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Trotec Company Group adalah sebuah perdagangan yang beroperasi secara internasional dan layanan perusahaan dengan anak perusahaan , regional dan perusahaan mitra di lebih dari 15 negara. Kompetensi inti dari solusi produk kami dan aplikasi seputar peralatan air treatment, test dan measurement , alat deteksi dan pemeliharaan industri untuk tenda pekerja. Dengan divisi workshop sendiri , penelitian dan pengembangan dan titik layanan di Jerman, Perancis , Austria , Belanda , Belgia dan China , perdagangan sektor bisnis kami adalah sel germinal dari Trotec Perusahaan Group. Kami ingin bertindak sebagai agen sukses untuk klien kami dan sangat percaya bahwa kita memiliki kewajiban yang jauh melebihi penjualan hanya dari produk kami . Agar dapat menawarkan solusi optimal kita tidak hanya mendukung jaringan internasional yang luas dari pemasok , kami juga aktif terlibat dalam sumber global di bidang pengembangan dan produksi .
Asal Negara : Jerman
Jenis Industri : Machine // Work tents // Measuring Instrument // Trade and Industrial Solution // Thermography

Kategori Produk :
Dehumidification // Humidification // Heating // Ventilation // Air conditioning // Air cleaning // Odor neutralisation // Restorative drying // Accessories for machines // Work Tents // Mobile telemetry TTSL // Planning and survey // Temperature // Velocity Climate // Pressure // Electricity Emission // Moisture // Multi-function // Tracing and detection // Optical inspection //Leak detection // themal imager

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Katalog Produk Trotec Leak Detection by Tridinamika

  1. 1. Measuring technological innovations for leak detection in drinking water systems Combi leak detector FFT high performance correlator Wireless sound logging system EXCLUSIVE at Trotec ! Pressure data logger Trace gas sensor Pulse wave generator Professional solutions for zone measurements, prelocation and pinpoint detection Water loss reduction Measuring data documentation
  2. 2. Phone +49 2452 962-400 Fax +49 2452 962-200 BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: Acoustic and trace gas leak detection in only one device High-resolution colour graphic display with touchscreen functions The only one of its kind in its class. State-of-the-art smart function for even faster pinpoint leak detection (patent filed) info@trotec.com www.trotec.com LD6000 combi-detector Leak detection and acoustic pipe location EXCLUSIVE at Trotec ! Numerous preprogrammed common applications for quick access All filters and parameters can be configured individually Pipe detection mode Complies with all guidelines governing according to VBG 121 (when used with original headphones) (VBG - trade association safety regulations) Highly-sensitive, high-quality, robust precision microphone made in Germany The LD6000 cutting-edge leak detection device sets new standards in the field of leak detection… Whether you need it for laying out pipes or to narrow down the search or pinpoint a leak –the highly-sophisticated LD6000 and the high-quality microphone, which both carry the hallmarks of a product made in Germany, allow you to determine even the tiniest of leaks and display the signal before it is processed. Overview of the functions Pipe detection mode As many as ten measuring cycles are displayed either as a number or a two-segment colour bar – one for frequency and one for volume. The leak is there where the two segments are at their steepest. leak detection W Pipe detection W Long-term measuring In order to be able to pinpoint the leak exactly, an onboard sound logger can be activated to log measurements carried out over a period of up to 60 minutes, which can then be used to determine or rule out any leaks with the help of the recorded measurement.curve. F&L mode – hear and see leaks W Acoustic pinpoint This mode is designed especially to detect plastic pipes which are subjected to ultrasound via the LD-PULSE impulse generator. with logging function W Trace gas detection W All in only one device ! r y t Smart mode TRT-KAT-LEDE-WM-01-EN 2 The innovative, state-of-the-art LD6000 combi detector is suitable for a variety of different application and allows you to detect leaks using both the acoustic and trace gas method with only a single device. G Acoustic pinpoint leak detection with geophone h Detection and pipe laying, also for plastic pipes j acoustic body sound measurement. k trace gas leak detection in drinking water systems. l leak detection and leak tightness inspection of pipe systems in houses and industrial pipe networks. Grafik © Trotec® w e Long-term measurements The state-of-the-art smart function is the only one of its kind in its class and has been filed for patent – the smarter way to find leaks. Complex algorithmic calculations which are carried out unseen in the heart of the device provide you with a clear view of what you need to see: the exact position of the leak, revealed to you by means of a bar indicator which rises sharply where the leak is. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Trace gas detection Trace gas can be used in combination with the LD6000 H2 hydrogen sensor to carry out quick and effective leak detection in pipe networks and pipe systems in houses. The trace gas used is hydrogen, which due to its specific structure is able to penetrate and pass through various materials like soil, concrete, tiles etc. easily before then being detected by the sensor at the places where it escapes through the system that is being inspected. The LD6000 is able to show the exact concentration of hydrogen. The thresholds can be individually configured and an acoustic and optical signal warns the user when these thresholds have been exceeded.
