won’t be training or competing for more than an hour, chances areyou already have adequate carbohydrate muscle fuel on board for the job, and plain tap water in your sports bottle should be adequatefor hydrating.8. Know when a sports drink or energy gel will make a performance difference: If your workout or competition is going to be intenseand much beyond 60 minutes, you’ll benefit from rehydrating and refueling during exercise. This is where investing in the right sportsnutrition products makes a performance difference.9. Pack accordingly for all-day events: If you’re competing in all-day competitions such as tournaments, plan ahead and pack your ownrefueling and rehydration supplies in a cooler. [4]
  5. 5. Race Report: Lake Stevens 70.3by Josh HadwayI woke up at 3 am on race morning and the first thing I thoughtto myself is, "What am I doing?" Why would anyone want to getup super early, drive in the dark, and jump in a lake just as thesun is coming up? But after a little while I got my mind and bodygoing, and I was ready to race. Yes, I was a little bit nervousfor this race, but it wasnt a bad thing.This year I have been struggling with my wetsuit. Is it toosmall, am I putting it on right, or am I just a wimp who needs tosuck it up? I think my questions were finally answered at therace on Sunday. I made sure to spend extra time putting on mywetsuit, and doing a very good job of putting it on. I made sure It always feels great to be out of the water. My transition wentto pull my wetsuit up as high as possible. The idea was to bring well, and I found myself heading out for two loops of the much material to my upper body to loosen my shoulders. This The night before I planned the points where I would ride easy,worked well. For the first time ever I started my swim pain and the points that I would attack. I waited about 4 miles untilfree, and my shoulders felt great! User error, go figure :). I started racing. The temps were still a little cold, but bearable. At around mile 6 I found myself riding up on the backAs I headed out on the dock to start the swim, I was excited. of the female pros. All I can say is female pros are tough. IThey delayed the start for 10 min. due to fog on the lake. Even dont know how many times I traded the lead back and forthwith the delay, the fog lingered and they decided to started with one athlete. At one point I told her “Sorry” as I passedthe race. I decided to position myself right next to the line her for probably the 10th time. She smiled and told me I wasthat was placed under the water and follow it from the start. fine. I was passed by 4-5 athletes from my wave fairly early onThe start of this race can be summed up in three words, Wham, in the bike. I wanted to go with them but decided to stay on theBam, and Slam. It was a rough start! pace I wanted to ride.I pushed hard to get out of the chaos, but I think every The first loop was a little shaky. It might have been the coldswimmer wanted to be on top of the line. I constantly had temps but my legs were hurting pretty bad. My gels turned topeople merging into me the whole swim. At one point I found logs as I tried to squeeze them into my mouth, and I had a hardmyself smacking some dude in a speedo right on the butt, and I time tearing them off of the top tube, due to the fact that mydecided that was enough, I am out of here! I looked up and saw hands were freezing. At this point I wasnt sure what tothat a lead pack was forming into a single file, and pulling away. expect.I pushed to try and catch this pack, but I was always about 10meters behind. At the turn around the lead pack was gone, and Shortly after finishing the the first lap, things started gettingI could not see anyone ahead of me. It was actually kind of nice better. Riders that I let go on the first lap were coming backto have clear water ahead and no one merging into you. Coming and my legs suddenly felt great!! If your legs feel good it meansin from the turn around the conditions were beautiful! It was it’s time to go hard. The second loop was fast, and the best partcool to see the warm sun slowly rising, and patches of fog was I was smiling the whole time. I was having a blast.scattered on the lake. It was a moment where I just thought tomyself, “This is cool.” After you complete your two laps on the bike course at Lake Stevens, you then turn off and head about 4 miles back toLines running under the water are a good