Sleeping in Internet Cafes: The Next 300 Million Chinese Users (SXSW talk, #300MM)


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These are the slides that accompanied my SXSW 2011 talk. I've provided a pdf download with notes to my entire talk, audio file, and video. Click here:

Citation: Wang, Tricia. 2011. "Sleeping in Internet Cafes: The Next 300 Million Chinese Users." South by South West Interactive. Austin, Texas. March 14.



pdf of slides + notes:

In China, over 300 million migrants reside in cities; these communities represent some of the most marginalized and poorest groups that are now actively incorporating new communication tools into their lives. These migrants are also the fastest adopters of digital tools and the quickest growing population of digital users. What do these coinciding cultural-technical processes mean for the people undergoing these shifts? Based on my fieldwork in China over the past three years, I focus on three areas that I think will point to the future of social change and innovation in China: gaming, entertainment, and consumption.

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Sleeping in Internet Cafes: The Next 300 Million Chinese Users (SXSW talk, #300MM)

  1. The Next 300 Million Chinese UsersSXSW | Austin, Texas | March 12, 2011 | #300MM @triciawang
  2. #300MM
  3. “Use the internet in a civilized way. ”Stay away from internet cafeStay away from Internet addiction, start from yourself. #300MM @triciawang
  4. The Sky Net Team we monitor • IM chats • text messages • forums • emails
  5. Whatʼs all this panic over games and porn? #300MM @triciawang
  6. #300MM@triciawang
  7. internet cafes areimportant sites of social interaction #300MM @triciawang
  8. 21st century - Chinese rural 20th century - Irish & Italian to urban migrants immigrants
  9. saloons - leisure hang out spaces for immigrants
  10. Anti-Saloon Movementlead to Prohibition
  11. privately owned spaces of communicationtechnology access are the new third places actively reprogramming urban space(internet cafe) #300MM @triciawang
  12. building the newpublicly virtual community “street corner” blurring blurring re-mixing private/public kinship ties digital/material
  13. my field work site•living with migrants•going to schools•hanging out in internet cafes #300MM•working in factories @triciawang
  14. what the future of the internet will look like?how will the next 3 billion usersexperience everyday digital life? #300MM @triciawang
  15. what can we learn from 300 million rural-urban migrants? #300MM @triciawang
  16. Where are potential areas for social change? #300MM @triciawang
  17. 1 change from the bottom up will take form in disruptive citizenship this happens when people on the margins experience the limits of consumer citizenship #300MM @triciawang
  18. 2 Leisure activities become even more intense sites of social interaction because they are politically benign #300MM @triciawang
  19. 3 Leisure activities becomes important areas of cultural control "Even if dominant institutions are not directly overthrown by new technologies, fundamental aspects of culture are transformed by them." Mark Poster #300MM @triciawang
  20. 4 restrictions + = unique set of conditions free for all for innovation! + Restrictions are often seen as dreamers unique challenges #300MM @triciawang
  21. China is a humongous living experiment #300MM @triciawang
  22. disposable urban household income inChina has to keep growing tomaintain economic growth Text #300MM @triciawang
  23. digitally networking the consumption desires of millions of people #300MM @triciawang
  24. Digital Urbanism on the marginsmillions of rural-urban migrantsare becoming urbanized through #300MMlow-cost digital tools @triciawang
  25. can the planet support the millions of migrants who have dreams to join the Chinese middle-class? #300MM @triciawang
  26. Will cheap digital toolsbe the game changer? #300MM @triciawang
  27. Iʼll have someobservations to report in 2012! (if the world doesnʼt end) #300MM @triciawang
  28. @triciawang