  3. 3. The pipes themselves start to oscillate. The sound that is generated is transmitted through the pipes and can be transformed into audible sound with a body sound microphone at a distant contact point (valve, hydrant, armature) r y i In addition the water leaking out through the crack or hole in the pipe generates sound which is carried through the ground to the surface. This sound can be picked up by a geophone and transformed into audible sound. w t u o p Optionally available accessories: • LD6000 BMW – wind-protected ground microphone, small (with dead man’s button) i • LD6000 DM – tripod magnet for ground microphone LD6000 BMW o • LD6000 TM –stick sensor microphone with automatic dead man’s button, stick sensor extension and tip • LD6000 H2 – hydrogen sensor p LD-PULSE pulse wave generator LD6000 Article no. Operating mode Acoustic leak detection (F & L, smart, long-term measuring), and trace gas leak detection This impulse generator is excellentlysuited for use with the LD6000 measuring device. Measuring and device functions Measuring modes for minimum sound levels, averaged sound levels, pulse wave measurements, simultaneous F&L analysis, logging function, memory preference function for manual fine adjusting, sound level overmodulation protection, trace gas detection with concentration-dependent signal (optic and acoustic) The LD-PULSE is not affected by electric cables and can detect non-metallic water pipes up to a depth of 2 metres without having to close off any part of the network or system. Controls Either via touchscreen, keys or control dial Amplification 120 dB low noise factor Input impedance 1M Ω Filter Up to 256 can be configured individually (for stick sensor and ground microphone) Display Colour LCD (automatic illumination), 480 x 272 pixels Battery check Via micro-controller Output impedance ≤ 10 Ω Power supply 4 x batteries type LR14 C 1.5 V Operating time approx. 14 h in non-stop mode, approx. 40 h in case of normal use Connections Bayonet nut connector (microphone / sensor), 6.3 mm jack plug (headphones) Protection class IP54 Housing Aluminium, powder-coated Temperature conditions During operation: -5 °C to +55 °C; Storage: -25 °C to +65 °C Dimensions approx. L 210 x W 160 x H 60 mm Weight approx. 1,050 g Technical data LD6000 H2 hydrogen sensor Technical data LD-PULSE Article no. Article no. Response sensitivity 1 ppm H₂ Minimum pressure 2 bar (29 psi) (minimum pressure of the service pipes) Measuring range Starting at 10 ppm H₂ Operating time Approx. 12 hours Resolution 1 ppm H₂ Pulse sequence Approx. 60 per minute Reaction time 0.5 s Connection 1-inch GEKA high pressure coupling Model Hand sensor with flexible swan-neck (length 50 cm) and 1m long connecting lead for LD6000 Power supply Internal battery (rechargeable) or 230V AC Temperature conditions During operation: -10 °C to +60 °C; Storage -20 °C to +60 °C Weight 4.2 kg Velocity Technical data Telemetry Water which escapes from high-pressure pipes at high speed causes friction which in turn can be picked up in the form of sound waves. Standard scope of delivery: • LD6000 measuring device w • LD K – soundproof headphones e • LD6000 BM – ground microphone, small (with automatic vigilance device) r • LD6000 DA – tripod adapter t • LD6000 VK – connecting lead • LD6000 VL – extension with tip y • LD6000 TG – shoulder strap • LD6000 carry case Planning and survey e Temperature The principle of acoustic leak detection Trotec LEAK DETECTION Moisture The LD-PULSE generates up to 60 oscillations per minute which under favourable conditions can spread out as far as 600 m into the pipe before being detected by a ground microphone, Optical inspection systems Optionally available accessories • LD-PULSE repair set containing an Allen key and 4 valves Leak detection Standard scope of delivery • LD-PULS – pulse wave generator built into sturdy case with integrated rechargeable battery • Separate power supply for LD-PULSE Tracing and detection Multi-function This means that this method can be used to compile, complete or check plans and pipe layouts or networks. 3
