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TriFusion Newsletter - Aug.'07

  1. 1. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007 accomplishments and in dealing with adversity. The spirit T Fusion is? ri of teamwork abounds. ~ Cindy Thiel by Jessi Thompson, et al. • T Fusion is the motivation I need to NOT slow down in a ri Jessi randomly chose twenty T Fusion members ri race, to NOT skip a workout, to NOT sleep in onand asked them each to complete the following sentence: Saturdays. ~ Tim SwansonTRI FUSION IS... • T Fusion is an incredibly supportive club for multi-sport ri• T Fusion is a place where I can smile, laugh and have one ri athletes of all abilities. Tri Fusion is defined by its hell of a good time. The members are some of the most members and as such it is one of the most knowledgeable, unique people I have ever met. I am very proud and feel talented, spirited and giving groups in the area! ~ very fortunate to be a part of this great group. ~ Dave Jennifer Shepherd Lawrence. • T Fusion is camaraderie. Human potential at its best. ri• T Fusion is people coming together sharing their ri What the human “race” should be. People who care, personal goals and finding others to share and support about themselves and others. No barriers, only one another in their accomplishments. ~ Rick Phillips opportunities! ~ Russ Howard• T Fusion is a great group of people that you can enjoy ri • T Fusion is... AUTHENTIC. ~ Lorie Sandaine ri triathlon craziness with! I overheard a guest say at a meeting, “Wow, all this triathlon talk... most people just • T Fusion is a platform where some of the greatest people ri think I’m weird, but here everyone talks about in the Spokane area (who happen to be triathletes) can triathlons...” Major support group for encouragement, share goals, dreams, a lot of hard work and even more fun safety for group rides, suffering together through track becoming better at what they love to do, and supporting workouts, teaching me how to push my bike each other every single step of the way! ~ Brian Roberts much more! “Support” keeps coming to mind... Also, I can FEATURES: be excited and share my enthusiasm for the sport, where others don’t “get it.” ~ Virginia Knight * T Fusion is (cont’d) & Recipe ....... page 2 ri * Fast Food Finds............................... page 3• T Fusion is neighbors helping neighbors. ~ Joe Byers ri * Sponsor Highlight: IMPaX 4• T Fusion is a brotherhood and sisterhood of triathletes ri * Race Review: Medical Lake 5 of all ability and experience levels; participator to elite competitor and novice to seasoned veteran. The * Metabolic Math .......................pages 6 & 7 members share in celebration of each others’ * Member Info, Calendar, Sponsors.. page 7 PAGE 7
  2. 2. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007 T Fusion Is... Continued from page 1 ri • T Fusion is new friendships, camaraderie, enthusiasm, ri health and fitness and people with a strong PASSION• T Fusion is much more than a triathlon club, it is more like ri a family. Although it has many of the top athletes in the FOR LIFE! ~ Vicki Scates Northwest, even a relative beginner such as myself feels comfortable. Many in T Fusion have given me their time ri • T Fusion is a big family... every person is an inspiration in ri and hard fought experiential advice which has helped me their own way. People are kind, fun, encouraging and this season. Having people around that support and caring. The sport of triathlon can be somewhat lonely know how hard you are training means a great deal to me. and isolating if you let it. T Fusion makes it FUN, SO- ri Recently I finished my first Olympic distance triathlon and CIAL and really makes you feel like you are part of a having a couple of club members with me made a huge TEAM (something bigger). The club is a great way to difference. Also, the ability to meet up with people for meet new people that share your somewhat warped pas- training keeps the motivation high because for me, run- sion for the sport. ~ Summer Goetz ning, biking and swimming by myself gets to be a grind after a while. ~ David Morgan • T Fusion is an amazing group of people who motivate, ri inspire and challenge me to live my best life! ~ Kendra Edlin• T Fusion is a group that stand together and there are ri members willing to set aside their own personal goals to help someone else. ~ Daryce Wyborney • T Fusion is an empowering community where I can take ri risks, feel supported and get inspired daily. ~ Kathleen T aylor• T Fusion is a group of amazing people! They are willing ri to share their successes/failures/knowledge about tri- athlon to help and encourage me to get my rear out of • T Fusion is a melting pot of talent, desire and passion ri bed every morning to train. I feel blessed to belong to where everyone is supported. ~ Matt T aylor such an inspiring group! ~ Allison Barr Caribbean Pulled Pork submitted from Jessi Thompson What you will need: Directions: Roll the ham in aluminum foil (use 4-5 layers of foil). Place ham in roasting1 raw picnic pork/ham (approx. 