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Eng oropa-burcina


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Eng oropa-burcina

  1. 1. In 1959 there was ani m p o r t a n ta r c h a e o l o g i c a ldiscovery whichproves that there wasa settlement present asearly as the BronzeAge or the early IronAge. An importantnecropolis was alsodiscovered in the VCentury B.C. The parkbelongs to the city ofBiella from 1935,extending for an areaof 57 hectares, and hasbecome a specialnatural reserve in1980.Later on Felice Piacenza suppliedthe hill with many rhododendronand azaleas which offer amarvelous spectacle when they are in bloom. There arealso many conifers and exotic broad-leaves, perfectlyintegrated with the local vegetation.1234567891011121314151617181920LITTLEBLUE HOUSELITTLERED HOUSEVALFENERAINF.CASCINA MERLO FARMCASCINACOMANDANTEFARMLA BIGATTAGUEST-HOUSE(to be opened)CASCINA LORENZOFARMMARTINITOWER829 m.T hePriest’sPromenadeFIRSTSQUARESECOND SQUAREB I GF I E L DBIELLALARGEHOLYSQUARECEMETERYCableway toLake MucroneSMALL LAKEW.C.W.C.panoramicpointpanoramicpointpanoramicpointENTRANCEfrom BIELLAVANDORNOCASCINA EMILIA PARKHeadquartersand EnvironmentalEducation CenterLa Burcina ArcheologicalSiteRhododendron“Scarf Tree”Davidia InvolucrataJapanese Cherry-treeSequoia SempervirensLarch TreesLarix DeciduaGiant SequoiasSequoiadendron GiganteumJudah’s TreesCercis SiliquastrumCitron-treesCriptomerieCryptomeria JaponicaDaffodilsHydrangeasBare CypressesTaxodium DistichumBeech-treesFagus SylvaticaBox-hedgeBoxus SempervirensRed Beech TreesFagus Silvatica (Purpurea)Marsh OaksQuercus PalustrisAzaleasSequoia SempervirensHorse-chestnut TreesRhododendronTulip TreesLiodendron TulipiferaOropaLARMONICAPopular legend has it that the Bishop of Vercelli, SaintEusebio, took refuge on these mountains in 369 to escapepersecution. It is presumed that a wooden statue of theVirgin Mary (probably thework of St. Luke theEvangelist) was broughtto Oropa by St. Luke fromJerusalem and preservedin a niche under an erraticboulder. The firstdocuments concerning thesanctuary date back to theXIII Century. During theplague of 1599, the cityof Biella made a vow tobuild a new church, thepresent church after thedemolition of the little13th Century church.At the sanctuary there isa l s o a p o s t f o rmeteorological andseismic observation aswell as a radio station.Behind the sanctuary thereare also ski facilitiesand a Botanic Garden.The Sanctuary of the “Black Madonnaof Oropa” is located thirteen kilometersfrom the center of the city at an altitudeof 1180m. This is the most famouspilgrimage shrine of Piemonte, as well asone of the most important in Italy andperhaps the oldest shrine of Mary in thewest.The complex was later completed by two squares carriedout between 1600 and 1800. Beyond the large square rosethe majestic newb a s i l i c acharacterized by alarge dome whichis visible almosteverywhere in theBiellese area. Workon this churchstarted in 1885 butwas partiallycompleted only in1960. The complex is aUNESCO world heritagesite and includes nineteenchapels, a few of whichwere built between 1620and 1720. The life ofMary is illustrated in thesechapels.Bar RestaurantThe Burcina “Felice Piacenza”Park is on top of a hill at an altitudeof 826m. In the second half of the19th century the wool manufacturerGiovanni Piacenza, who was fondof gardening, decided to changethe hill into an informal gardenaccording to the custom of thatperiod by introducing manyprecious plants.TheCityofBiellaOropaSanctuaryBurcinaNatural ParkBotanical Garden1234567891011121314151617181920212218131143M A I NE N T R A N C Efrom POLLONEitinerariesFotografiediNicolettaLupi,GiovanniOzinoCaligarisedarchiviofotograficoParcodellaBurcinaProgettograficoedelaborazionicartine:AndreaBarberisOrganistastampa:ArtiGraficheBiellesi21RocChapelNewBasilicaS. EusebioChapelAncient Basilica(Sacellum)MaddalenaChapelParadise Chapel(or Coronation Chapel)AssumptionChapelBurnellFountainMarriage at CanaChapelPurificationChapelNativityChapelVisitationChapelAnnunciationChapelMarriage of MaryChapelResidenceof the Temple ChapelPresentationto the Temple ChapelNativityof Mary ChapelSt. LukeChapelTransportChapelImmaculateConception ChapelV I A L E D E I R O D O D E N D RIC I T T Adi BIELLA