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  1. 1. IDIOMS
  2. 2. • (To) each his own Everyone has his/her own preferences; not everyone likes the same things. • The early bird gets the worm - If you start early, you have a better chance of success; it‟s good to get an early start. • Easier said than done This means that it is very easy to say something than to actually do it. • Easy come, easy go This means that when you get something (especially money) very easily or without hard work, then it is easy to spend it or lose it very easily and quickly, too.
  3. 3. • Every cloud has a silver lining This means that every bad situation also brings opportunities or good situations. We often say this to comfort people and make them feel better. • Eyes are bigger than one‟s stomach We say this if someone orders or prepares a lot of food because they are hungry (their “eyes are big”) but they are unable to finish eating it all.
  4. 4. • (a) Face only a mother could love This is a funny way to say that a person is very ugly. • Failure is the mother of success - People must fail before they can reach success. Failure leads to success. • Few and far between If something is “few and far between” this means that it happens only occasionally and not often.
  5. 5. • First come, first served This means that the first people to arrive are the first people who get to eat (or participate in something). • For kicks - Just for fun (“I‟m not a professional basketball player. I just play for kicks.”) • From rags to riches If someone goes “from rags to riches,” this means that they start life poor and become rich. • Full of hot air If you say someone is “full of hot air” this means that you don‟t believe them.
  6. 6. • Kill two birds with one stone If you “kill two birds with one stone,” this means that you accomplish two tasks at the same time. (For example, if you go to a mall or department store, you can 1) get a haircut, and 2) buy some groceries.) • Knock „em dead - This is a funny way to say “Good luck” (similar to “Break a leg”). • Knock on wood We “knock on wood” to hope for good luck or to hope for continued safety. (For example, if someone says, “I‟ve never broken a bone before,” he might then add, “Knock on wood,” which means that he hopes to continue this pattern of good luck.)
  7. 7. • Keep in touch To keep “communicating‟ (writing, calling, etc.), usually after someone moves far away • Keep your chin up To keep confidence and not be sad or ashamed about something. • Keep your shirt on - This means “calm down” or “don‟t get so excited.”
  8. 8. • Keep your fingers crossed • Cross your fingers We say this when we hope or wish for something to happen. (We cross our fingers when we hope or wish for a positive result – in a baseball game, in the lottery, or on a test, for example.)