  4. 4. Phone +49 2452 962-400 Fax +49 2452 962-200 BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: LD5L and LD5LR wireless data loggers: Localisation of leaks using long-term monitoring Wireless measuring data transfer Quick logger data read out from moving vehicles Extremely economical Sound level detection, analysis and logging Easy to use Including LogControl user software, GIS compatible info@trotec.com www.trotec.com Sound and pressure data logger Mobile zone monitoring of drinking water systems Leaks in drinking water systems do not only endanger the quality of your water supply – precious water seeps out uncontrollably resulting in losses worth hundreds or thousands of pounds... The mobile wireless monitoring system in the Trotec MultiMeasure Professional Series enables you to carry out reliable acoustic zone measurements in drinking water systems in order to detect possible cracks, fissures and leaks. A magnetic base and optionally available mounts and brackets allow you to position your wireless data logger in a variety of different positions to measure the sound levels in the pipe system or network. BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: LD5DL pressure data logger : Designed specifically for monitoring pressure in water supplies. Robust, waterproof– no prod contacts Foil keys for on-site programming Extremely large memory for more than 240,000 measuring values Very high measuring sensitivity Infrared / USB data transfer and infrared / GSM (optional) Battery life for approx. 10,000,000 measuring values In addition, a model with a hydrophone can be used for measuring operations that are carried out with the medium water – ideal for plastic pipes or pipe networks that cover greater distances. The wireless data loggers detect, analyse and log sound levels during the night when less water flows through the systems and transmits all the measuring data up to 12 times a minute. All measuring data can be picked up and logged from a passing vehicle with the use of a mobile LD5LR receiver. The leak status and further measuring data are displayed directly on the LD5LR’s easy-to-read display. e All logging data from the LD5LR receiver can be transferred to a PC via the USB interface for further analysis and documentation. The LogControl data bank supported software included in the scope of delivery is GIS compatible and provides graphic supported functions for analysis and management. Individual pipe plans can be transformed into maps, for example; individual logger locations and measurement series can be as- y r TRT-KAT-FDAL-WM-02-EN t 4 w signed and individual regions can be created to establish a borderline between different pressure zones. LD5LR standard scope of delivery: • LD5LR receiver (read out device) w • six LD5L data loggers with magnet base and onboard antenna e • Switching magnet r • USB cable • LD5L carry case • LogControl software Optionally available accessories: • LD5L WA – angle adapter for wireless data logger t • LD5L HYDRO – acoustic wireless data logger with hydrophone sensor (hydrophone logger) y • LD5L HYDRO UF – adapter for hydrophone logger for assembly in DIN hydrant claw, ½-inch inner thread with vent, for assembly with key valve
  5. 5. LEAK DETECTION Technical data LD5DL pressure data logger Article no. Pressure measuring ranges Measuring cell Water pressure sensor, (optional temperature ⁄ air pressure sensor for altitude determination) Standard sensor 20 bar; further pressure ranges 1 ⁄ 1.6 ⁄ 2.5 ⁄ 4 ⁄ 6 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 16 ⁄ 25 bar, possible up to max. 50 bar Long-term stable, piezo resistive, temperature compensated Temperature range Up to 70 °C Measuring accuracy < 1 % from final value at 20 °C ± 0.005 % (over the whole measuring range), for example 0.5 mbar at 10 bar measuring range 1 s to 24 h (can be configured individually), 0.1 s to 1 s (shock pressure recognition) exact quartz measurement with time and date, starting time of the measuring data logging can be selected individually > 240,000 measuring values buffered RAM (measuring value conservation during battery change) Infrared ⁄ USB data transfer (infrared ⁄ GSM optional) Sensors (internal) Resolution Measuring interval Real-time clock Memory capacity Memory type Interface Type of housing LCD Lithium battery 3.6 V ⁄ 8.5 AH type AA, battery life approx. 10,000,000 measuring values Stainless steel ⁄ aluminum with internal vent Protection class IP68 Process connection LD5DL basic package 2 * • LD5DL UF pressure logger with ½inch outer thread and below ground hydrant claw, mounted (in compliance with DIN), 0 to 20 bar • Software LogControl DL • Assembly aid with hydrant base DIN LD5DL-basic package 3 * ** • LD5DL OF pressure logger with ½inch outer thread and above ground hydrant claw (3-inch thread), mounted (in compliance with DIN), 0 to 20 bar • LogControl DL software Minimum required features: * 1 x LD5DL IR-USB interface (read out device) ** adapter für B-connection incl. B-coupler The data stored in the pressure data logger can be read out via the IR-USB interface and transferred to your PC and analysed using the LogControl DL software included in the scope