5 lbs.) Soak picnic pork for at least pan. Cook pork for 10-18 hours de- one hour submerged in water (this will pending on weight. Let set 30 min-1 T or more white wine vinegar take some of the salt out). utes. Unwrap ham and it will literally1 T fresh ground black pepper fall apart. Shred with fork or tongs1 T minced garlic and throw away clumps of fat and2 T fresh oregano (chopped) Preheat oven to 200 degrees. bone.1 bay leaf finely crumbled You can serve this as a main1 t ground cumin Combine all remaining ingredients dish by itself (try it topped with except for vinegar in small bowl to mango or pineapple salsa), or as the1 T olive oil make paste. meat for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, Make shallow slits on the surface of and/or tostadas. Try putting the the pork. Rub vinegar all over the meat in a sweet roll topped with BBQ surface of the pork. Rub paste all sauce. Delicious! over the ham shoving it into the slits. PAGE 7
  3. 3. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007 Fast Food Picks that Won’t Tip the Scales by Ben Greenfield Ever find yourself hungry, short on time, and without any healthy snacks on hand? Although they shouldn’tcomprise the majority of your diet due to high amounts of preservatives, low-grade meats and artificial sweeten-ers, fast food restaurants have made some effort to cater to a wellness-focused lifestyle. Here’s a table that BenGreenfield created for a weight loss client who needed to include fast food lunches in their busy lifestyle. Restaurant Choice 1: Choice 2: Choice 3: Choice 4: McDonald’s Asian salad. Grilled Southwest salad. Grilled Snack size fruit and Honey mustard or chicken instead of fried, chicken instead of fried, walnut salad. Also ranch snack wrap with dressing on the side, dressing on the side, good for breakfast. grilled chicken. only use 1/2 the only use 1/2 the dressing. If possible, no dressing. If possible, no crunchy noodles. cheese. Qdoba Naked burrito (any) Naked taco salad, no Tortilla soup (no sour with chicken, no rice, or shell. cream or tortilla chips). substitute beans for rice. Quizno’s Any flatbread chopped Fruit parfait with yogurt. Chicken noodle soup. Oven roasted turkey salad. Only use 1/2 the Also good for sub. No mayo, only eat dressing. No flatbread. breakfast. 1/2 the bread (throw away the top). Subway Any “under 6 grams fat” Any salad. Dressing on Any wrap. No mayo. sub. No mayo, only eat the side, only use 1/2 Sides: apple slices or 1/2 the bread. Sides: the dressing. Sides: raisins. apple slices or raisins. apple slices or raisins. Taco Bell Grilled steak or Beef soft taco supreme, ranchero chicken soft order “Fresco style.” taco, order “Fresco style.” Taco Time Veggie burrito. No Chicken fiesta salad. Chicken soft taco. cheese, no sour cream. Chili lime dressing on Whole wheat wrap, if the side, use only 1/2 available, no cheese, no the dressing, no cheese, sour cream. no sour cream. Wendy’s Mandarin chicken salad Low fat strawberry Chicken grill sandwich. or chicken BLT salad. flavored yogurt with No mayo, no cheese. Grilled chicken instead granola topping. Also Preferably only 1/2 of friend, dressing on good for breakfast. bread (throw away top the side, use only 1/2 half). the dressing. If possible, no crunchy noodles or croutons. PAGE 7
  4. 4. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007 Sponsor Highlight: The Ironman - 140 miles with IMPaX! by Kathi Best As an endurance athlete, I needed to develop a well thought-out nutrition plan for the Ironman distance triathlon, a plan that I had tested repeatedly in training. One of the most important aspects of training for an Ironman is to de- velop a fueling strategy. One of my main objectives during the 112 mile bike leg was to fuel my body so that it would be prepared for the marathon that fol- lowed. On the bike there are already potential mechanical problems and course challenges that sometimes cannot be avoided, but an aspect that I do have con- trol over is my nutrition. How well I fueled my body during the bike leg largely determined how well I would run. My fueling strategy had to include many aspects of nutrition, because mybody faced many demands that stress and deplete its vital nutritional stores. I had to factor in hydration, calories,electrolytes, proteins, fats, adaptogens, glycogen stores, glucose consumption and much more. My body burns5000+ calories in an Ironman distance race and I needed to replace them all with products that would not stress ortax my body and products that would quickly and easily be absorbed into my blood stream for fuel and energy. There are companies that have entire lines of products that are specifically designed for sports nutritionand I use many of them. IMPaX