Mike Karnjanaprakorn: Those Who Can, Teach


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Mike Karnjanaprakorn: Those Who Can, Teach

  1. 1. “I never let education get in the way of my learning.” – Mark Twain Michael Karnjanaprakorn, @mikekarnj CEO/co-founder, @skillshare http://skillshare.com
  2. 2. I’d like to start with a personal story...
  3. 3. 2004
  4. 4. Where I took an Economics class on Game Theory.
  5. 5. Which is a theory of competition stated in terms of gains and losses among opposing players.
  6. 6. I had a really hard time understanding the concept.
  7. 7. But I memorized everything for the final exam. And passed!
  8. 8. But, I was so focused on passing the test, I didn’t really learn anything.
  9. 9. I still didn’t understand Game Theory.
  10. 10. Sound familiar?
  11. 11. 2010
  12. 12. I’m in Las Vegas with Annie Duke.
  13. 13. She’s a professional poker player.
  14. 14. She was also my poker coach.
  15. 15. Who gave me a lesson on...
  16. 16. Game theory and decision making.
  17. 17. Poker is a game of decision making under conditions of uncertainty.
  18. 18. So, my gains are exactly balanced by your losses (sum-zero game).
  19. 19. And my success depends on thedecisions of others (game theory).
  20. 20. A topic that I found insanely boring turned into the most fascinating topic for me.
  21. 21. Because it was something Ipassionately wanted to learn about.
  22. 22. I finally understood the concept!
  23. 23. That day, I learned another very important lesson.
  24. 24. The difference between education and learning.
  25. 25. Education is what someone else does for you. Learning is what you do for yourself.
  26. 26. Education is about following a linear path.Learning is about following your passions.
  27. 27. Retire Have kids Buy a house Get married Get a job Go to collegeGo to school
  28. 28. Most folks will follow this path.And there’s nothing wrong with that.
  29. 29. But, there is a problem when others are forced to go down the same path.
  30. 30. Instead of taking the opportunity to learn about things they love, education forces them into a linear path.
  31. 31. They learn because they have to, not because they want to.
  32. 32. But learning is inherently personal. It cant be cookie-cutter.
  33. 33. Everyone’s journey is different.
  34. 34. It looks something like this.
  35. 35. Traditionally, education is organized whilelearning is something that happens individually.
  36. 36. But, what if we changed that?
  37. 37. What if education gave us the toolswe needed to pursue our passions?
  38. 38. What if education and learning could beaffordable, personalized, and adaptable?
  39. 39. What if education can be community-focused withcollaboration and knowledge sharing at it’s heart?
  40. 40. We can do this with the Internet.
  41. 41. I believe the world’s most abundance resources are excess knowledge and skills.
  42. 42. It just needs to be shared.
  43. 43. "People learn best when pursuing something they findpersonally meaningful and useful, in collaboration with peers and experts, and working towards mastery of a set of skills and/or body of knowledge in the real world."
  44. 44. We can combine the power of individual learning with the magic of communities.
  45. 45. I believe anyone can be a teacher.
  46. 46. Remember that old saying,“Those who can, do. Those who cant, teach."
  47. 47. Here’s a new one,“Those who can, teach.”
  48. 48. I believe we can start a teaching revolution.
  49. 49. Remember that poker story?
  50. 50. When I got back to New York,all my friends asked me to teach them what I learned.
  51. 51. Our vision is to democratize learning by empowering teaching. Our mission is turn every city andcommunity into a campus, every venueand address into a classroom, and every inhabitant into a student & teacher.
  52. 52. Skillshare is for the doers, not the academics or theorists. We exist on this planet to makeeducation meaningful, collaborative and accessible.
  53. 53. Learning is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom.
  54. 54. Now, we can learn anything from anyone.
  55. 55. Anyone can be a teacher.
  56. 56. Imagine a world, where graduations became obsolete. Because everyone is a lifelong learner and teacher.
  57. 57. Imagine a world, where you could createyour own learning path, aligned with your passions.
  58. 58. Imagine a world, where you could receive a brand accreditation from the folks at Nike.
  59. 59. Piquing your interest, finding new passions,and sharing skills should be a life-long process.
  60. 60. Everyone can be a life-long learner.
  61. 61. Better yet, everyone can be a life-long teacher.
  62. 62. Here are some from our community.
  63. 63. 37 Classes Less than $1,00010 Mistakes First-Time Founders Make | Hacking Gmail | Financial Modeling for Entrepreneurs| Planting the Seed: How to Raise Your First Round | Charts for Great Good | 5 Ways to Acquire Users for Free | Winning Negotiation in Three Steps | Startups Unplugged | Hustle 101: Get More Clients & Close More Deals | Managing Teams and Group Process | Hacking the HumanBody: Greater Results in Less Time | This Shit Ain’t Legal | The Art of the Cold Call | Life Hack: How to Live Rent-Free in NYC | Introduction to Ruby on Rails | Rock Your Board | Craft a Gorgeous Web Application from Scratch | Tips for Early Stage Companies Looking to Break-Through | Hacking Incubators: How to get into Techstars | 7 Steps to a Successful Team | SEO is Your Friend | What Measured Gets Done | Building a Product-Focused Startup Culture
  64. 64. Here are some more from Twitter.
  65. 65. "People learn best when pursuing something they findpersonally meaningful and useful, in collaboration with peers and experts, and working towards mastery of a set of skills and/or body of knowledge in the real world."
  66. 66. To close, I’d like to share an emailI received a couple of weeks ago.
  67. 67. “I’m imagining one day my kids might be able to get their education just from stringing together a curriculum of Skillshare classes.”
  68. 68. We can create a new world where people pursue their passions.
  69. 69. We can start a teaching revolution.
  70. 70. “Those who can, teach.”Michael Karnjanaprakorn, @mikekarnj CEO/co-founder, @skillshare http://skillshare.com