of delivery. The data bank supported software enables you to process single measurements graphically or transfer various measuring curves. There is also an export function available which allows you to archive your data flexibly. Optionally available accessories for LD5DL pressure loggers: • LD5DL IR-USB interface – read out device with for the LD5DL with USB interface • LD5DL 20 up to max. 300 bar • External GSM module for LD5DL • Adapter for B-connection incl. B-coupler • Protective tube for pressure logger with B-coupler Trotec Telemetry Standard thread ½-inch hydrant claw Power supply Leak detection Display LD5DL IR-USB interface – read out device with for the LD5DL with USB interface • LD5DL – pressure logger with ½inch outer thread, 0 to 20 bar • LogControl DL software Planning and survey Dimensions ø 40 ⁄ 44 mm ⁄ Height 110 mm; onboard antenna (english construction); Weight approx. 450 g Temperature Dimensions The LD5DL can store up to 240,000 measuring values and present them on its easy-to-read display. The logger is operated via the USB interface of your PC or a GSM module at the logger itself. Measurements with the LD5DL can be easily carried out from as little as one second to several months. Velocity 5 years (without having to change the battery) The high sampling rate of up to 10 measurements per second enables the logger to detect even short pressure surges reliably before logging them Moisture -15 C° to +55 C° Operating time The LD5DL pressure data logger has been designed especially for monitoring pressure in water supplies. Its internal vent makes it ideally suited for precise pressure progress measurements for pipe networks and tempering water and for pressure sampling. Multi-function piezo ceramic Temperature range LD5DL pressure data logger Nitrogen-filled housing 1.5 bar, condensate protected circuit board Sensor 200 x 95 x 30 mm, Weight 350 g IP68 Type of housing -15 C° to +55 C° Dimensions 14-day ring memory Protection class Temperature range 433 MHz (other frequencies on request) Memory capacity USB 10 mW Transmitter frequency 4 x type LR03 AAA 1.5 V batteries Interface 2:00 o’clock to 4 o‘clock Transmitting power 433 MHz (other frequencies on request) 200,000 times Recording period LCD backlight, 128 x 64 pixels Statistic minimum level of the previous night, level progress of the past 14 days, quietest level (AL) and loudest level (AH) during the last 10 minutes, amplifier, quality of the measurement (rain, wind etc.), logger serial number logger location Amplification Up to 100 loggers (optionally 2000 loggers) permanent (07:00am to 07:00pm 12x per minute; 07:00pm to 07:00am : 1x per minute.) Data logging Automatic (the last 14 measuring cycles) Tracing and detection Data transfer Statistic minimum level of the previous night, level progress of the past 14 days, quietest and loudest level during the last 10 minutes, selection time, leak status, amplifier, logger serial number Optical inspection systems Grafik © Trotec® Description Power supply LD5L wireless data logger Transmitter frequency Article no. Article no. Display Technical data LD5LR receiver Memory capacity The measuring engineer can calibrate a leak directly on site with a correlator or a sound locator by using the direct optical leak status indicator on the display of the receiver if required Technical data Memory The measuring values logged by the wireless data logger are transmitted automatically to the passing vehicle and recorded by the L5LR receiver. 5
  6. 6. Phone +49 2452 962-400 Fax +49 2452 962-200 BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: All-in-one system for mobile loss analysis and reduction in drinking water systems 48 bit three-point correlation info@trotec.com www.trotec.com LD20PC correlator Multi-functional FFT high-performance correlator for leak detection in pressure pipelines Onboard receiver for wireless data logger read out from moving vehicles Unique all-in-one system for mobile loss analysis and reduction in drinking water systems. Read out and analysis of pressure data loggers GPS-supported map software W FFT high performance correlation at up to three measuring points W onboard receiver for mobile read out of LD5L wireless data loggers W mobile wireless data logger management – sound and pressure logger data analysis and management W all in only one device ! FFT and coherence function Dissipation function for selective squelching Automatic measuring function Highly-sensitive sound receiver and high-performance radio transmitters for distances up to 2,000 metres High-performance software with clearlystructured user interface Correlation