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Gsma mobile economy_infographic

  1. 1. THE SOCIOECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE‘CONNECTED LIFE’ OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS One million The number of lives mHealth One in nine The number of lives saved in road will save in sub-Saharan Africa accidents in developed countries over over the next five years the next five years due to mobile enabled in-car emergency services $400 billion A week back The amount saved in 2017 from the annual healthcare bill in every year Smart commute developed countries as interventions in a result of mobile developing world cities healthcare solutions will give commuters back a whole week‘s worth of time every year 40 million The number of people 1.2 billion trees In developed world cities, in developing countries, smart metering will reduce equivalent to the population carbon emissions by 27 of Kenya, that can be fed million tonnes – equivalent each year due to fleet to planting more than 1.2 telematics preventing food wastage during transport 180 million The number of children billion trees in developing countries that will have the opportunity to stay in school between now and 2017 due to mEducationResearch conducted by PwC for the GSMA
  2. 2. THE UNSTOPPABLE RISE OF NFCSIM-based Near Field Communication (NFC) makes your smartphone even smarter. It offers payment,ticketing, and couponing on one device. No wonder its popularity is exploding across the globe.NFC is a wireless How it workstechnology that can: NFC is a contactless radio technology that can transmit data between two devices within a few centimetres of each otherReplace paper tickets on Replace cash and credit cards totransport systems purchase goods and servicesReplace vouchers Replace traditional keys to hoteland coupons rooms, offices and homes A SIM-based NFC service stores sensitivePotential data in an applet in a dedicated secure domain within the SIM card (known asis growing the secure element) where it can only be accessed by authorised applications running on the handset. The deployment of mobile NFC50% 50%+ services, which use the SIM as the secure element, enables authentication, security and portability across many different handsets.Proportion of all smartphones Proportion of spending put throughNFC enabled by 2015 Visa in Europe in 2020 via a mobile device Adopting SIM-based NFC globally will also ensure economies of scale and85% Proportion of new Point of Sale (PoS) interoperability, terminals shipped in 2016 that will be enabling people around the world contactless to benefit from NFC services, regardless of1bn $50bn their operator network or device type.Number of SIM-based Value of transactionsNFC handsets that will these handsets willbe sold by 2016 support by 2016 15bnNumber of NFC tickets 300m Number of NFC smartphones,delivered to mobile devices tablets and eReaders that willworldwide by 2014 be sold in 2013100k+ Number of contactless enabled PoS in the UK 600k+ Number of contactless enabled PoS in China$1.3 trillion Sources ABI Juniper, 2011 Visa, Jan 2012 Deloitte, Jan 2012 Gartner, March 2012 Juniper, August 2012 NFC Times, June 2012Total value of global mobile payments predicted by 2017 UK Cards Association, September 2012
  3. 3. THE ROAD TO RICH COMMUNICATIONSIndustry Snapshot Strong RCS Ecosystem 28.2tn 28.2 trillion 31 OPERATORS LAUNCHED 9.6tn 9.6 trillion messages messages OR COMMITTED TO LAUNCH sent in 2012 forecast for 2017 8 HANDSET VENDORS OFFERING PRODUCTS 19 SUPPLIERS OF $1.6bn Mobile operators around the world are HOSTED SOLUTIONS expected to take in a cumulative $1.6 billion over the 5 years from 2012 to 2016 from RCS service fees 5 LEADING INFRASTRUCTURE VENDORS WITH FULL SOLUTIONSjoyn Services Are Here - Now RCS is Live Enables users to share instant messages germany Vodafone has launched for Android users. T-Mobile Enables users to share files and O2 launching in 2013 such as photos with their contacts SPAIN Enables users to share World’s first interoperable pictures and video country-wide network launched by whilst speaking Movistar, Orange and Vodafone Works on any USA device, on any MetroPCS is the first US operator network to launch joyn services KOREANew Products & Services joyn Accredited KT, LG U+ and SK Telecomon the RCS Platform Devices launched in 2012 – over 1 million downloads of the joyn app to dateRCS APIs already existto make development easier for: RCS Downloadable Apps ENTERPRISE USERS GROUP COLLABORATION IN THE WORKPLACE GAMERS MULTIPLAYER GAMING POWERED BY JOYN AVAILABLE NOW: HOME USERS Coming Soon: FIXED LINE ACCESS AND SMART TV SET-TOP BOXES CUSTOMER CARE CENTRES VIDEO ENHANCED CALLS COMING SOON:Source: Analysys Mason, GSMA, Infonetics RESEARCH, Portio Research NATIVE CLIENTS IN DEVICES NOW
  4. 4. NETWORK APIs INTEGRATING OPERATOR SERVICES TO CREATE MORE COMPELLING APPLICATIONS Identity, Location and Payment OneAPI Exchange APIs APIs Help Get You Moving 2016 2012 94bnVolume of API transactions a tier 1 mobile operator will reach per month in 2016 Identity 70 Companies, on average are releasing about 70 APIs each week $75bn LocationThe mobile network APIs market is expected to account for nearly $75 Billion in global revenuesworldwide by 2016, growing at an annual rate of 37% between 2012 and 2016 37% Messaging CAGR $ $ Payment OK, thanksRegional Revenue Split North America and Western Europe will remain the largest market segments by the end of2016, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa will see the healthiest growth rates from 2012 to 2016 OneAPI Exchange powered by Apigee, a leading technology providerSource: Mind Commerce LLC, July 2012