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Edld 5352 week04_assignment--post

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Tonya Richmond Sec 1190Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Development of an organization chart integratingtechnologyUsing the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technologyimprovements, develop an organization chart that includes the following: • Identify by title or job description all personnel/stakeholders responsible for integrating technology and instructional and organization leadership from the district office to the campus and classroom; • Provide a brief description of the role and responsibilities of all identified personnel in your organizational chart; • Discuss the role of the principal in making sure the organizational chart is implemented and monitored. Superintendent Assistant Superintendent for Technology Coordinator for Instructional Technology Campus Technology Campus Principal Specialist Classroom TeachersPage 1 – Revised October 2009
  2. 2. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Tonya Richmond Sec 1190Superintendent:In terms of technology integration, the superintendent is there to support the use oftechnology and rely on the experts within the district to bring him or her the most up-to-date information. Additionally, there should be communication from the superintendentto the school board in regards to progress and budgetary needs. He or she serves inthe support role and needs to confirm that all of the technology integration within thedistrict is following the technology plan for both the district and the state.Assistant Superintendant for Technology:The goal of this position would be to work with the Superintendent to implement andintroduce the most innovative and cost effective forms of technology to the district. Inaddition, he or she must take on the responsibility of guiding all technology personnelwithin the district to ensure that initiatives are communicated and filter down to theappropriate individuals to be implemented effectively. The hardware and software mustbe current and the main objective is to stay one step ahead of the latest technology.This position should develop a format or blue print of budgetary needs and wants.These needs must be communicated to the superintendent and this position wouldrequire awareness of costs of technology devices and implementation.Coordinator for Instructional Technology:This role is key in communicating with campus personnel on objectives and goals forthe district. He or she will need to meet with all campus technology coordinators andprincipals to keep the district informed of mandates and requirements for aligning withthe district technolgy plan. The key focus will be how to integrate technology into thecurriculum seamlessly. This position must also be able to report back to thesuperintendent in regards to the evaluation of implementation.Campus Technology Specialist:Each campus’s specialist will communicate the district plan as well as assist teachers infinding the best procedure for implementation. The specialist will be required to keepcomputer labs and laptop carts functioning efficently while at the same time conductingprofessional development that will keep the classroom teachers informed of ways toteach the Technology Application TEKS within the boundries of the curriculum.Classroom Teachers:This position is the most important in implementing the technology plan throughout thedistrict. Teachers must stay open-minded and be willing to try various forms of Web 2.0tools when creating lessons. All will be required to attend a certain number ofprofessional development sessions that will help to enhance instruction usingtechnology in the classroom.Campus Principal:Each campus principal will make sure that communication is occuring from one personPage 2 – Revised October 2009
  3. 3. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Tonya Richmond Sec 1190to the next. Without clear focus of the ultimate outcome, faculty and district personnelcan become disenfranchised causing potential problems of implementation. Theprincipal serves as the liason between the district personnel and campus. He or she willneed to address technology requirements with the faculty and require that teachersfollow the technology plan. In addition, it should be known that the state mandatedTechnology Application TEKS are non-negotiable.Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development PlanningUsing the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technologyimprovements, develop professional development activities that include the following:• Reference analysis and lessons learned about the technology needs from the Week 3 report;• Addresses professional development designed to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;• Includes professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership.Based on the campus and district technology plans as well as the evaluation oftechnology needs from my week three report, there are some ways to clearly train thefaculty’s at the campus level to better improve the gathering, analysis, and use of datathroughout the district. The most profound thought within the district technology plan isthat there is more to technology on a campus than having computers. Overall, thedistrict has many computers, whether it be in labs or with laptop carts. If teachers areunaware of how to use the computers, they are essentially useless.The first part of professional development will be to allow teachers to share theirexpertise within the departments. This starts with the district curriculum specialistswithin each department. These individuals must go onto campuses and show teachersways to incorporate the use of technology into their specific curriculum area. Most Web2.0 tools can be incorporated into the content areas easily, but many teachers needcoaching on how to do this. There needs to be a database that allows easy access tothe tools and directions for each. The district is working with systems such as Googleand Moodle to help with the collection of data and resources. Google and Moodletraining can be done at individual campuses.In addition, to campus development instruction from campus faculty, there needs to bea District Technology Team for each content area that creates a curriculum involving theTechnology Application TEKS. This team will train campus department chairpersonswho will be required to train his or her department on the integration of these TA-TEKS.There will be a database of lesson plans through the Eduphoria software program thatall teachers will have access to twenty-four hours a day. These lessons will be taggedto highlight the use of technology. Teachers will be required to submit the use oftechnology to the PDAS evaluator.Page 3 – Revised October 2009
  4. 4. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Tonya Richmond Sec 1190It is important to allow off campus opportunities for training in each content area withtechnology. Teachers will have opportunities to be trained at their level of expertise withthe use of technology. These levels of classes (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)ensure that teachers attending do not become frustrated due to level. Often thecomplaint that I hear from teachers is that the class moved too fast or too slow. As adistrict we must do a better job differentiating the instruction for our teachers, like we areexpected to do with our students.Administration will implement samples of the Web 2.0 tools, Google, and Moodle whenpresenting at faculty meetings. The simple observation of these avenues willencourage their use in the classroom. Principals will be required to include a list of alltechnology used throughout the school year with the faculty, which means thatadministrators will need extra training (out of district) on ways to incorporate technologyas an administrator.Week 4 Assignment, Part 3: Evaluation Planning for Action PlanThe technology action plan integrating instructional an organizational leadership must includeevaluation components that provide measurable outcomes designed to address the following:• Uses data and other analysis from the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans;• Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;• Provides assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership.The key component to successful professional development is to evaluate the systemthat has been put in place. There are a variety of ways to evaluate whether or not ourdistrict is making progress in reaching the district goals. The district and campus planboth look a great deal at the yearly results from the STaR Chart. This is a tool thatprovides a gauge as to a variety of forms of implementation, ranging from sufficientconnectivity to professional development opportunities. Ultimately, I feel that it is crucialto break the STaR chart data into its various parts to get a true feel as to how thecampus is progressing. Even though there may be a slight increase in a part of theSTaR Chart data, there could still be a lapse due to the fast pace of technologyinnovation.In order to seek further information it is important to have feedback from the classroomteachers. The district will need to create Campus Technology Teams that cancontribute feedback to the district on a campus by campus basis. These teams shouldbe composed of teachers representing all content curriculum areas, the CampusPage 4 – Revised October 2009
  5. 5. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Tonya Richmond Sec 1190Technology Specialist, and an administrator. This group will discuss what is workingwell and make suggestions for improvement that will be filtered back up theorganizational chart, allowing the superintendent an opportunity to hear actual feedbackfrom the teachers.It will also be important to follow student’s progress based on the TechnologyApplication TEKS. There will be district created online tests that students will take fourtimes throughout each school year to evaluate progress made with technology. Thisdata will be compiled in order to see if adjustments need to be made in regards to rigorof technology lessons. Students will also be encouraged to contribute suggestions andlead teacher trainings.Much of the evaluation will be based on direct observation by district leaders andadministrators. These observations will help lead to future professional developmentopportunities. The more chances the district personnel has to make observations ofstrong technology based lessons, the more likely it is that the district is becomingsuccessful in reaching the technology goals. In addition, to the classroom observations,teachers will be asked to contribute the final product of technology based lessons.Page 5 – Revised October 2009