measurements take on a whole new dimension with the mobile PC-based LD20PC all-in-one system. Multi-functional all-in-one system Three-point correlation Quality engineering “made in Germany” enables users to identify leaks extremely flexibly and effectively, thus avoiding expensive excavations or digging at wrong sites or locations. An optional third receiver and a radio transmitter with a separate radio frequency can be added to the two onboard receivers which are already standard for the TR-TA and TR-TB radio transmitters. The three-point correlation enables you to achieve even faster measuring results over greater measuring distances. The LD20PC is equipped with a steep analogue filter and a dissipation function which was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and therefore able to determine and identify background noises and interference quickly and efficiently before subsequently effectively suppressing them. Mobile data logger management Special optionally available hydrophones ensure accurate results in even the most difficult of situations, for example with plastic pipes and long pipe distances. The LD20PC’s onboard receiver for wireless data loggers makes the LD20PC excellently-suited for acoustic long-term zone monitoring. TRT-KAT-CORR-WM-02-EN The logger data can be read out from a moving vehicle and analysed and archived with the LogControl data logger software used on the correlator. In addition, the IR interface can be connected via the PC correlator’s USB interface to read out the LD5DL pressure data loggers All measurement values can be displayed and documented centrally on the LD20PC when used in combination with the software for pressure data loggers. The IR interface can also be connected via the PC correlator’s USB interface to read out the LD5DL pressure data loggers. 6 Advancement through flexibilty The countless connection possibilities which the module has to offer provide the user with the greatest possible degree of flexibility. As many as four receiver units for three-point correlation and data logger communication are integrated in the centre of the system. An optional Bluetooth transmitter allows you to conduct wireless measuring operations with the PC correlator over short distances separate from the system. Cordless wireless headphones can be connected to provide you with more mobility. A combination comprising high performance radio transmitters for distances up to 2,000 metres, an automatic measuring mode and a variety of individual setting options for frequency independent coherence and correlation analysis and additional wireless data logger ma- Three-point correlation Highly-sensitive body sound receiver and high-performance radio transmitter Whether it’s the FFT or the coherence function that you are using– the GPS-supported CorControl software gives you a clear overview of all measuring data. Parameters like time signal, spectrum or coherence can be changed independently after measuring has been carried out. The integrated data management program allows you to document all data using the diagram or report function. nagement make the LD20PC the ideal correlator for water suppliers and measurement service providers. Mobile data logger management Optional hydrophone for direct use with the medium water Permanent magnet for troublefree mounting Onboard receiver for wireless data logger read out from moving measurement vehicles Connection for analysis of LD5DL pressure data loggers
  7. 7. LEAK DETECTION PC correlator (notebook) : external 12 V DC (car adapter) or Ansmann 230 V battery charger; system module : internal rechargeable battery (notebook), external 12 V DC (car adapter) or 230 V AC In contrast to the electroacoustic method, correlation does not depend on the volume of the sound generated by the leak or on other factors like the weather conditions or the depth in which the pipes have been laid. This means that the leaks in the pipe system can be detected easily when ground sound detection is not possible. FFT analysis; accuracy > 5 cm, correlation resolution: 50,000 dots Automatic or manual measurement with individual parameter settings for measuring distance, filter and amplifier System and software functions Temperature Frequency dependent coherence and correlation analysis Chebyshev analogue filter with 48 dB ⁄ octave rise Calibrating and documentation function Manual and automatic analogue ⁄ digital filtering to mask interference; high and low-pass filter adjustable from 25 to 2,500 Hz Velocity Optionally available accessories: • LD-TC – Transmitter 3 incl. signal receiver, colour blue • LD20PC 3F – Third radio frequency