Information Technology Department Of Fortis, Mohali


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Information Technology Department Of Fortis, Mohali

  1. 1. IT in Group C
  2. 2. Changing Role of IT Professionals In Hospitals• IT used to be a secondary dept. since need of IT was not realized.• The main work used to be troubleshooting and maintenance of network infrastructure.
  3. 3. Present scenario Today IT professionals in health care or hospitals deals with analyzing the requirements of the hospitals to make their work more efficient & less time consuming and developing applications they need and implementation and maintenance of the same. IT in Hospitals has been used in following Applications:• HIS• EMR
  4. 4. Hospital Information SystemHospital Information System (HIS) Canbe defined technically as a set ofinterrelated components thatcollect, retrieve, process, store, anddistribute information to support decisionmaking, coordination and control in anorganization.
  5. 5. Objectives• Capture & disseminate Information• Analyze & validate Information• Prioritize & Escalate Issues• Provide Management overview
  6. 6. General Uses• Measure the health status• Quantify their health needs• Medical and health care needs• Local , national , and international comparison• For planning , administration , and effective management of health services and NHP• Assessing attitudes and degree of satisfaction of the beneficiaries• Research into particular problem
  7. 7. It is required to facilitate the exchange of Information or patient records as none of them is stand alone application.• PACS• EMR
  8. 8. Functions Of IT• Operational management• Functional Management• Strategic Management
  9. 9. Creating Demographic details of the patient.Creating medical history.Creating Standardized process & documents.
  10. 10. Functional Management• Registration • Medical Equipment Management• Admission • Personnel• OPD/IPD Management• Pharmacy • MIS reporting & more• Laboratory • Pharmacy• Billing • Nursing• Blood Bank • HR
  11. 11. Strategic Management
  12. 12. • 15 Servers• AMC contract is with REDINGTON• Life: 7-8 yrs• 900 intercoms• Servers: Application Server Data Server Shadow Server Avaya – Telephone Exchange Review -daily basis
  13. 13. Servers by:• HP &DELL• REDINGTON• HCL
  14. 14. System CharacteristicsSupport For maximum hospital procedureDICOM picture viewingIntegration with PACsIntegration with TPAs
  15. 15. • Antivirus: Trend Office• Firewall Security System: Watch guard
  16. 16. Staffing• 8 team members – IT In charge Programmers (2) Network Specialists (5)
  18. 18. Patient Further InvestigationRegistered Billing Patient Report to reportUHID given different writes in department Module Doctor’s ThatAppointment Department Module writes the report in Module Billing Consultation
  19. 19. Counselling Discharge Shifts toward or ICU Ward Procedure Back to ICU
  20. 20. Videoconferencing• Monthly CME’s with different government institutes• Infrastructure – computers scanners US device LCD screen Camera with mike• Application – patient data to be sent in an encrypted form.• Bandwidth -1 mbps from Connect.
  21. 21. IT Usages• Three ISD lines – 2 for voice and 1 for data Whereas in Apollo Hospital, Ambulances with set ups are sent to the remote areas and are connected to: IGMC Shimla Multimedia Video conferencing Government Hospital
  22. 22. • There is one UHID but more than one IPIDs• Every user has employee ID through which they communicate to different team members officially• Mail server - Official information is done through mails.• Intranet site ( Fortislife) - maintained by IT which is specific for every hospital.• Voice systems – billing and telephone system
  23. 23. • Any hardware / software procurement is done by IT.• IT Help Desk – 24x7 available
  24. 24. • Servers – 13 servers for different applications.• Back-up• Daily routine backup for all the important databases.• Offline backup stored on DLT tape Drives Shadow server (Online DATA Server backup)
  25. 25. Modules of Hospital Management System• Patient Registration• Appointment Scheduling• Admission Discharge Transfer• Bed Management• Wards Management Module• Patient Relations• Doctors Workbench• Nursing Workbench• Operation Theater• Electronic Medical Record• Clinic Specialties• Laboratory Information System
  26. 26. • Radiology Information System• Pharmacy• Central Sterilized Supply Department• Blood Bank• Dietary (F&B)• Housekeeping/Laundry• Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)• Healthcare Packages• Patient Billing• Management Information System (MIS)
  27. 27. Software for different departments• Finance & Stores – Prodigious• PACS from Medsphere• Trackcare from Intersystems (Medtrack)• Temperature maintenance : 18-21 degrees celsius
  28. 28. IT Services• Internet to users• IP Cameras in the Hospital• Attendance System for employees• Visitor Pass machine• Patient Lab reports
  29. 29. Prodigious• MTech India Pvt. Limited is a Software Development Company specializing in Back Office Applications. It has been in operation for the last one decade and has developed a Back Office Suite of Applications called Prodigious.• Currently this application is implemented in the Healthcare Sector in various medium and large size hospitals in India and Abroad. It is capable of handling large and complicated financial transactions.• The system mainly consists of three modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  30. 30. Client and References INDIA1. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital: Multi specialty 500+ bed hospital already live with Prodigious.2. Fortis HealthCare: Contract signed for implementing Prodigious across their hospitals. Currently, Prodigious is running in following sites:• Fortis Hospital, Mohali• Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur• Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Navi Mumbai• Fortis Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi3. Manipal Group of Hospitals: The Manipal group has rolled out with OTC modules of Prodigious across their main hospitals:• Manipal Hospital Bangalore• Malathi Manipal Hospital
  31. 31. 4. Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital: A 400-bed multi speciality hospital is using Prodigious as back office application.5. Jubiliant First Trust Hospitals: Group of 8 hospitals in West Bengal has taken decision to roll out Prodigious in their hospitals.
  32. 32. Client and References Abroad.INDONESIA The following three hospitals belonging to the prestegious Ramsay Group are successfully using Prodigious since the year 2004:1. R.S. Premier Jatinegara: 280 beds multi specialty hospital since Feb 2004.2. R.S. Premier Bintaro: 180 beds multi specialty hospital since July’ 20043. R.S. Premier Surabaya: 170 beds hospital since July’ 2004.THAILAND Huachiew Hospital, Bangkok: It is a 500+ bed multi specialty hospital successfully running Prodigious interfaced with TrakCare since Dec.2006
  33. 33. Evolution of it in finance @ • HIS PAST • PRODIGIOUSPRESENT • ORACLEFUTURE
  34. 34. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore• No. of beds: 600• Accreditations: NABH, NABL• ERP : MedTrak (M-tech) and AIF- Accounting Information System ( In-house development by Manipal University)• Apart from the latest ERP systems Manipal Hospital still uses HIS for many of it’s other working areas.
  35. 35. Screenshots of TrakCare @ Manipal Hospital
  36. 36. Employee i-register
  37. 37. Challenges• Doctors reluctance to adopt to new technologies.• Lack of training of IT functionalities.• Lack of financial investment.• Responsibility and Control challenge – security and control.
  38. 38. Recommendations• Training program for the healthcare professionals.• E-prescription.• Plastic e-card.• RFID
  39. 39. Oracle 10 i