WORLD has some amazing products that I use to fill in the holes that my sports-specific nutrition does not provide. T of IMPaX WORLD’s products provide super fuel and sustaining energy wothat helped carry me through my 140.6 miles race. During the Ironman race I used two packets of Delta-E and 20+capsules of EnerPrime. These same products also aided in my recovery process. They provided my body withkey nutrients that help prevent my tissues from being depleted and torn down. The bottom line? A few weeks ago I competed in my first Ironman distance race and I felt and performed at alevel that I didn’t know was possible! My nutrition plan powerfully fueled me throughout my bike leg and sustainedme for a successful and strong marathon. I am so grateful for the help that I have received from these phenomenalproducts! For more information contact: e-mail: phone: 916-939-9830 web: PAGE 7
  5. 5. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007 Race Review: Medical Lake Sprint by Jessi Thompson Let me start off by saying that We transitioned to the bikes and their hearts out for us both. All this race rivaled Ironman as my began the ten miles ride. My dad of a sudden, my dad started jog- favorite triathlon EVER! Being was still a bit winded from the ging! Are you kidding me? He able to share this with my dad, swim but quickly got his breath told me he hadn’t run in about Tim Seppa, was a lifetime memory back and rode a very strong, con- twelve years but it felt like a crime that I will cherist forever. My sistent pace, especially consider- not to do some running. although dad’s perseverence is inspiring ing he was not exactly riding a I’ll admit I was a little nervous and I loved being able to watch speed demon of a bike. I was im- about him overdoing it, I followed him challenge himself after having pressed by how well he rode and his lead and we walked/jogged his back surgery just the three miles of the run. three months ago. As a fun treat we had Before the swim start, some gorgeous girls I could tell my dad was accompany us to the just a little bit nervous, finish line! We all ran the but mostly excited. last stretch to the finish. When it was time to go, I loved seeing my dad we waited just a few with the post raceseconds before getting “high” and even talked into the water to avoid about the possibility ofbeing kicked around too doing another triathlon.much. I swam alongside We celebrated the rest him and even watched of the day playing in the him underwater, im- park, enjoying the T ri pressed by how smooth he loved being able to ride alongside Fusion picnic social, and swimming looked. When we rounded the him and chat some on the bike. in the lake. buoy, it was pretty crowded andwe couldn’t swim per say, my dad Earlier, my dad told me I LOVED every second of this smiled and asked me if this is the that if he felt good enough, he experience and was incredibly part where we start mooing like was going to walk the “run” por- honored to share it with someonecows? He swam a great line back tion. So, when I asked if he who has inspired me my whole life to shore and passed quite a few wanted to try walking the next leg, to tap into my “jock” self and go folks. We made it back to the he said yes! We got off our bikes for it. I never used to think any-beach, holding hands, smiling and and started out of the transition one ever had a perfect race... I loving all the cheers awaiting us. area. It was so great to hear all of was wrong... I just did. the cheering and see the T Fu- ri sion banner and signs. I was so grateful to all the members who adopted my dad and cheered PAGE 7
  6. 6. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007 “Metabolic Math” to precisely determine proper caloric hours of riding, for a total caloric intake for energy deficit, energy consumption of 3100 calories. by Ben Greenfield balance or energy surplus. Joe can then adjust his The reason this test works is number up or down, depending on his Number-crunching formulas because the amount of oxygen energy balance goals. If Joe is tryingthat approximate metabolic rate only consumed and carbon dioxide to lose weight, he could underfeed bywork well for average individuals of a produced correlate to the amount of 500 calories during the day of hisnormal body composition, height and nutrients that are being burned for bike ride. If he’s trying to gain weightweight. Let’s face it - most endurance energy. A specific volume of oxygen or carbohydrate load, he couldathletes aren’t “average.” By is associated with a precise caloric overfuel accordingly.undercutting their resting metabolic value, and expired carbon dioxiderate by just a few hundred calories, an For athletes attempting to reflects carbohydrate utilization. Theathlete can completely deplete pursue weight loss and performance leftover caloric consumption is thenstorage carbohydrate levels in less simultaneously, my coaching