for transmitter 3 (LD-TC) • LD20 MA – Magnet base antenna for correlator without amplifier • LD20 MA+ – Magnet base antenna for correlator with amplifier (4 dB gain) • LD20 HYDRO – Hydrophone without manometer • LD20 HYDRO UF – Adapter for hydrophone on DIN hydrant claw with 1-inch inner thread for assembly with valve keys 48 bit three-point correlation GIS compatible (acoustic zone monitoring with LogControl) GPS supported map software Receiver function to read out wireless data loggers Moisture Standard scope of delivery: • LD20PC – System module with PC correlator (notebook), control panel and system connections, built into a robust case • CorControl analysis software • LogControl software for signal reception of LD5L wireless data loggers • LD-TA –Transmitter 1 incl. signal receiver, colour yellow • LD-TB– Transmitter 2 incl. signal receiver, colour red • LD K – soundproof headphones • Carry case for LDTA, LD-TB and system accessories Trotec Power supply Telemetry Three onboard receivers : 1 x for LD-TA transmitter, 1 x for LD-TB transmitter, 1 x for LD5DL wireless data logger; optional an additional receiver for third transmitter LD-TC Planning and survey Wireless receiver Connecting port for data logger analysis Dimensions (system module) Dimensions L 540 x W 440 x H 220 mm, Weight 11 kg Technical data Display LD-TB Article no. LD-TA graphic ⁄ numeric, automatic illumination Displayed values Current ⁄ minimal sound level, frequency high ⁄ low, amplification, battery status, battery capacity Radio frequency Transmitter 433 ⁄ 434 MHz Transmitter performance Transmittal distance Operating ⁄ charging time Protection class Dimensions Weight 500 mW (licensed) Up to 2,000 m approx. 9 h ⁄ 3 h IP65 225 x 165 x 100 mm 2.9 kg Type Signal receiver Multi-function correlator via the LD wireless transmitter. The LD20PC calculates the exact position of the leak on the basis of the differences in the time that has elapsed between the signals while taking various factors like material, pipe diameter and the length of the distance that was measured into account. Sturdy case with built-in PC correlator (notebook) and integrated control panel with connections for headphone jack (automatic mute), transmitter input for optional wireless headphones, cableless Bluetooth connection for wireless measuring with the PC correlator over short distance separate from the system, onboard receiver modules for wireless sensors and wireless data logger, built-in loudspeakers, connection for antenna as well as power input cable ⁄ charging Tracing and detection The sound is detected by highly-sensitive signal receivers at up to three contact measuring points and transferred to the Optical inspection systems All leaks emit sound. This sound travels and is transferred to hydrants, armatures and valves. LD20PC Article no. System module Grafik © Trotec® Correlation is a computer-supported process which can be used to locate leaks extremely accurately. Technical data Piezoceramic Sensitivity > 1,000 pC ⁄ g Mounting Permanent magnet Operating temperature -20° C to + 60° C Leak detection Why correlation? The benefits of this method… 7
  8. 8. Measuring technological innovations for leak detection in drinking water systems The LD-series in the MultiMeasure Professional programme provides you with an optimally matched measuring equipment portfolio for leak detection in drinking water systems. All the measuring devices are high-quality, high-precision instruments which carry all the hallmarks of superior tools made in Germany – perfectly tuned to cope with the demands that daily use puts on them e y i u r w Grafik © Trotec® t w Long-term monitoring with wireless data loggers designed to narrow down leaks. e Quick logger data read out from a moving vehicle. r FFT high-performance correlation. t Acoustic pinpoint detection and route mapping with a combi detector and ground sensor microphone. y Acoustic body sound measurements u Trace gas leak detection in drinking water systems. i Leak detection and leak tightness inspection on housing systems and industrial pipe networks. And countless more application possibilities ! TRT-ZBLD-WM-02-EN Do you still have any questions regarding the measuring technological innovations in the LD-series? If so we would be most glad to help you. Please feel free to give us a call or go straight to www.trotec.com where you can find our complete selection of machines, measuring devices, work tents and safety clothes and equipment. Trotec GmbH & Co. KG Grebbener Str. 7 · D-52525 Heinsberg Tel. +49 2452 962-400 · Fax +49 2452 962-200 info @ trotec.com · www.trotec.com www.trotec-group.com