thing, especially on transition. I decided at this point to just pace off of a riderfoggy days. I think I would have swam straight across the lake, that was about 400 yards ahead of me and just keep a steadyand missed the first turn buoy if it wasnt for this under water consistent rhythm. Heading into transition I had a moment ofline. As I got to the boat ramp I was happy to be done. This was where is my spot? For some reason I knew I was on the secondnot my fastest swim of the year, but I would consider it one of rack from the end, but I could not find my tag on the racks. Itsmy best. Most of my other races I found myself constantly a weird feeling to be one of the only people in transition withgetting passed by other swimmers, but on this day I was the tons of people staring at you, and you are just staring at theone that was constantly passing. It finally felt good to be in racks looking for your spot. After about 5 seconds of staring itcontrol of my swim, and be pain free. clicked and I found my spot. My transition area was a mess!Swim- 32:24 Luckily my shoes were still in the vicinity of the area, and I quickly put them on. Bike-2:30:36 [5]
  6. 6. Lake Stevens RR: (cont’d) The finish line was awesome! I looked down at my watch and sawHeading out on the run I was excited. My energy levels were 4:24:00 and was more than happy. This was a great time for mehigh, and I was just enjoying the day. I knew my plan I wanted and I had one of my most enjoyable races to date. This raceto execute for the run, and I started at a conservative pace. It was a huge learning experience for me, because I am starting todidnt take long before I heard footsteps quickly coming up learn to race my race. Dont go after every rabbit that flies by.behind me. The second I got passed I knew exactly who it was, If you are patient hopefully your competition will come back.Matt Sheeks a stellar athlete that ran for Portland, and beat Not only was I excited about my overall finishing time, but Ime at Boise 70.3. His pace was blistering and for about 600 was super excited about my run. I finally ran where I wantedyards I tagged on to the back of him. As I ran at this pace I to, and it felt great. A huge thanks to everyone that was thereknew in my mind that I had to let him go. At this point I and everyone that cheered for me. It was so cool to see faces Ineeded to run my race, and maybe there was a chance he would knew out on the course. Nate, Matt, Greg, Natalie, Jessie,come back. Merissa, Craig, Erica, Michael, my sister, brother in law, and my parents. You guys are awesome, the cheers and support you allAs we entered the next aid station I slowly dropped off the gave me out on the race course definitely got me through theback. The plan was, the race does not start until I finish the day. A huge thanks also to the Crew at Fitness Fanatics, withoutfirst little loop section and enter back into town. I was feeling a doubt I have gotten more than I paid for every time I visitawesome at this point, and really wanted to hammer, but still that store. They are always willing to help in any way possibledecided to wait. Once I hit this point I decided to let loose a and answer any questions I may have, and I appreciate that alittle. I picked up the pace and still felt super relaxed. I was ton.having a blast, and enjoying my race. Total time-4:24:28 (5th amateur, 18th overall)The next out and back section was where I made up someground I pushed the up hills, and went even faster on thedowns. As I hit the second lap I knew it was time to go. I pickedup the pace even more and continued the pursuit of athletesahead of me. As I entered town again I saw a familiar sight,Matt Sheeks was just up the road and I was slowly gaining onhim.I kept my pace steady, and knew I had plenty of time to makeup ground. With about Two miles left in the race I decided itwas time to make my move. Sheeks was only about 5 feet infront of me, and I knew I had to make a statement. I waiteduntil the next hill and made a decisive move. I was now gainingground on my competition. It was at about a mile to go I finallystarted to feel the race catch up to me. I was laboring hard tokeep my pace, and was worried that Sheeks was on his way.At half a mile to go reality caught up, he was back. Sheeksreturned my favor and I had nothing left to go with him. Atthat point I just worked on holding it together and finishing thelast half mile.Run-1:18:36 [6]
