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Brm insight data_sheet


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Brm insight data_sheet

  1. 1. Tridens   DATA  SHEET   1             BRM  Insight  is  a  superior  monitoring  and  managing  application  that   enables  organizations  to  identify  and  resolve  potential  Oracle  BRM   issues  before  they  affect  critical  business  processes.   With  BRM  Insight,  you  are  able  to  monitor,  manage,  and  analyze   reports  of  your  Oracle  BRM  -­‐  anytime  and  everywhere.       Features     Reports   • Custom  real-­‐time  reports:  BRM  Insight  gives  you  the  power   to  create  your  own  custom  reports.   • Real-­‐Time  traffic  report:  Represents  real-­‐time  rated  events   for  services  such  as  voice,  data,  SMS  (text),  MMS,  content,   etc.       • Degraded  traffic  report:  Represents  non  real-­‐time  rated   events  for  services  such  as  voice,  data,  SMS  (text),  MMS,   content,  etc.   KEY  FEATURES   • Monitoring  and  managing   Oracle  BRM   • Smart  alerts   • Real-­‐Time  traffic  report   • Billing  reports   • Invoicing  reports   • Custom  real-­‐time  reports   • iOS  (iPhone,  IPad)  and   Android  support     KEY  BENEFITS   • No  more  outages;  no  more   revenue  loss   • Offers  intuitive,   centralized,  browser-­‐based   management  of  your   Oracle  BRM,  anytime  and   everywhere.   • Identifies  potential  issues   and  sends  notifications   before  any  problems  occur.   • Reduces  complexity  of   Oracle  BRM  management   and  enables  future   planning  of  your  BRM   instance   • Start  managing  your  BRM   in  one  day;  use  a  pre-­‐built   virtual  appliance  with  a   pre-­‐configured  BRM   Insight.      
  2. 2. Tridens   DATA  SHEET   2       • Batch  traffic  report:  Represents  batch  rated  events  for   services  such  as  voice,  data,  SMS  (text),  MMS,  content,  etc.   • Active  sessions:   • All:  Represents  all  active  sessions  currently  open  in   BRM  regardless  of  when  they  were  created.   • By  Interval:  In  contrast,  the  'By  Interval'  option   represents  the  sum  of  created  active  sessions  per   interval.   • Reservation  sessions:   • All:  Represents  all  active  reservations  in  BRM   regardless  of  when  they  were  created.   • By  Interval:  In  contrast,  the  'By  Interval'  option   represents  the  sum  of  created  reservations  per   interval.   • Opcode  latencies:  Represents  latencies  in  milliseconds  for   critical  operations  such  as  authorize,  re-­‐authorize  and   charge.     • Billing:  Represents  the  number  of  billed  and  un-­‐billed   accounts  per  account  status  (closed,  inactive,  active,  all).   • Invoicing:  Represents  the  number  of  invoiced  and  un-­‐ invoiced  accounts.  
  3. 3. Tridens   DATA  SHEET   3     • Accounts  (active,  inactive,  closed):  Represents  the  number   of  new  activation  and  deactivations  per  hour.   • Revenue:  Revenue  can  be  represented  per  service,  per  day,   and  per  month.     Monitoring   • Monitor  applications,  services,  operating  systems,  and   infrastructure  components  with  a  single  application     • Configure  the  application  and  your  IT  systems  through   intuitive  wizards     Visibility   • Centralized  view  of  your  Oracle  BRM   • Detailed  information  available  through  web  interface     • Detailed  information  available  on  IPad  or  IPhone      
  4. 4. Tridens   DATA  SHEET   4     Awareness     • Fast  detection  of  infrastructure  outages   • Alerts  can  be  delivered  to  technical  people  via  email   • Escalation  capabilities  ensure  alert  notifications  reach  the   right  people     Proactive  Planning     • Trending  and  capacity  planning  reports  ensure  you're  aware   of  aging  infrastructure     • Scheduled  downtime  allows  for  alert  suppression  during   infrastructure  upgrades       Multi-­‐Tenant  Capabilities   • Multi-­‐user  access  to  web  interface  allows  stake-­‐holders  to   view  infrastructure  status   • User-­‐specific  views  ensure  clients  see  only  their   infrastructure  components     Network  Operation  Center  View   The  Network  Operations  Center  provides  24/7  monitoring  of  the   network  platform  and  servers  and  the  services  running  on  them.         The  Network  Operation  Center  View  helps  operators  to  identify   problematic  service  and  to  delegate  a  task  to  an  appropriate   engineer.  
  5. 5. Tridens   DATA  SHEET   5     Management  View   Management  view  gives  management  the  option  to  oversee  the   performance  of  the  IT  systems  and  the  services  running  on  them.         Platform  Support   BRM  Insight  is  supported  on  the  following  operating  systems:   • Linux   • Solaris   • AIX   • HP-­‐UX   • Windows   Moreover,  we  have  a  pre-­‐built  VMware  and  Oracle  VirtualBox   appliance  with  a  pre-­‐configured  BRM  Insight.     Hardware  requirements   Minimum  hardware  requirements  to  run  BRM  Insight  are  as  follows:   • 1  gigahertz  (GHz)  or  faster  processor   • 32-­‐bit  or  64-­‐bit  processor   • 4  GB  RAM   • 10  GB  available  disk  space        
  6. 6. Tridens   DATA  SHEET   6     Web  Browser  Support   • Chrome   • Firefox   • Safari           Contact  us   For  more  information  about  BRM  Insight,  visit  or  call  +38631627462  to  speak  to  a  BRM   Insight  representative.       Copyright  (c)  2014  Tridens  d.o.o.     All  rights  reserved.    Logotype  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Tridens  d.o.o.     All  other  names/logos  may  be  registered  trademarks  of  their  respective  owners.