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LinkedIn Publisher 101


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Get your complete guide and video to getting started using the LinkedIn Publishing Platform here:

Meet The Presenters
Why LinkedIn Publisher?
3 Steps to Getting Started
Advanced LinkedIn Publisher Tips
Final Thoughts

Meet Brynne Tillman
CEO of Social Sales Link
Author & Popular LinkedIn Blogger
LinkedIn Sales Solutions Channel Partner
Named a “Top Social Selling Trainer” by Triblio

Meet Jeff Zelaya
Head of Sales at Triblio
Most Recommended Sales Exec. Under 30
Tech Entrepreneur
LinkedIn Speaker

In the beginning….the LinkedIn publishing platform was first available to around 500 LinkedIn influencers.

Now…the LinkedIn publishing platform is open to all 300 million members.

Why Use LinkedIn Publisher?
Built in audience & marketing
Showcase your thought leadership
Grow a following
LinkedIn Pulse
Search Visibility
Increase connections

How to get started with LinkedIn Publisher?
Step #1: Brainstorm
Trending Topic
Content Curation
Repurpose Blog Posts
How To
Tell a Story
Influencer Sourced
Life Hack
Group Discussions

Step #2: Create
Title that tells the story
Deliver on the promise
Educational Insights
Use the right keywords
Keep it under 3 minutes
Choose right visuals
Edit, review and edit again
LN Etiquette
Timing & frequency matter

Step #3: Promote
Update your status
Use Social Media
Email list + Newsletter
Email signature
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Tags
LinkedIn Pulse
Tweak & Repost

Advanced LinkedIn Publisher Tips
Titles between 40-49 characters
8 Images
1,900 to 2,000 words long
11 year old reading level
Create a social media wave
Get Likes & Comments
Recommend Posts & Bio

Tips based on an analysis of the 3,000 most successful LinkedIn Publisher posts see source:

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LinkedIn Publisher 101

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