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Tridens.Mobi Mobile Operators


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Tridens.Mobi Mobile Operators

  1. 1. new gaming service August 2009 Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  2. 2. Overview • New mobile medium • Mobile Social community • Games/applications are free • Gaming service for mobile operators • Revenue can be generated through advertisements Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  3. 3. Market Opportunity • 33% of Mobile Subscribers play mobile games (M:Metrics) • 700 MM Mobile Gamers in 2008 growing to 1.4 Bn in 2011 • Mobile Social Networking will become the largest revenue generator for mobile entertainment by 2011 (Gartner) Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  4. 4. The Average Mobile Game Consumer • 55% Male / 45% Female • Broader demographics – 40% of game purchases by consumers age 25-36; 55% below the age of 25 • Is interested in free mobile content – games most popular mobile app • Value conscious and price sensitive Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  5. 5. Challenges Majority of mobile subscribers are not being monetized effectively • Only 1-3% of mobile phone users purchase a game in a month, but almost 33% play mobile games – the rest are playing Demos/Free Games • 85% + people who have played mobile games have not purchased a game in more than 6 months • 80% - 90% of mobile games (old titles) do not generate much revenue Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  6. 6. Mobile Advertising • Time spent on mobile phones : significant and increasing • Active user spends 17 hrs/wk : 13 talking; 4 data services • 22% of Companies advertising online are starting mobile marketing in 2008 • Mobile advertising is fastest growing market : $2.7 Bn (2008) to $12.8 Bn (2011) (Gartner) Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  7. 7. Target Advertising Highly Targeted and Relevant marketing messages • Sex • Age • Interests • Location • Game type Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  8. 8. Advertisement The full screen, interstitial adverts are interactive and enable the user to visit an advertiser’s mobile site or even click to call or text the advertiser. •Text •Picture •Link •Combination of above Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  9. 9. Games/Apps Process 1 2 3 4 Community menu Pre-Game Ads Game Begins Post-Game Ads User clicks Start Game. 1-2 Ads are shown, user No further ads until game User exits the game and Community menu shows can either click on the Ad exit ensuring an receives 1-2 Ads up. or go to the game uninterrupted gaming experience Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  10. 10. Social Community Social community increase engagement • Users connect, compete and interact with friends and other gamers for high scores, contests, promotions, prizes and virtual goods Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  11. 11. Technology • Proven, Modular, Scalable, Robust • Easy and fast game/app integration • Automatic advertisement integration • SDK available for deeper integration • Large handset support: work on all Java supported devices Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  12. 12. Operator’s Business model • Offering new innovative service (product) to customers via subscription. The launch of free games further strengthens mobile operator’s gaming offering and attract new subscribers. • Additional revenue will be generated via advertisements Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  13. 13. T-mobile offer free games in UK “The launch of ad-funded games further strengthens T-Mobile’s mobile gaming offering to consumers. We continue to make mobile gaming easier than ever before and a more enjoyable experience for our customers.“ Damien Byrne, Head of New Proposition Development, T-mobile Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  14. 14. Summary • New mobile medium with big potential • Mobile users are not being monetized effectively • New gaming service in region • Attracting new customers Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  15. 15. Tridens d.o.o. Zagrebška c. 22 2000 Maribor Slovenia (EU) Phone: +386 31 627 462 Fax: +386 59 010 990 E-mail: Tridens d.o.o. Confidental