attributed to fat utilization (proteinthan a week. Conversely, a daily recommendation is as follows: eat at used as energy, at rest is negligible,energy surplus of just a few hundred least the number of calories and is actually quite minimal until thecalories can stretch the spandex by associated with your resting 2-3 hour mark of exercise).more than a pound a week. Therein metabolic rate, and achieve anylies the danger of fueling based on an So, let’s look at an example desired caloric deficit throughapproximate mathematical equation of how a triathlete can use metabolic exercise. Furthermore, whenfor metabolism. calorie determination to their attempting weight loss, males should advantage. Joe Triathlete takes a not consume more than 1000 calories A more precise method of resting metabolic rate test at his local under their energy expenditure (notdetermining resting metabolic rate is exercise physiology lab and discovers to be confused with resting metabolicvia respiratory measurements in an that his body at rest burns 1800 rate), and females not more than 500exercise physiology lab or health calories. This means that Joe could calories. If a caloric deficit is toocenter. This test costs anywhere lie in bed all day and do absolutely large, the metabolism will naturallyfrom $50 to $300 depending on nothing, and he would still burn 1800 decrease, performance will be limited,where you have it performed. In the calories. This also means that if Joe energy levels and mental focus willprocedure, your inspired oxygen and were to follow a 2300 calories per day suffer and the immune system can beexpired carbon dioxide are measured diet without exercising, he would gain determine your daily caloric a pound of fat a week!expenditure at rest, as well as the For an athlete on a trainingpercentage of body fat and Then, Joe takes an exercise program that cycles between hardcarbohydrates that are being burned. metabolic test and finds out that 650 and easy training and includesT account for the thermal effect of o calories per hour is the average recovery days, the greatest emphasisphysical activity, this test can also be caloric expenditure associated with on energy balance should take placeperformed as you ride your bike or the heart rate at which Joe will be on the hard days. During easyrun on a treadmill, and your caloric performing his two hour weekend bike training and recovery, it is possible toexpenditure at each speed or heart ride. T maintain energy balance, he o underfeed without significantrate can be determined, allowing you will need 1800 calories from his resting metabolic damage. metabolic rate plus 650 calories X 2 PAGE 7
  7. 7. TENTH EDITION AUGUST 2007“Metabolic Math” cont’d from page 6 A Genuine Thank You to all of Our Generous Sponsors: August Calendar Training Opportunities:In such a scenario, a triathlete who is North Spokane --attempting to lose weight can maintain Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5-6 am: Spinfull storage carbohydrate levels for Hammer Nutrition class @ OZ North.hard training sessions and races, M-W-F: @ 5:30-7 am: Unstructure pool swim @ OZ North.while allowing for an energy deficit Tuesday evenings: BLTs @ 5:15 &and fat burning on easy and recovery 6:15 pm @ KJW-G’s house. Bikedays. loop repeats, come for 1, 2, or 3 loops. In summary, maintenance of Saturdays: Outdoor ride, meeting location & time posted weekly on theenergy balance in endurance athletes crucial to performanc, and Liberty Lake --utilization of metabolic data combined Mondays & Wednesdays: Spin class @ 5:45-6:45 am @ Liberty Lake Athleticwith knowledge of calories consumed the most precise method to achieve Mondays & Wednesdays: Meet @ 5:15 pm: Swims from the beach.balance. Until next time, train smart! Races: Aug. 19: Apple Capital Triathlon atBOARD OF DIRECTORS Wenatchee, WA ALSO West Plains Wunderwoman Sprint Tri at Medical Lake, WA• Kathi Best - Social Director Aug. 25: Hell’s Gate duathlon at Lewiston, ID• Kevin Best - Vice President Aug. 26: Ironman Canada at• Kim Ellis - Treasurer Penticton, B.C., Canada! Sept. 1: Titanium Man Olympic Tri at• Greg Gallagher - Photographer Kennewick, WA• Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter Sept. 8: Aluminum Man Oly & Sprint Tri at The Dalles, OR• Ben Greenfield - Website Director Sept. 9: Escape from the Gorge Oly• Mark Hodgson - Team Event Tri at Cascade Locks, OR Director Sept. 15: Grand Columbian IM & Half IM at Grand Coulee, WA ALSO• Sam Picicci - Uniform Director USAT National Half IM• Jim Powers - Membership Director Championship At Innsbrook, MO• Jessi Thompson - Secretary Sept. 16: National Club Triathlon Championship at Innsbrook, MO• Roger Thompson - President• Scott Ward - Marketing Director Upcoming Events:• Kirk Wood-Gaines - Mentor Next Member Meeting: Wednesday, Director September 19th @ TBA. BoD meeting @ 5:30 pm, followed by General Members @ 6:30 pm. PAGE 7