  7. 7. Pesto Quinoa Recipe from Matt Cusack Ingredients: 2 cups of uncooked Quinoa (cook per instructions on package before mixing in with rest) 1 cup of diced meat of choice (I prefer pork tenderloin or chicken breast) 1/2 Cup of Pesto Homemade or store bought Homemade Pesto: 1 cup of packed basil leaves cleaned and de-stemmed 3 T of extra virgin olive oil 1 heaping T of pine nuts (if no pine nuts close by, can use pecans or walnuts as well) 2 T of Parmesan cheese 1 T of garlic or 1 large clove (could add a little more if you LOVE garlic, I do!) Instructions:---Add all of above into food processor or blender and process until basil is chopped fine and all is well blended together. In large mixing bowl, mix the pesto, diced meat, and cooked quinoa together until pesto is well distributed. This can be served either hot or cold, both taste GREAT! Garnish with a sprig of basil and Parmesan cheese on top. Serves approx. 4 [7]
  8. 8. Race Report: Coeur d’ Alene That evening, we both felt good, Having had a somewhat sluggishScenic Challenge Olympic Tri rested, and ready to rumble. On the swim last year, with a 4th placeby Ben Greenfield way over to the race on Saturday finish, I really wanted to push it this morning, we must have played the year. I was using a new "breathingThis is one of those races that new Black Eyed Peas "Ive Got a style" (super secret weaponpeople who arent from around here Feeling" three or four times. Good method), and it seemed like I had areally dont even know about, but "pump you up" song. much faster and better swim,for all of us locals, it is a "Main although later I found out theEvent", kinda like Hoopfest, Pig Out Oh, and by the way, thanks for course was a bit short, and I didntIn The Park, or growing a mullet. eating my morning sweet potato actually swim 1:05/100 meter splits. breakfast, babe. I took my second Darn.Hence my double excitement when I favorite stand-by: a chocolatedecided to race and found out my bumblebar with an iced coffee andwife also wanted to race! With luck, GU Espresso Flavored gel.we could sneak off at 4 am, throwdown an Olympic distance triathlon, Transition set-up went smoothly,and make it back to the house although I was a bit nervous aboutbefore the sleeping babies even racing with a disc on my Specializedrealized we abandoned them. ;) for the first time. As I found outWe ended up getting a babysitter later during the bike split, itanyways (thanks Grandma and actually isnt as hard to handle inGrandpa Casebolt!). crosswinds as I would have imagined.Since Jessa raced "team runner" for I lined up behind Roger Thompsonthe Troika Half Ironman on Sunday, for the swim, not only because hesand I raced the full distance, we a friendly, familiar face to greetboth woke on Monday morning not before a race, but because hesterribly confident about this event. damn fast and its always a loftyHer toe was swollen like a red goal to try to stay on his feet. Thepepper, and I was just...tired. Two swim start sounded about 800 of usdays before the race, Jessa told me were off to the races!she didnt think she could do it (her In transition, somebody shoutedfirst triathlon of the season). I told that I was 0:40 down on Roger. Thisher that not only could she do it, but is not a good sign, especially since itshe could easily pull off a 2:40. appears they gave me that split based on the time he was leavingThe night before the big day, I took transition and I was entering it.her out to the river and helped herput on/take off her wetsuit (which At the first turnaround, I splitshed been in ONCE) and showed myself about 2:10 down on Roger,her how she should swim in it. and realized at the same time that aNothing like last minute preparation. very fast pro triathlete was also racing: Adam Jensen. Having come to this realization just before the big series of hills on the bike course, I realized I would have to really push if I wanted to "hold him back" before we reached the flats again, at which time I would have a small chance of "hanging with him", vs. getting dropped on the hills. [8]
  9. 9. RR: Cd’A Olympic Tri (cont’d) Anyways, I looked for Jessa on the Since I have only three races left bike, but never saw her. Later, I this season (Portland, Grand found out she had a SMOKIN 21 Columbian 1/2, Clearwater), Im minute swim and came out of the going to have to pull out some water way ahead of almost every decent run splits or else Ill be girl in her division. So much for disappointed. Its not a matter of being nervous in a wetsuit. putting out too much on the bike (Ive been feeling very fresh in transition), as much as it is the I arrived in transition about 25 "stroller runs". Im serious. The seconds behind Adam Jensen and majority of my runs have been who knows behind Roger. Although stroller runs at tempo pace with my bike split was nearly identical to the boys....4th place finish, 2nd last year, I was MUCH less tired place division, similar time to last and biked much more conservatively year. in the last 5 miles of this race, so I was pretty confident heading out on As of today (literally as soon as I the run. finish this blog post), I am not QUITTING the stroller runs, but Do you ever have one of those runs we are instead going to switch to where you FEEL fantastic and fast, stroller intervals. No joke. 1/4 mile but when you look at your watch, and 1/2 mile repeats, becauseI was pretty happy that Adam its saying just the opposite? That Daddy obviously needs somedidnt actually pass me until the top was my run in this race, a little over speedwork.of the very last hill, but still split 39 minutes. I never really felt that1st place Roger a good 3 minutes up bad, but was actually passed twice So...4th place finish, 2nd placeat the next turnaround. Thats (one guy was later DQd, still giving division, similar time to last year.pretty much bye-bye territory in an me 4th place) and ran almost 90Olympic distance event, unless that seconds slower than last year. I And Jessa? She ROCKED the swim,cyclist absolutely crumbles on the cant blame it on Troika, since I biked a 1:20-something despiterun. I kept hammering, which is also did Troika 6 days before last forgetting to take the kids trailerwhat you always should do if youre year. hitch off her bike and ran away behind, because YOU NEVER fantastic 10K for an overall time ofKNOW, maybe those two guys I just didnt run as fast as I 2:34 -SIX minutes faster thanahead of you cut off some old lady thought I was running. Weird. what she had planned, with bloodin traffic on their way to the race, pooling in the shoe of her torn-upand they have karma comin. Not only that, but that makes it toe! She garnered a 2ND PLACE three times this season (Onionman, division finish! Way to go babe. Im Tiger, CDA) in Olympic type races proud of you. and thrice in Half IMs (Chile, New Orleans, Troika) where I JUST DIDNT RUN WELL. [9]
  10. 10. The Board of Directors, Sponsorsand The Calendar of Upcoming Events...Board of Directors We would like to extend a• Steve Anderson - Membership Director generous thank you to our• Tiffany Byrd - Uniform Director truly amazing sponsors!• Trish Cudney - Social Director• Greg Gallagher - Event Director• Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter Director• Ben Greenfield - Website Director• Mark Hodgson - Mentor Director• Jim Powers - Vice President• Tim Swanson - Treasurer• Jessi Thompson - Secretary• Roger Thompson - President• Kathy Worden & Jen Polello - Kids Club Co-Directors August/Sept. Calendar Races/Runs: Upcoming Events: • Aug. 23rd: Portland Triathlon @ Portland, OR • HOT SUMMER NIGHTS at Twigs!!! The Training Opportunities: 5k run series culminates @ • Aug. 25th: Hot Summer Nights 5k #4 • Whitworth Masters swimming @ 6 pm @ North Spokane, WA 6:00 pm next Tuesday, beginning August 31st => Times: August 25rd @ the north Mon-Wed-Fri @ 8:30- pm, Sat @ 10 • Aug. 29th: Hell’s Gate Duathlon @ side Twigs. Come Play! 5:30- am. Contact Kevin Wang @ 7 Lewiston, ID • Tri Fusion Kids Fun Run on September • Aug. 30th: Ironman Canada @ 26th @ 1:00 pm @ Audubon Penticton, BC Park. Register your kids! • Throughout the summer/early fall => check the Tri Forum for outdoor • Oktoberfest 5k Cross Country Race: • Sept. 5th: Titanium Man Oly Tri @ Second annual race on group rides, open water swims and/or Kennewick, WA October 24, 2009. runs. • Sept. 12th: Spokane Oly Triathlon @ Registration available now! • Started June 1st: Liberty Lake Swims Spokane, WA at 5:30 pm on Monday & Wednesday! Next Membership Meeting: Check the Tri Forum for details @ the • Sept. 19th: Club Triathlon Championships @ Grand Columbian training link! Triathlons @ Grand Coulee, WA • Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 @ 6:30 p.m.: General membership Various multisport races to choose meeting at Twigs on the northside at from! Wandermere. [10]